What I See From my Back Porch – A challenge

I have a challenge for you. What do you see from your Back Porch or Back Doorstep? This is what I can see from my back porch. Sitting on the step.

I can see:


The unDaily View (it looks a little different because I have another lens on, the 50mm).


Sophie’s Garden.


The orchard … well it will be an orchard when it is all growed up.

Not everything is pretty though miss c,  says Queenie. You have to show them the view to the North too!


Thank you for that Queenie,  I was just about to do that.

And no more sitting on me. 

But Queenie, you are such a comfy rest when I am grubbing thistles in the field.

Well, I don’t like it.

But you never move.

That’s because I am too tired.  And anyway you are putting on weight. So you pin me to the ground.

That’s a lie, Queenie Wineti.

Just sayin’.  Now go ahead and show The Fellowship the other view from the back porch.


So here is your Challenge! Show us what can you see from your back porch or back door or balcony door or  even front porch.  I want to see what you see!  Can you show me? If you have time you can take a shot from your back porch and put it on your blog  pages and  link it back to me so I can share the pictures  with the Fellowship.  We want to see real backyards, views from the balconies of apartments high in the sky, farmland stretching away , rubbish bins in a line, tiny city gardens, the allotment across the road, the neighbours brick wall, a garden heaving with growth,  the beach, a park across the road, a telegraph pole.  Tons of Views  from the Back Porch from all over the World. From your Point of View. The mundane and the beautiful because they are the same you know.  What do you think?!   I would love to see what you see when you sit on the doorstep outside your door and think about nothing.

Whether you have just joined, or are one of the Oldies, or have never commented, or always comment.. go for it!  Show us what you see.

I know that there are plenty of readers in The Fellowship  of the Farmy without blogs to link from/to but I bet you would like to join in too, so you just go ahead and send me your shots by email! Most of you have the address already I think. I will pop them on my pages for you so you can play too!

Good morning, now for another view, the front of the Farm cottage with the Coupe adjoining, from the field.  It  changed a little yesterday and will change dramatically (fingers crossed) today.house-003

Life is grand. Being alive is grand.

I do hope you pick up the challenge, I am looking forward to it!

your friend on the back porch step, celi

88 Comments on “What I See From my Back Porch – A challenge

  1. Life is grand – I am lucky. This challenge is a lovely idea. I enjoyed seeing some different views of your farm. Dear Daisy. I would love to sit on a cow.

  2. What a great idea but I don’t think that I’m up to al that technical ‘linking back’ stuff (total computer numpty you see!), so maybe I’ll email.

  3. Looks like the original house is getting a facelift to keep up with the Coupe! It will look gorgeous!!! I love how the red doors on both tie it together! Love the ‘view from the back porch idea”! I will gather some shots and email them to you! xo

  4. Fabulous challenge Celi! Think I shall take my camera and head out to my back step right away, although my view will be very boring compared to yours!
    🙂 Mandy xo

    • Right, all things going well, you will get a link something or another from me tomorrow morning for my back door view post. 🙂 xo

  5. Good morning Celi ; well i did it its not as pretty as your place but it has only been six months since our move and there are many things to do. it really is a beautiful place in different times of the year. during the winter you can see for miles on the ridge seeing the mountians all around through the trees but when spring comes the solitude comes and closes you in with her privacy of leaves. the coupe is almost done yes? is the siding on the house getting a face lift? have a blessed day mike

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  7. I’ve been thinking about blogging about my morning tea / coffee view for a while, so you have just gone and nudged me miss C. I hope you like the colour blue ….

  8. I love this idea. My husband is the photographer in the family so I’m going to ask him to do the honors. I wish the Fellowship would say what city and country they are writing from.

    • I know what you mean! We have such an international fellowship. So when i put up the pics i have noted where in the world they are from.. it certainly is more fun that way! I am working on the first of the front porch pages right now, it is looking fantastic. I hope your big tree is in yours! c

  9. I’ll get on that Celi. I keep photographing my home for the blog and so I know what to do 😉

  10. Don’t have a blog. What is your email address? I have looked and can’t see it (probably right under my nose!)

  11. I have yet to work out which is back and which is front, where we are. When the light returns, I’ll just have to take one of each.

  12. This is the view from my back door. Sorry don’t have a blog so couln’t send it that way




  13. I’ll throw some shots of our view up on the blog on Saturday. What a fun idea! I’ll enjoy shooting the pictures for this too. 🙂

  14. Sorry it’s taken so long – first I had to find the camera, which took half an hour. Then we had to shop for food. Then I took all but one of the pix (the first). Several hours later I had them edited and on to the computer. Then visitors, came for tea, then cook fish pie, then, at last, composing the post (more several hours). I have put it on the About Viv page of my blog, as it’s an awfully big post! http://vivinfrance.wordpress.com/about-viv/views-round-the-house/. Now I’m praying that everything works.

