Bird brains

One of Hugo’s chicks jumped out of her brooder and took her good self for a walk into the glass house yesterday.

These chicks who I purposely bred with one of the new dappled roosters, are so pretty and robust.

The turkeys have taken it upon themselves to sleep in the barn every night now. It is usually about milking time when all the birds begin to gather and position themselves to fly up into the rafters for the night and as Hugo and I move back and forth milking and cleaning and feeding we are encountering traffic jams of big birds trooping into the barn.

As you can see, in the afternoons the turkeys and Geraldine make themselves quite at home and sleep on the porch steps.turkeys

So it is not uncommon to find two dogs, four turkeys, one peacock, and various assorted cats fast asleep in heaps all over my shrinking verandah. And when I go out with a bucket to perform various chores, two dogs, four turkeys, one peacock and various cats pop up and troop down the steps after me,  gaggling and tripping and cackling,  the cats taking the high road, the dogs on patrol,  Geraldine trying to get to the front of the line until I am done then they all turn and follow me back still jostling and trotting at speed  then surprised to find themselves back where they started, they settle in unruly heaps, on the floor and in their pods and on the backs of chairs or on the steps at the kitchen door again, sleeping with one eye open until I re-emerge.

midwestern sky

The harvest continues.


Talking of bird brains!

I hope you have a lovely day

Love your friend down here on a little farm




31 Comments on “Bird brains

  1. Anybody else start humming/singing Partridge in a Pear tree? Morning all 🙂 Laura

  2. Such a cute header shot, I’d like to cuddle that birdie. I love the brain-TV you gave me today with that lively narration. So you are the master bird followed by the boss bird Geraldine and she’s followed by the others. Such a nice image (or movie) I had to giggle a lot. – Love that cloudy sky shot too. – Have a nice day, Celi!

  3. There’s nothing like being loved by your animals so much that they want to be with you every minute! It’s fabulous! xo

  4. My morning cuppa and my first smile of the day. 🙂 What a way to start it. Thanks so much for the photos and the updates. I will visualize this all day.

  5. Isn’t it shocking, Little Chickie…what *those* farmers are doing?!?
    What a great photo, and the mental image of the animal parade is wonderful!

  6. Loved this mental image of the parade! I do believe they would all follow you into the house if you let them! 🙂

  7. The little chick is a cutie! That sounds like quite an entourage you have there. Thanks for sharing another interesting perk to your day. Beautiful clouds!

  8. A mobile menagerie… I imagine they think they’re all just doing their bit in supervising and running the Farmy. Hugo’s chick would probably join them if she could 🙂

  9. Still one thought, must share it: You told such a nice story today. Aren’t you a leader to them all? Here’s the proof. And I think you are a leader to all of us, too! And we are your followers… In reality. Not kidding. Like in your today’s story. Hehe. It’s true… We follow you everyday just as your little animates do. – I think you and we, the Fellowship, we’re all related souls, aren’t we? It’s great, isn’t it?

  10. ‘If I could walk with the animals,
    Talk with the animals
    Grunt and squeak and squawk with the animals
    And they could talk to me . . .’

    Dear Dr Doolittle – with apologies to you but our Miss C and her ‘family’ know how to do all of that . . . .

  11. What a hilarious picture you paint! Winston the donkey now spends his days with the horses. When a begin to lead him home for the night by the time I reach the gate at the end of the lane Percy is screeching his way down the hill at top speed and Fanny and Otis are doing their goatie hip hop butt dance behind him. Then we all trudge up the hill toward home with Percy holding tight to his position at my right ankle and giving a running commentary. Makes me smile every day.

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