She’s BACK!


Hop and Pop Poppy! pig climbing

Back to her usual self already.

poppy the pig

And was found in with the cows when I did my rounds last night.  She merrily followed me and my bucket back to the field where Sheila patiently waited.  Though I cannot guarantee she will be there this morning.


Hugo, my new guest worker, who runs everywhere and is a delightful strong, fast moving young man, and I, will have some fencing to do this morning.

We had a great day yesterday considering he had flown all the way from France the day before. We got to 6pm before resorting to the translation app mainly because he just got tired of fighting the language but we got heaps of work done.  There is so much to learn – it will take him at least a week just to catch the rhythm of the farm and learn the names. There is a lot happening.

Today is Sunday so we are going to be moving a little slower. Maybe doing a little less, and picking up Pat (One of the Fellowship of the Farmy) from the train this evening.

This week is going to be grand! I hope you are having a lovely day.

Talk to you tomorrow,

Love your friend on the farmy




31 Comments on “She’s BACK!

  1. I always admired those moms who never let motherhood change them too much. Welcome back, Poppy! We’ll take your giggly, silly self!

    Welcome, Hugo!

  2. She was there all along, but she’s also a responsible mama, who didn’t let it all hang out till the babies were grown enough not to need her, and then it was ON!
    Hugo-at-a-run sounds exactly what you need, a strong young back to help you carry the load for a bit while you catch your breath.

  3. Welcome Hugo … enjoy the Farmy. Celi, enjoy your slow Sunday. I’m sure Poppy was just keen to check out the (other) new arrivals 🙂 Laura

  4. Thank you for all the news of today’s and yesterday’s posts! Have a nice slow and happy Sunday – that’s good for Hugo getting customized to the Farmy.

    • Thank you, Mad Dog. I just finished listening to the W.B. interview. I love his poetry…had no idea he was such an influence in the farm food life!

    • In research to this contribution I found this:

      “What I stand for is what I stand on.” Wendell Berry

      I mean, this motto could be Celi’s motto, too. Anyway it fits very well to Celi’s way of Life.

        • (sorry I accidentally clicked the reply button too soon) individual farmers who care about what they are doing and he’s very much anti big commercial farms and people leaving the land.
          I posted the link because it reminded me of what I see in Cecilla, perhaps what we all see in Cecilia 🙂

  5. That’s one charming mother f-ing pig! ( Pulp Fiction quote … couldn’t resist )

  6. She has her girlish figure back as well. Day and night, she and Charlotte. It must be such a huge, gigantic, enormous, (no more adjectives, not enough coffee onboard yet!) relief.

  7. Bienvenue à l’USA Hugo. J’espère que vous installer rapidement et de profiter de votre expérience sur la ferme.
    Hope I got that right – been a long while since I have used French. Worked in Lille for six months and really enjoyed it. Stayed at a bed and breakfast on an old country farm! Worked in the city though, so saw little of the farm.

  8. A big Welcome to both Hugo and Pat!!! I can see big fun bursting loose on the farmy!! xo

  9. This Poppy turnaround is hilarious! Just hilarious! Welcome Monsieur Hugo.

  10. By the time I get to thekitchensgarden, all the more interesting comments have already been proffered. So I will chime in with a “Yeah…all those things!” Love, Gayle in sunny Sacramento, California

  11. delicious post and delicious comments – I’m off to explore Wendell Berry,
    Love to all the chaps and to the irrepressible girls – who include Poppy, Tima and Celi

  12. Oh, how lovely it must be to have her back and I do like the sound of your French man helping you around the farm and maybe, he will teach you some French! xx

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