Sun Dogs

Is it not too early in the winter to find a sundog in our sky?  The sun and her dog. Ice crystals hanging up there? Refracting and reflecting the low rays.  cats-029

Do you remember these ones in the Bad Winter of 2014.  These are the bleakest and most startling of the sundogs I have ever seen.



The wild garden is still beautiful.


Sheila and Poppy.


I really need to wean these piglets.  I mean, I really really need to wean these piglets. I just have to wait for the gate to be fixed across the way so I can move Poppy over there – then I can move Molly in with Sheila. She only lays down for them very occasionally though. Most of the time they are drinking from her as she stands. Molly’s nipples are still fine too.  They are gentle piglets.


Last night after Tima should have been tucked up in bed she appeared on the porch peering in through the door. I led her over to the barn where Tane was waiting and shut the big doors so there were no more escapes. Maybe that gate will get fixed today too.  Those two are just too heavy for me to work by myself. Waiting on others to do things is difficult for me.



I hope all my American readers have a lovely Thanksgiving today.

Love celi

WEATHER: Much nicer than yesterday!

Thursday 11/23 0% / 0 in
Partly cloudy skies. High near 45F. Winds SW at 10 to 15 mph.

Thursday Night 11/23 10% / 0 in
A clear sky. Low 31F. Winds SSW at 5 to 10 mph.

6:49 am 4:28 pm

Waxing Crescent, 21% visible 10:51 am 8:54 pm


50 Comments on “Sun Dogs

  1. Beautiful skies … as always. Happy Thanksgiving from South Africa to you all too 🙂 Laura

  2. Wishing you a nice Thanksgiving day with your Family coming. And I can hear all the Farm animals saying – “we are so thankful for the best “Caretaker in the world!!”
    Have a v good day!!

  3. As I understand it, the appearance of a SunDog (a ring around the sun) or MoonDog – can be any time of year, either day or night – indicates a sudden change in the weather, within 24 hours. So be prepared for something coming, Miss C… (Oh, and Winter *technically* doesn’t start until the Winter Solstice: 11:28 on Thursday, Dec 21st; )
    Perhaps John will have extra hands to help fix that/those gates…

  4. Hope your Thanksgiving is more peaceful than not. Mine will be pizza with my 2 adult children. A quiet day of normal things. Hope you get your gates and fences mended.

  5. Thank you for the beautiful photos of atmospheric wonders & favorite Farmy characters. Waiting on fixers is like watching for Godot to come strolling by. Patience is such a hard, hard virtue. As Deb notes, extra help may be on the way. I hope so too. Have a Happy day there, as we will here going over the river to dine out—no cooking! Hooray! No leftovers <[:~( !

      • C, sometimes you’ve just gotta take the bull by the horns and ASK people to do a little helping. (Just sayin’… The Squeaky Wheel gets the grease, hey?; )
        Good luck!

        • I’m guessing it is not in C’s nature to squeak. Nor to bark, or even mooo; certainly not to whine. She is sturdier than her fences, stronger than her gates. But this is a safe place for her to talk (right, C.?). And we are all at our stations, imagining we are there. She knows we are listening.

            • My apologies for sounding harsh, C. That was truly not my intention. Sadly, what we’d like to say or do is often impossible (and simply ‘musing’ is safer; )
              Thank you for bringing me to task, Albert.

          • Too true, Albert; there really isn’t much point in making noise if no one’s listening. But sometimes, when one feels marooned, just considering such an action (if even for a millisecond; ) does help. It was certainly not my intent to sound harsh (and you never know, there might just be someone within earshot who doesn’t realise you’re in need of assistance; ) But you’re right, in spite of feeling so, none of us is ever truly alone and Miss C has the Farmy collective all around – to buttress and protect her back – and that’s what friends are for.
            (Sadly, there’s no “edit” for comments on WP. After re-reading this rather off-the-cuff remark several times since hitting Reply I certainly wished there were… ): Sent with my sincerest apologies Celi, D.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving from Texas! I well remember the sundogs of 2014 – even used them on our Christmas cards. I love your current photo of sundogs. May I have a copy – with full attribution, of course?

  7. Happy Thanksgiving from Carefree, Arizona where I’m having a wonderful time with my family for a few days! XO 😘

  8. Have a lovely day today! We are all thankful for you as you are such a wonderful example of how to take good careof your land and your animals.

  9. Hmmm. The Sun dogs do seem a bit ominous this time of year. But I think their presence is pushed aside by the blessings. Have a lovely day, dear.

  10. You’re right! The Wild Garden IS still beautiful. Tattered, worn natural things, such as the Garden, become more beautiful in a different way as they age. From Albert Camus — …”In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.”

    We’re escaping this mountain today to go to the next one over to a little town named Mariposa (Butterfly) for a Thanksgiving buffet dinner at our favorite restaurant. When I was a kid, we had had a 4-story vintage1800’s huge home, so our family hosted Thanksgiving with anywhere from 25 to 40 kin. This restaurant gives me the same feeling, as it does Bill, as he too was a farm boy with nine siblings and family went to their home.

    Have a lovely day! Canadians are having or have already had their Thanksgiving..

  11. I hope your days get easier; love your posts; i don’t have kidney cancer, but i did break my pelvis in one place and hairline fractured in another; still surround by kindness and love; it all works out; love to you C, you give so much

  12. I notice that NZ seems to be getting in on Thanksgiving this year! There are a few Black Friday sales around… isn’t that the day after Thanksgiving? I’m not a big fan of these sales, overhyped in my opinion, I stay away like Grumpy Gertie! I don’t need more ‘stuff’ anyway.

    Happy Thanksgiving America!

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