A pregnant Pause

Yesterday The Farmy dropped through into one of those delicious Pauses that we often see but don’t have time to feel. A gentleness rises up and envelops us.  Encouraging us to yawn as we work, and sink onto rocks to watch when we are done.


The animals feel The Pause. They simply lay down and watch. They relax and potter. Daisy is especially calm and sweet at the moment. And Queenie, who take easy going to great heights , is so laid back at the moment that she is practically horizontal.  These chooks were actually picking bugs off her as she lay there.


Scrapper knows all about pauses. He spends all day asleep but with one ear up as he is the best Mouser in the barn.


Tui has been sitting now for seven days.


And Charlotte has six days to go to her date. She spent most of yesterday sleeping in front of her fan. And is eating less each day now. She will drink up all her milk and eggs but picks at her grain mix. I am feeding her less more often.  The garden is producing lots of greens that are high in iron so the foods she is eating are healthy.


Sheila rearranged her fence so that she can lay down and look out. This hole is quite big enough for her to get out too.  It has been like this for three days now and I have been waiting for her to come out and meet me at the gate but it seems pigs cannot crawl like dogs so she is content to arrange herself so that she can rest in her new gateway with only her nose sticking out and visit with Hairy and the cows as they pass by.  The pause is that strong.



Of course the only one on the wee farm who cannot recognise a Pause is Blue The Savage.  I work hard training this fellow. He has cloth ears sometimes. But when he chooses to be good he is very, very good. Maybe he has a metaphorical curl in the middle of his forehead!

Good morning. I have four cats, three dogs and a peahen waiting quietly on the verandah. So I had better get moving.

We have another simply stunning day dawning.  And I am moving slowly. Gliding really. The Pause must still be in effect. Can you feel it?

Have a lovely day.


Your gentle friend, celi

62 Comments on “A pregnant Pause

  1. just wondering
    is there a way to suspend fan from ceiling in center of pen?
    that way if she wants to nest in breeze, it won’t be near a corner where piggies can get squished

  2. Good Morning, C. Yes, I can feel it. Wish I could pause this morning with all your animals, but it is off to the office for me. Have a beautiful day on the farm. Particularly like the sixth photo down. It should be framed.

  3. Yes, Celi, having just slowly scrolled through all those wonderfully peaceful and happy ‘family photos’ I too can feel The Pause [hmm: or perhaps it’s time for me to be like Charlotte in the horizontal but with the heater and not the fan close by 🙂 !] . . . Methinks I may alter my estimation of the number of Charlotte’s offspring from 9 to 11 ?

  4. i can feel it, was feeling like lazing down and being lazy all day now. and i simply cant wait for the piglets!

  5. I envy you your life… sounds such fun.. even though I realise you work damn hard at it.. it still sounds great fun…

  6. Oh how wonderful. I just love looking at your farm pictures and seeing how “my” other kind live. Life is so different from what I have at the Hotel Thompson! I absolutely can not wait to see the little piggies. Oink XOXO – Bacon

  7. We’ve had such a pause at Garybuie too over the weekend, even the guests seemed particularly relaxed and contented! If things continue like this over the season, I’ll come out the other end feeling refreshed rather than frazzled!!! I wouldn’t put money on it however!

  8. Your prose is so vivid and your pictures so charming that I yawned all the way through this, feeling the pause, and the lazy hazy days of summer even though it is pouring here, the wind is bending the trees, I am wearing my warmest winter sweater and Jock has lit the fire!

  9. Such a lovely, beautiful post. I feel my blood pressure dropping. Such a nice slowing feeling. Charlotte’s stomach, which has become almost all of her, is very funny and reminds me of a picture I took of myself in profile when I was a week away from delivering my last baby. Hugeness reigns.

