Yesterday I cut up a couple of big buckets of heirloom tomatoes and made a smooth silky tomato sauce to go over pasta while watching Sam’s gardening utube on the computer. I was preparing for lunch with a friend I had not seen for over thirty years. The simple lunch of pasta and tomato sauce steeped in basil was perfect. And One Drop Meadow though short was the perfect company as I chopped. A family voice in the kitchen with me. Whimsical.

Remember, when you steep basil in the sauce pull it out and replace it with fresh basil every now and then through the process. When basil is heated for too long it loses its sweet notes and can become bitter. I always add it stalks and all so it is easy to hook out.


This sauce was very tasty with the lovely fresh tomatoes.

I will go back out with my bucket and pick some more today. I have piles of basil so that part is not a problem!

Yesterday I awoke to find this steer once again on the wrong side of the fence. Wandering down the ditch.


It takes a long time to get him back in  (the last thing I need is for him to bolt so we go slow) and he is beginning to lead my calves astray (the calves followed their mothers back in so they were easy). So I am going to sell him on. I have to begin selling soon anyway but this guy is a right pain. He goes under the deer fence and over the electric fences. That night he knocked the entire solar unit aside after he was out, potentially releasing the whole herd.  He is the one who has one testicle still unfound so he was slated for an early sale anyway.


Now they are all back in. And I hope they are all there this morning when i get out there. I will run more internal electric fences this morning. But no more ditch grazing until I move the trouble maker on.


Talking of bulls this little bull is starting to look better and better. I am going to start work on the bull field soon.  He is going to be a lovely animal. I keep wanting to call him Stockade I don’t know why but there you are. Like titles the name-word won’t go away. I need to call the man who bred them and ask him again what kind of bull his sire was. This is not a full Black Angus that is for sure. But what other beef breed has this red fluffiness and that racoon eye. Not red angus because I would have remembered that.



The four pigs are getting through their sunflowers at an alarming pace now. They are almost at weight. (I try to get them up to 240 pounds). Hopefully they get there before their feed runs out!


Rose of Sharon.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

Sam’s latest UTube is here.

or here  if that does not work for you.

In this one he shows us his high tech method of random selection. Pretty fun.

He had another great one just before this but I cannot find it again and I really liked it too. There are three so far so if you caught his second video can you send me the link in a comment? Mama is behind. He loves comments both here or on the utube link – being early days in this enterprise he loves to hear what you have to say so feel free to comment either here or on the utube link. I told him my  people are always kind and constructive  knowledgeable and so he is looking forward to talking to you.

His next vid will be back in the garden which I am REALLY looking forward to.






  1. I think I just typed in utube ODM – Drop 02
    and that got me there. Be careful as ODM is also political party in Kenya 🙂 that tomato sauce looks stunning, beautiful colour. Laura

  2. The ducks look so elegant. Odd word to describe a duck, but that is what came to mind. I love their color.

  3. oooo bad boy! Have a great day and I’ll be trying that basil trick! Most of my basil goes into pesto for now and the freezer! Cheers! and thanks for the gardening video!

  4. Love the tomato sauce! May we see pictures of a bucket of tomatoes? Makes me wish to be back on the farm.

  5. Gorgeous brilliant red with that tomato sauce, and I love the trick with the basil!
    Sam was hilarious in the latest video, trying to pronounce the names of plants. He gets an A for effort. The random selection method seems as if it may take some time to get through but also logical when planning such a large garden area. I felt rather lucky that my little tiny flower plots of land don’t hold much at all. My choices were limited and easy.

  6. If I didn’t know better, I’d say that little red bull had a bit of Jersey blood. Definitely not red Angus, I’d think, as almost every one of those I’ve seen has pale rings around the eyes. He’s a nice solid looking little fluffster 🙂 Beeeyoutiful tomato sauce, and a fun video again from Sam 🙂

  7. Beautiful tomato sauce. With all that basil, are you going to make pesto? it freezes beautifully.

    All your birds and animals look great.

  8. Love the video by your son and will subscribe! Although I laughed when he said he hated agapanthus, as I love it.😊

  9. Are these calves the Angus/Holstein X? Although holsteins are usually blotchy black or red, not solid?

  10. I’m going to do the steeping of basil thing in my next tomato sauce. Red is my least favourite colour but in that sauce, it’s gorgeous.
    I’m really enjoying Sam’s YouTube clips and Instagram, fascinating to see the project as it evolves.

  11. If little bull is to be kept. …then Stockade should be his name. I know that when you are selling them on that they do not have personal names…. I have a garden full of Sharon Rose and l never ever knew its thank you for that info… Ducks are looking well and strutting their stuff and one naughty animal causes havoc…such is life. Have a great day…love bg

  12. I am so disappointed, here and now I have no ripe tomatoes, despite over 100 plants and careful tending all summer. I don’t think I will try again without a poly tunnel. A good mate has supposedly bought some land and will build one, and let me fill it. I can hope.

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