Mr Flowers had been obviously depressed these last two days. He had lost Pania.  lemons-006

Peafowl do not mate for life or anything like that.  The males have harems actually. But generally, they are solitary kinds of birds.  For the two days that Pania and Mr Flowers were separated. And he was lost. First I noticed Mr Flowers laying on the floor of the barn next to Wai’s blue fishbowl house. There was no patch of sun so I was confused.  I thought maybe the cold was getting to him. You will remember that we lost the Duke of Kupa in that bad winter of 2014.

I  brought him some extra food and immediately he leapt up and started eating it so I relaxed.  If they eat, they are good. But I realised that his wife was not in the big barn which is unusual in this weather.  I looked about for Pania and found her a while later roosting way up high above the cows in the Rathouse. Peafowl do not like snow and she must have been marooned here in that last snow storm.  So I threw more food on top of the cars in there for her to eat.  And left them to sort it out.

Poor old Mr Flowers. He sat in the barn, staring at the door for two days before yesterday she worked out she could FLY and flew over the snow and back to the big barn. Pea-brain.


These guinea fowl  (below) are almost ten years old. We raised a flock of them before I even began buying cows. Most disappeared in the first years.  They range far into the fields in the season.


Do you see how the guinea fowl at the top has no feet? He lost them in the winter of 2014. Yet he has outlasted his hale and healthy flock mates.  Guinea fowl are actually related to peafowl and also have a life span of 10 – 15 years. These birds have been free to roam all their lives. They have never been coddled. As natives of Africa it surprises me how well they do in our cold.

And I think this winter has been colder than most. lemons-027

Wai does not mind the cold – he tiptoes across to the house every morning for his apple. He stands at the bottom of the steps and squeals until he gets his treat, then wanders off happy.  His legs are so short. He does make me smile this good boy.


I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

WEATHER: More snow. In fact, there is snow forecast for the next three days.


Thursday 02/08 70% / < 1 in
Snow showers early with a chance of lingering snow showers later. High 23F. Winds SSW at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of snow 70%.

Thursday Night 02/08 70% / 1-3 in
Occasional snow showers. Low 21F. Winds SSE at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of snow 70%. Snow accumulating 1 to 3 inches.

6:55 am 5:18 pm

Last Quarter, 42% visible 1:13 am 11:44 am


44 Comments on “BARN BIRDS

  1. Guinea make good watch birds as do the peafowl. I love seeing and hearing both. The lavender farm near the Oklahoma boarder has a huge flock of guinea and boy do they give the call when visitors arrive. The farm is absolutely beautiful and they have a small cafe with the best lavender lemonade….. Spring – hurry UP! I am ready.

  2. Our guineas aren’t as long lived as yours, sadly, as the predator population in the area is quite high. We have let them raise their own young, but that never seems to go well, and very few of the keets survive. So now we try to find their nests in the summer and incubate the eggs, then they go into the brooder, then a halfway house and finally to freedom on the land. Here, guineas are like gold, as they eat the multitudes of ticks and chiggers that lay in wait for any and all mammals, especially the human kind!
    Just love the pic of Wai Wai and his daily demand for an apple. Just wondering if he is still on a strict diet? He looks a bit, well, shall I say ‘portly’, but perhaps that’s just because his feet and legs at so small. Give him a hug from me! 🙂

    • I cant put any animal here on a diet (Tima AND Wai being on that list) while we are still having below freezing temperatures – plus the little savages are always running off and scavenging in the corn field so hopefully come summer they will be back to their all grass diet. Wai eats a lot of hay but itis the corn that is the problem – however noone wants to go to bed when it so often drifts down into the MINUS’S in the night. c

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  4. Wai,s skin looks as if it is now quite normal..has it completely healed. Definitely one of your great sucesses.How is Miss Sheila?

    Yes l remember when the Duke passed was very sad as he was a really beautiful bird. Mr Flowers is just as lovely ,and Miss Pania is gorgeous .. Such beautiful creatures

    • He has still got three areas that are rapidly shrinking now – just scabby. Sheila is fine – she is doing much better this winter and it is colder than last winter too – weird.

      • Perhaps the colder (and therefore drier) air is helping heal Wai? Sorry, I don’t know what the problem was/is for Sheila, but perhaps helping her as well?

  5. Poor Mr Flowers, lost without the Missus. He’s like one of those grumpy, inarticulate old blokes who are rude and cross with their wives but are lost and lonely without them. I do love guinea fowl plumage, discreet yet exotic. How many other totally polka dot birds are there in nature? They wander around freely up here, making huge nests in the sugar cane which they then abandon. No one knows they’re there till the cane harvester runs over them and the appalling stink of rotten eggs arises…

  6. -23C here this morning. We’ve gone through a lot of firewood this year; consistently cold. Not as much snow as last year though. We have some chickens that are at least 7 years old; one that has very few feathers left but still does fine in the cold weather. No missing feet.

  7. Thank you for the picture of Wai. He looks very healthy and happy…..however, he should be bringing YOU the apple : )

    • He is a little miracle – there was a day I looked at him and just doubted that i could put him back together – the winter (and its lack of flies has been a god send really – he is healing so much faster in the cold. c

  8. Yahoo for Wai!! Looks great ~ thanks to your miracles Celi!!! An apple a day keeps the Dr away!!!! You should share a video of Wai walking to the house and begging for his apple!!! That would be some great entertainment for all of us!! And all of us should nominate you for the Caretaker of the Year Award!!

  9. I think you had 6 (8?) Guinea when I started reading. For a minute there I thought we had lost Pania, greatly relieved to discover that it is not so 🙂 Wai is definitely your farmy miracle. Laura

  10. Yes I worried she had died. I remember what extraordinary measures you took to try to save the Duke including keeping him in your bathroom and using the shower to help with his breathing. So happy to see Wai. Good idea above—to video him on his trek for an apple!

  11. Mr Flowers is looking gorgeous. Too bad about his missus’s pea brain 🙂 Wai knows who saved him.

  12. Wai is looking great. Do you think the hair will grow back properly on his back, or is it mostly scar tissue?

    • Good question Kit. It is mostly scar tissue and very motley – the vet did not even think his skin would come back black and it has – and some of his hair HAS grown back. Personally I think he will be patchy. Little super moonscape pig. c

  13. I love guinea fowl. Their shape and feathers, the way they move around in a little biomass, and their shrieks. It’s good to see these survivors. Glad Mr. Flowers is back with his spouse. Perhaps they just need time away…

  14. That last photo .. gosh snow and loads of it! Seems so strange. Wai is a good boy .. as well as large (and loved). As for Pania .. keep those boys waiting!

  15. Wai looks fantastic! I hope his temperament is improving, from grumpy old man to favorite grandpa at least. 🙂

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