Pumpkin Whispering



I hope you have a lovely day. pumpkin

Love your friend on the farm


(pictures of lunch and dinner taken by Kristy with her cell phone -lovely)

32 Comments on “Pumpkin Whispering

  1. What a great time you had – so nice. And what a nice weather. Here it is already as cold as in Winter. So sad. Great photos. Whew – and lots of flies yet!
    I wish you a nice start into the upcoming new week, Celi!

  2. Great looking Jack o lantern Miss A! Sure looks like the flies think thanksgiving has come early, good thing, maybe keeps them out the kitchen 🙂 Laura

  3. I love the beauty pageant of all the Girls lined up in a row! Aunty Del is such a glamourpuss! I must make myself some curried pumpkin soup soon, they’re going to be out of season any time now…

  4. Gosh, I haven’t carved a pumpkin since I was a kid!!! This makes me want to do exactly that, and I’m going to! Happy Fall Everyone!!! 🙂

  5. Great pumpkins! I had a very successful Halloween party in Barcelona in 1992. We carved loads of pumpkins and did fancy dress. In those days I don’t think anyone had done a party like that there and it was a great success – the flat was picked to the gills. We got into big trouble with an old Catalan lady, a couple of days later, for dropping the soggy pumpkin heads off the balcony into the dustbins below and making a racket 😉

  6. Wonderful autumnal photos! We are having super mild temperatures here in southern Ontario too and it is greatly appreciated. So sorry you’re feeling like you are into winter already Irmi. And, Laura, Thanksgiving comes early in Canada, this weekend actually, so those flies just may be of the Canuk variety…. lol The fall harvest time is a favourite with me… the colours and bounty of the season are a time to celebrate!
    Hope your day is a lovely one too! ~ Mame 🙂

    • Oh, thank you for your sympathy, Mame. 🙂 Isn’t it nearly winter when temps come close to 32F/0C in the nights and not more than 45F/6C (max.50F/10C) in daytime? They even announced snow for the coming days – maybe not in town yet (I hope so) but in the surroundings…. Grrr. I do Not like, no! But yes, I know too, that I will love Mr. Winter once he has moved in: with his gifts of lovely cristals falling silently from the sky, with his white soft blankets that cover all the naked browns and greys and with that tranquility that goes along with it even in the city …. – yes, I love that too. But not yet! – Ah, and the worst at the moment are the X-mas decorations in shops and supermarkets since the beginning of that month…..
      Enjoy your lovely weather over there in Ontario, Mame, and have a nice Thanksgiving!

  7. So fun to have a little one around to carve pumpkins and visit all the Farmy residents! I am so jealous of Miss A’s hair…she is such a doll! C. that feast looks scrumptious…what is in the pan next to the chicken and in the bowls. And what beautiful photography of the table!

  8. The Pumpkin’s face is so cute. But bad flies! This is such extraordinary good weather! Today too!

  9. My Dad’s opinion of pumpkin is ‘cow food’ as I’m sure your bovine crowd would agree, as well as porcine 🙂 Myself, I would make soup and draw a face in it…

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