You sure?

BooBoo comes with me every evening to put the cows through to their evening field. We have to move Lady Astor far away from the barn where her big calf sleeps or she opens the door and lets him out. 

He is stood here looking at me for the “bring ’em up” instruction. When I make this call he will leap at the cows heel (he is a heeler) and they will pop straight through the gate.

But these two big beasties stopped right inside the gate and looked awfully big all of a sudden. They know where they are going so there is seldom much herding to be done. However we do need to shut that gate!

So, yes BooBoo – bring ’em up.

This really is Boo’s favorite job and he enjoys being able to work off leash at last.

It is Monday and I have family arriving on Wednesday so you can imagine the list. Murphy’s Law determined that the belt broke on the mower too.

Ah well.

I hope you have a lovely day.



Monday: Partly cloudy in the morning followed by scattered thunderstorms in the afternoon. High 74F. Winds NNE at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 40%.

Monday Night 08/07 10% / 0 in
Clear skies. Low 52F. Winds N at 5 to 10 mph.

23 Comments on “You sure?

  1. I have missed keeping up with you, Miss C. Lovely to have family coming. I’ve been reminded today that the only certainty in life is change. A thing that is a living breathing part of every day on the Farmy. Hoping to come be a helper one of these days.

  2. Dear Boo, So much work to do & so well done. And that dreadful Murphy, ever ready to lay down the law. I hope you don’t have to haul the mower off to a shop for a week – or two – as I’ve
    had to do many a time. Finally found a man to come with his own mower & do it for me. I was ready to dig up that grass & make a meadow.

  3. It will all be fine. I’m up your way working Monday thru Friday this week if you need anything.

  4. Good Dog BooBoo. Oooh an exciting week ahead indeed 🙂 Laura

  5. Clever dog is Boo…the heat in Bulgaria is unbearable..yesterday we had sudden thunder storm..plenty of rain..and then the sun..its like a sauna… Have an enjoyable time with your family….lots of love

  6. Hoping that the weather stays nice and cool when the family is on the Farmy! Gosh, it’s been such a cool summer for you up there! I remember posts from years ago when you wouldn’t allow yourself to look at the temperature, and forbid yourself from saying or thinking the “HOT” word!!! What a different summer this year!!! xoxoxo

  7. They appear to be waiting for Boo to bring ’em up as well with their necks craned around to look in his direction. Family coming! How wonderful! It is pouring down rain here at the moment. The sound of distant thunder and heavy raindrops is a welcome sound. Good luck with your list today.

  8. I hope the belt is the only thing that trips you up in your preparations. It’s nice if the disaster happens with plenty of time, or at least adequate time to be fixed. 🙂

  9. Ah Boo! I do so love his expression and the pictures Saturday of him were wonderful. I am so happy he can do a few things again and that you worked through the ACL. It will still bother him I am sure at times – cold and wet – but you got to keep him mentally intact by doing what is best for him. Huge belly rubs from Texas!

  10. Hey, Philosopher Mouse! Love your comparison of cow thinking to human thinking! Some think there is nothing above their eyes and run smack into things! Had a cat like that…. Happy for you Ceci, that you will soon be amongst family! Is this your California kin?

  11. I have not been getting notification as I’m juggling borrowed laptops for a while. Good to see everyone still here. I have a guest coming in Wednesday as well for a week. Keeping up is going to be a challenge for me and I don’t have a farm with animals to care for. Hope it all goes well for you and the mower is an easier than expected repair.

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