    • She is huge, but her udder still needs to drop a bit more, she was naughty this morning too, rearranging her outside run, emptying all the water containers and generally being brat pig… c

  10. What a beautiful day to see the farm so blissfully expectant!
    re Blue the Savage – when I was vetting many years ago, we vets all had blue heelers – the sweetest of dogs. They rode with us in our trucks, which is when they were at their happiest.
    My fellow vet had a red heeler she struggled to keep in line. So she called on a great learned dog trainer who spent an evening and late into the night instructing her in the art of dog training. After absorbing all this she explained that she was talking about a heeler.
    To which the learned dog trainer replied – ‘Oh in that case, there’s nothing you can do other than buy a 1000 Ha and 200 cows and keep the dog tied up until you want the cows in.’

    • Ok, that is too funny. I need more cows I think!! Blue and I were working on coming to me, when he would rather jump on Ton this morning, and I said to him, if you ignore me once more I am tying you up!!he just fell in a heap and waved his legs in the air. And yes he loves driving. He gets in a separate door to Ton and when I say go to the car he very quickly goes and sits by his own door, he has had no trouble learning THAT command! c

      • They are so lovely but so naughty.
        Hope the animals are chilling out again today. (When I die I’m coming back as one of your chickens.)

  11. I think you need to implement a siesta policy there at the farmy :-).

  12. Ah! The pause that refreshes ! Sabra bowers is right. That 6th picture should be framed.

  13. I came out of the post feeling relaxed and sedated. Gosh, I might need a coffee to wake up. Good morning, c!

  14. Sigh so beautiful! Deep breaths in the not so humid air now the rains have gone and the sun is shinning. Hope you get to breathe easy for a lot more days to come. Hugs

  15. A very nice pause. I’m looking at this full view of Charlotte and thinking I may need to revise my vote on number of piglets…she’s big!

    • big and wiggly, i am sure I see movement in there sometimes, but when i lay my hand on her belly all i feel is belly!

    • I used to be like that too, thankfully she has quit rearranging everything and is sleeping now in the breeze of her fan. c

  16. This post is so peaceful. That first photo is so lovely. May I save it on my computer just to look at? It makes me happy.

    Thank you!

    • Of course you may Maggie, I would be thrilled, in fact I always say if you see a shot you like just steal it! I don’t mind! c

  17. I could sure use one of those pauses Celi, it’s like I hit the ground running every single day. We’re moving the studio at the end of the month and I am responsible for selling the content, which is always a joy, people are so fickle. Just buy the whole thing and use what you want, it’s so cheap anyway.
    I love to read and see the photos from your lovely farmy particularly when you have a pause.

  18. That photo of Sheila is just too cute! I love it. Looks like such a lovely day on the farm. You’ll have to let me know if you end up trying the carne asada tacos–they were super yummy!

  19. Whatever the reason for it, a pause right now for the farmy is a good thing. Soon, very soon, there will be the pitter-patter of more new little feet than the farmy has ever seen — save the chook chicks. Collectively, the farmy took a deep breath in anticipation. Glad you got in a few good, deep breaths, too. 🙂

  20. I love that you are gliding Celi. One must occasional glide through the day if only to restore the soul, mind and body. Today I will glide with you. V.

  21. Ahhh…yes, breathe in breathe out because before you know it, you will be dodging around like a soccer player!! Although don’t little piggies sleep alot at first?? 🙂

  22. Sheila looks suss to me – she has escape written all over her. So funny she hasn’t taken advantage yet. Joy

  23. Although I don’t have anything specific to say, I just want you to know that I really enjoyed your post. (Thought it deserved more than just hitting “like”.)

  24. What a treat to have a pause like this. All is well in the farm. Charlotte is heavy with piglets, that’s for sure. She looks as if she couldn’t move an inch.

  25. I’m sure a pause is very welcome. Sheila looks adorable and comfy after adjusting her fence. Good girl, Tui!

  26. Lovely Pause! I had a weekend of Pause, spent three nights watching the sun go down into the sea and early mornings watching it come up across a field, feel rejuvenated and these photos made my heart smile. Thank you Celi!

    Also loving the Route 66 posts (I hear Bob Dylan’s voice of course) and am going to save them up so I can read them properly, always too much to take in one visit when I drop by after a break xx Joanna

  27. This is such a poetic pause… it reminded me of Thomas Hardy’s description of the farm on a hot summer’s day in Dorset in Tess of the Durbervilles… one of my favourite passages in all literature..

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