Kupa is not better but not worse

No-one can understand how this big peacock  is still alive. Every breath is so hard won and everything I read tells me that a bird cannot survive such a  massive bacterial  attack for very long and that he should be responding to these antibiotics very quickly or succomb very quickly. Birds do not linger.   But there you are. He is still standing in his cage watching me watch him.  I can still hear his breathing like an asthmatic child from the the hallway. Very much alive.

Yesterday was a lovely day, not too busy, with that divine mixture of good friends,  good food, a little business, a little more farming.  Even a terrifying slow night drive back from a christmas party along icy skating rink country roads,  under a heavy cloudy inverted lightbox of a sky lit by a silent million watt moon. As though light was shining up from the snow to the sky instead of the other way around.


Some of us were not so busy.


Some busier than others.


Some very busy indeed.

Today the sheep man comes to have a look at Hairy. I hope he likes him, because Hairy would like a new home.

The Duke has one more day of his injections, then he really has to go back out to the chook house. Catching him for his medication is awfully traumatic. So he will be moved tonight. Hopefully he will slowly recover in the enclosed chook house with his heat lamps. Keeping him in the bathroom served its purpose but much longer will only make him miserable. He cannot fly and refuses to roost. It is making  him sad. No-one can recover if they are sad.  We have a few days of warmer weather coming, above freezing anyway.

In fact the snow is melting.

Have good day.

love your friend,


55 Comments on “Kupa is not better but not worse

  1. Perhaps- a bit like Mama needed to be outside in the cold, Kupa needs to be with his kind. In his own place.
    I do hope he makes it. Having come this far.
    I love the idea that the farmy fellowship held metaphorical hands around the world to keep him safe.
    That same full moon has woken me. It is nice to think we all see the same moon, though the stars are different. XO

    • I do agree Janet, he is at the stage of needing to move about, and be back with other birds, it is kind of a make or break stage .. so fingers crossed.. c

  2. “No-one can recover if they are sad. ” Such beautiful wisdom you have Miss C. So, we too, will not send sadness Kupa’s way but laughing energies of life and lightness of being. With all of us pulling for him, we will trust in his getting better.

    • I think like all animals if he were to die it would be easier for him if he were with his flock. To die alone in the bathroom seems terrible for any animal, human or bird. But lets hope he does get better… c

  3. Poor Kupa. It’s good that he is fighting but bad that he is sad. Perhaps I should come over and dance for him to make him happy? Here’s to getting better really soon my friends! XOXO – Bacon

    • You would laugh your head right off little bacon, if you could see my two fat plonkers running about in the snow.. they LOVE it! They are doing a dance! c

      • Snorts. I use to want the white stuff until I found out that A – it’s cold and B – it’s wet. Eeww – I don’t even like grass to touch my hooves. This snow sounds miserable! Please be careful and stay WARM. Hogs and snout kisses to Kupa in getting better before Christmas. XOXO – Bacon

  4. Glad it is warming up for you some what. They say it could hit 70 on Saturday! Wish I could bundle the heat up and send it to Kupa. Poor fellow he is not having a great time of this winter. I do hope his final injection is the one that finally kills off his infection and that he can spend the rest of the cold winter in the warm hen house. I hope you are keeping your spirits up and please know you have a ton of friends pulling for you and Kupa.
    Speaking of the full moon, had a hell of job getting the kittens to come in last night, even though it was below freezing. They wanted to play in the moon shine!

    • I am so glad that your kittens are doing so well, you got off to a rocky start yourself with cats this year.. c

    • Sometimes we were not actually facing the direction we were driving, but it is all melted today, and for the next few days, which is a reprieve.. c

  5. I can’t believe how attached I’ve grown to all the animals. This is a testament to your amazing writing skill, your generous sharing heart, and the fact (I think) that they are somehow — even across thousands of digital miles — inherently worthy of our love and respect. I don’t know how we can continue rampaging about the earth with no concern for the well-being of these “brother” creatures. It is SO obvious to me that it is we who need them.

    • I agree = Celie’s daily updates are so beautifully written that we cannot help but be drawn in to the continuing dramas. I hope Kupa takes to going back in the chook’s house.

      Love and much finger-crossing,

      • I just went out to check him and he is standing under his heat light. It is 8.3o pm and we are having a warm night, so far so good. c

        • It’s 10:35 p.m. here and I’m hoping hoping the heat keeps him cozy and peaceful with his mates. My mother used to say “Health is everything!” and being the snot/brat I was, I’d flounce off, cigarette in hand. Now some 50 years + later, I say, “Health is everything.!”

