WE cannot be friends unless I have a device to connect to you with. Without something to type and send on, my days would go silent. What a horirible thought. I dont need the news but i do need you. I found a little 2in1 tablet on sale. A little Lenova yoga. A perfect size for travel. There is still a lot left for me to set up. So today I will be short and sweet.

Once I am sorted my bigger laptop will go to computer hospital for repairs.Sketch

This is going to be fun!





babies-023The screen is very sensitive. So I am slowed down quite a bit.

babies-024babies-026babies-027However it is good for my brain to get stretched. And the colour is wonderful.

I have not loaded my weather channel into this system yet. I think we are looking at a high of 41 and a low tonight of 32 with some rain, sleet and a little snow later on.

OK – this halo keyboard makes me type slowly and lightly so my brain is melting!

I hope you have a lovely day

Love Celi

51 Comments on “WITHOUT A DEVICE

  1. I dread new devices, but once they are up and running they are usually better than the old ☺ Laura

  2. I have an old laptop but it would not survive the journey…you must find something..?a tablet! Life would be a disaster with out you…

    Has anyone got one that they can send?…if not l will go to buy one!

  3. I think a halo keyboard allows you to change the settings so you can type at your normal weight and speed… I’ve seen a Yoga in action, and they’re fun if you’re interested in doing things a new way, but if all you want is what you had before plus processing speed and reliability, it takes a bit of getting used to. Have fun 🙂

    • yes there are lots of things I can change. and have, and everything takes time – but I am getting there. you are so right about it taking some getting used to!!

  4. Love/Hate new technology – and I’m a computer nerd in my company working in IT. If you get frustrated – I know you will take a break. It’s what I have to do. Love seeing the little piggy tooshies. Makes me smile.

  5. How fascinating. I just Googled Lenovo Yoga. Looks very cool. I have had an Ultrabook, similar -but bigger, clunkier- for years. I also have a normal -very portable- Samsung tablet. I love new technology, hate the changeover. Once you build up some muscle memory it will be fine.

  6. My husband has a Lenova Yoga laptop, seems like a love/hate relationship for him! He does not do change very well… Kept using his old laptop until it died. Love the little piggy pictures. Our weather is finally turning warmer after a freeze last night. I will be in the garden today!

    • I am really enjoying it now that I am getting used to it a bit more. though I have never worked on such a small screen before – it is the 10inch.perfectly adequate

  7. Brain exercises keep you going…but yucky until muscle memory catches up. Sounds like a cool device.
    Energetic piggies keep you smiling.
    Oh, great picture of cows eating between barn and fence – nice composition and lines as well as lovely sky drawing eye on in. Who doesn’t like a blue sky with a few clouds?

    • exactly – i am trying to get them off that concrete pad now – the mess in there is awful. so now they have the choice to go out and mess up that little bit of field.

  8. I can’t help wondering if the piglets could manage a touch screen, with their little trotters 😉

    • that is such a funny thought. they would have to clean up those trotters though! i have told the computer man about your suggestion for the big laptop – i think you are right because if i change the angle of the screen the problem stops. hopefully he can fix it before i break it completely. thank you for that! c

      • I can definitely imagine them using a photocopier to scan each other (no idea where that mad idea came from).
        I hope the computer problem is just a loose or defective wire – it shouldn’t cost too much and is a common issue.

  9. I was gifted with a Fire tablet last year. I found the browser included is not the best and typing needs a stylus, even my pinky finger is too big and hits more than one letter, I don’t much care for typing with a stylus. I finally got annoyed enough that I just use it to read ebooks on. I was thinking about the possiblilty of a Chromebook laptop. I saw a nice one for less than $150.00 new. I hope your old laptop can be saved.
    Those piglets sure have grown and they’re so adorable. I’m so ready for nice, warm weather it’s been a very housebound sort of winter here.

  10. I have been eyeing your rhubarb!! Yum. Do you have plans for that? Lovely photos as always. And fun to see your actual handwriting.

  11. ‘Morning Celi ~ the computer technology changes by the hour these days!! We think we’ve got it down pat and then it changes!!! But ~~ I love all the farmy pictures this morning ~ like Pat says “those little tooshies”!!! BUT my favorite is your handwritten note to all of us!!!! Have a great one Celi ~60 degrees this weekend!!

  12. Re “brain is melting”: the pictures do a lot of talking; we can listen to them for a while (while you tap out short messages)

  13. Love all the photos. Somehow I always see only 5 piglets at once. One must be a loner. I had to use my tablet when my laptop broke and I was almost ready to give up blogging because of it. So frustrating. I’ve not heard of that particular brand so hopefully it will serve you well until repairs can be made. Spring has finally arrived here. I’m sure you will see it shortly.

  14. Your rhubarb looks. beautiful. Our patch is covered with snow and ice (not that it was even coming up). Got my barn cleaned today, not removed because of the snow but once again it is under control. Hoping for sunny skies for all of us.

  15. My son bought me a tablet on my last visit to him, i think he got sick of me texting him asking directions (no smart phone here). I didn’t think I needed/wanted it,but LOVE it now. It’s great to take with me everywhere/anywhere. But I remember that awful noise the keyboard made and couldn’t wait to turn it off. Love the chicken in the manure pile, funny thing.

  16. Gosh, if I’d known a tablet would have worked for you. I’d have mailed you one or three of them!
    I’m not sure why/how they multiply but I some how went from having a BlackBerry and an original Kindle to having four tablets, an iPhone (what I use for everything) and two desktop computers (both being used as tv/Netflix devices).

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