  15. Life is grand and I’m kind of doing it today just by coincidence. Love your blog as always!

  16. I’ve been having a fantastic time clicking on the links and checking out the Commenter’s Lounge’s views. I’ll cobble something together also 🙂

  17. I like the idea of your challenge Celi, and have forwarded you a few pics of the view from my back porch. I love your photos, they are always to interesting and different.

  18. Queenie Wineti would move if she really did not like the closeness. Am without camera at the moment, but will send someone else’s photo [may have done that already way back] via email: it is taken looking onto my ‘backyard’ from the park just behind! From my stoop look onto a lovely small fruitgarden and a row of Moreton Bay figs under which I have my luncheon table and chairs! My, the Daily View Has ‘blossomed’ with everything in leaf!!!

  19. I love Queenie’s beautiful, wavy, curls! I would trade her in a minute for my stick straight no body hair! She would probably say…Oh, I can’t do a thing with this mop! 🙂 I’m also a complete muddle with links and things so I will try and e-mail a photo or two of our yard from the porch! I hope my wine glass doesn’t get in the way!! 🙂

  20. A great challenge and I’ve enjoyed looking at those that have already responded. (I should be packing up the car.) I’ll take a look around when I get back home to see if I can come up with a good angle. My yard is so small an improperly angled shot could give someone claustrophobia.
    Have a great week, Celi!

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  22. Well darn, I just saw this post and we are leaving first thing in the morning for a five-day camping trip, so will have no time for this challenge. However, while we are gone I’ll take some pics of my back porch view from our RV property on the river! I’ll see if you still have the challenge going when we get back and could add also our home back porch(es) view, as we have two back porches at this house! Lovely idea though. I’ll be perusing the links so far, thanks!

  23. I don’t have the time to take and upload a photo right at the moment but I can describe it for you. We live in a hollow, on the north facing slope (the house faces the south so our garden all faces north). On the opposite hill are a couple of houses we can see but they’re not close enough to be invasive. From our deck I can see the trees over our westerly neighbours fence, the roof of the neighbours behind them and I can see their cows (they keep black and white poddy calves) and their Isa browns pecking around their wood pile. The easterly side is a stand of huge silver poplars, hawthorn brambles and a few huge pine trees. As the leaves are mostly gone I can see through them to our other neighbours across the creek – the town cemetery) but little is visible between the thick trees. I can survey most of my garden and see our chook shed and run which I built, the fence dividing it from the veggie garden, the raised corrugated iron veggie beds with their few specks of greenery popping through, the greenhouse with its hay green showing through and a heap of toys and bits of stuff scattered around everywhere too. One of the cats pegs across the lawn, assuming that it must be dinnertime. Hello Maxxie. Our chooks and ducks congregate at the corner of the chook pen closest to the back door. They too assume it’s dinnertime or at least snack time. With dusk closing in on these last few days of Autumn, (I’m in Victoria Australia) the cockatoos know it’s bedtime too and start up their nightly song and dance. They cry out in their raucous squawks to the darkening sky, their belief in the unfairness of needing to go to bed so early. They screamed their frustrations even louder in the summer. Bedtime is not welcomed by the sulphur crested cockies, galahs and corellas.
    We only moved here in mid December so things are still coming together but already I look outside and just love what I see. It never ceases to make me smile.

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  25. Morning from sunny Bristol Cecliia and I have been out in my pjs and taken two pictures for your challenge – and put them up here http://wp.me/pSFVI-2Si – all yours if you want them x Joanna

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  30. What a fun challenge! I will take photos when I get home this afternoon!

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  35. I’m behind on reading, and it is getting dark. I’ll get photos in the morning, if that’s not too late.

  36. I have emailed my picture as I dont have a blog or understand linking very much. Being a natural sticky beak, I am loving seeing where other comment loungers live. A wonderful idea, Celi, particularly for avid gardeners like I am. Joy

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  40. What a great idea. The header on my blog was taken off our back deck earlier this year.

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  46. Enjoyed your post–very homey and charming, sort of like the view I saw in Tomato Girl I and II. Thanks for visiting my blog. As you can see, I went from country to city and I think you did it in reverse!

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  48. Cecilia, I’m so happy to have found your blog. I saw your challenge on John (Bartolini Kitchens), Bam’s, & Mandy’s blogs and really enjoyed seeing these posts. It sounds as if you’ve already received tons of “back yard” posts so I’m not sure if you’ll be doing more but I loved the idea so much that I have posted one on my blog too. I’m really enjoying exploring your blog & love reading it.

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  50. I think I read about this on Eva’s blog too, but today I came from Sawsan’s blog. I think I would love to take part in this one…I have already posted a few pictures on my blog…can I re post them for this challenge?

    • Of course minnie, make up a post and send me the link, i would love that, also let me know which shot i can use for my page, it will be going up this saturday! c

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