  6. I had hoped to check in today and hear that Kupa is doing better. Hopefully moving him to a more bird friendly environment will bringing healing to his body.

  7. All of the lovely people before me have said it well. Happy =Healthy. Oh a question Ms C; you said that you used the words “neil neil” when soothing Kupa at the vets office. What is the meaning of these words? Just curious. I am not a blogger and have a no reply thingy at my e-mail so will check back later as I know you a a busy lady. More chanting on the way.

    • If you pitch your voice very high, and call out Neil Neil, you will sound just like kupa when he had a voice. Peacocks have many calls and this is one of my favourites. In fact it was one of the fellowship who pointed this out to me. Each of the animals have a different call to food. This is The Dukes. c

      • I’ve only ever heard peacocks say Mao! Mao! Mao! Now I learn the Duke has a full repertoire of sounds. He’s a special bird. If love and care were enough, he’ld make a full recovery. But sometimes, it’s not enough…. Fingers crossed. I’m thinking about you sliding precariously around the countryside under the same big white moon that shone down on us on our hot tropical night. It doesn’t seem possible it’s the same.

  8. Have had a bad day here as well….I do pray that Kupa improves…but as you say , as strong as they are, birds big or small are susceptible to these sort of infection and find it difficult to get over it. I just hope Kupa proves me wrong…c’mon Kupa ..give it some welly!kick the infection outta the door

  9. We are all pulling for Kupa. I’m sure it’s terribly stressful to be given shots, especially for a peacock and confining in an enclosure such as a bathroom. Are his beak and tongue any bit pinker?

  10. Awe C. Yes, you have certainly done all you can and more…now it is up to Kupa, so we shall see, as you say. Maybe the Elder Moon of December will help him heal when he is out in the chook house and can see it…or sense it! Neil Neil Kupa…c’mon now!!

  11. Oh, so sorry about Kupa. I had hoped to hear good news about him this morning. I agree, sadness is not good for healing, It is a form of stress. Bad enough if we are sad when we are healthy, Hopefully being with his ladies will help him. Will you still be giving him antibiotics? Good thoughts from the fellowship from around the world should bring good vibes to your farmy. Blowing you all a kiss

      • Are four shots of antibiotic supposed to heal this pneumonia? Doesn’t seem it would be enough, but then again, I guess feathered friends are different than furry ones,

        • He has one more to go. but if you saw the dreadful trauma he goes through, he fights like the dickens to get away, he cannot stand up afterwards .. but this is what the vet has given me, it is a pretty strong dose….he does not drink enough for it to go in his water, and will not take it orally I am looking forward to beng able to leave him be so he can get on with getting better.. c. I hope.. c

  12. All along, Celi, you said your aim was to give the animals and birds a good and comfortable life on the farm. Now it is for Kupa to decide if he wants to live. You have done everything possible so far and I join you in the waiting game!

  13. Sometimes home is the best medicine. Birds are hard to doctor. Everyday buys him time for the medicine and his reserves to work. Fingers crossed ( on note on last post about Mama’s picture)
    Stay warm up there in cold country

  14. You have done everything possible. Maybe he will be happier with his little flock and that will inspire him to get better. Here’s hoping….

    • I know tanya, I gave him arnica too for the stress, today he fought me when i caught him for his injection so that is a good sign.. c

  15. What will be will be . . . . . look after yourself first and foremost . . . you need to bring your Yule in in peace and harmony . . . beautiful farmy photo . . .

    • Yes.. I need to start thinking about christmas, I am sure it will come and go quietly.. it has been a wild few months.. I could do with a quiet day.. c

      • From the bottom of my heart I DO hope this will be the scanario for you and me . . . 🙂 ! Blessings and ni-ni!!

  16. just imagine the stories he will tell others about what goes on in the humans coop when he get out with his feathered friends

  17. The picture of the moon and the snow is evidence that there is indeed everday magic all around us. Kupa as well… sometimes holding your own in the circumstances is a huge achievement. He has a solid sense of place and won’t give up easily I think.
    Soaking up a tiny bit of sun is serious business 😉

  18. I’m hitting this super late your time, Celi, but my heart just hurts for Kupa. I’m saying a little prayer that he moved well tonight, and that he somehow beats the odds. If the fact that so many people are heavily invested in caring for him (and you) has any additional power, then there you go! I hope as I write this you are getting some sleep! 🙂

  19. I’m glad that some warmth is coming your way. Sounds like you need it. Such an ordeal with Kupa; do hope he comes through.

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