My list from yesterday.  I make todays list during the morning milking. So todays is not complete yet. Mind you when is any list complete! 

Just another day on the farm. 

List: 8 September 2017

◦ Drive to feed store and pick up feed for Molly and chickens
◦ Airbnb images: couch.
◦ Research images for Halloween cards in zazzle –
◦ Give up bread. The toaster is my enemy – I should put THAT on a Tshirt.
◦ List pork with chefs – email.
◦ Airbnb image of bookshelf- tidy and dust first
◦ Pick and List miniature capsicum with chefs  .- txt jake.
◦ Shift little chickens to grass.
◦ Catch roosters and relocate to west barn.
◦ WhAts for dinner?
◦ Check Manu for limp. Examine both back legs. Too fat?
◦ More straw for Sheila and Poppy.  Use yuck hay from truck.
◦ Cobwebs in ceiling fans.  How to clean skylights. Strip upstairs beds.
◦ Discuss feed mix with Midwest organic grain.

WaiWai is out with me half the day now. I have increased his exposure to the sun in tiny increments watching for damage and it seems we are past the worst and now the sun is helping.  he looks like a harlequin pig from the behind don’t you think?

I make the lists in my phone so they are at hand at all times.  Actually I got almost all of that list done, so today I delete everything completed and add planting asparagus and watering  the rhubarb and mowing among other things.

The big garden is amost finished with – I have hundreds of bell peppers  and eggplant that are not selling so I am beginning to cook them up and feed them to the masses.

These miniature ones I am stuffing with pork and cheese and freezing. A bit of an experiment! Nothing is wasted.  In a few weeks I will be finished with the seed saving and pull out all the hardware (tomato cages) from the chefs garden and let Molly in there. 

The only one who will eat raw bell peppers is Lady Astor. She is on a diet full of fresh greens with her udder problems.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

WEATHER: How can we have weather so full of calm while others are being hit by horror storms right here in the same country. America is so big. Just so BIG.

Saturday 09/09 0% / 0 in
Partly cloudy. High 73F. Winds E at 10 to 15 mph.

Saturday Night 09/09 10% / 0 in
Clear skies. Low 46F. Winds E at 5 to 10 mph.

6:27 am 7:11 pm
Waning Gibbous, 88% visible 9:26 pm 9:55 am




37 Comments on “JOBS FOR FRIDAY 9-8

  1. I haven’t noticed before, but Wai’s face is very peaceful and wise, he looks like a little Buddha – one whose rear end has been airbrushed with white flowers and lines. His scars are no longer terrible, at least to a superficial glance… I love those beautiful little orange peppers. I stuff little ones like that with a single cherry tomato, a strip of anchovy, olive oil and a little garlic. Yummy.

  2. The Spanish scorch the skin off of red peppers (pimientos), cut them into strips and serve them on bread, salads, in stews, etc. They are even used to stuff olives. One can buy them ready to eat in jars, so they could be something to preserve for winter. Blacken the skin over a gas ring or under the grill (broiler). It peels off easily if you put them in a paper bag for a few minutes. They can be canned or frozen.
    I keep wondering if Wai’s smell has returned to that of normal pig, or at least normal pig and ointment…

  3. Wai’s Wai’s face closeup is just amazing. There is something special about that little pig and the closeups of his eyes, really show that. And, I know how hard it is to snap good shots of animals since they are constantly moving.

  4. I don’t mind lists as long as there are no unexpected surprises like dealing with a hacked email and so on. I have to say your list is impressive.

  5. Wai is looking good. Your “day” chores are more like a week’s chores for me! Ha ha. Things are slowing down here in the gardens, but I am catching a second crop of tomatoes. The chickens get most of the spoils here. They even get all of the weeds I pull all summer long. I hope you are enjoying a bit more relaxation time now that the weather is cooling a bit.

  6. I roast extra sweet peppers with olive oil and salt, and then freeze for winter. It’s almost as good as opening a jar of canned tomatoes, come January. 🙂

  7. Such varied photos today. So enjoyable to see those kittens and WaiWai looking so good. He must be so content now. I can never get enough of him–or TonTon or BooBoo.

  8. Wai is looking very good! You have done well with that little pig.
    We roast all our peppers, put them in a plastic bag with a little water, let them sit overnight, the next morning the skins slip right off. You can can or freeze them at this point or eat them.

  9. Those miniature bell peppers seem a great idea, which I am going to steal. I am just putting my seed list together now ( a week or three late ). I have included them in my order.
    Right now it is hailing, and has been cold and wet for the past three months, so I think my seed planting ‘window of opportunity’ is still open.
    Wai is looking great. I think you mentioned somewhere that he ‘talks’. Would it be possible to make one of your audios of him, please?

  10. We dice up bell peppers, saute them with bacon and any greens on hand, and then pour scrambled eggs on top, cook, and eat.
    I can’t imagine why those aren’t selling, they’re adorable.

  11. Even though you delete items when finished, I’m saving the whole list as evidence. You are unreal! (That’s a compliment.
    You’re an inspiration. My lists are usually 2-3 tasks long ) I like these sequential items best: ◦ “WhAts for dinner?
    ◦ Check Manu for limp. Examine both back legs. Too fat?”

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