Sunday morning and the Airbnb guests are happy. The piglets are digging up to their ears in their nice soft pig garden. The ducks laid TWO eggs this morning and Tima and Tane are fighting over the biggest Zuchinni known to pig-kind. img_3950-1

A good Sunday morning except for our usual inclement internet connection making it impossible to load the photos early this morning.


The Six are getting big now. They have cleared their field and are looking for trouble. And looking LIKE trouble. Soon they will escape and then I will move them to the autumn field. There comes a time when they need stronger fencing.


Molly needs nothing but more food. More, more, more she says. I am eating for Nine. Her Eight have begun to nose around in her food bowl but they are not consuming too much yet. They chew on her greens more than anything. By week three they should be eating solids.

Not these solids! The chickens eat these though. If I spare any – which I won’t.


I am having trouble finding good grains now that my GM free feed grain supplier went under. I can get the corn from a local farmer and am fast talking another farmer into transitioning a few acres into organic, spray free for oats and barley. But these things take a lot of time. Years really. In the meantime I am sprouting what I have to make it go further.

The Thai chili’s are turning red now. I hang them to dry and just cut down what I use as necessary through the winter. They are my favourite chili. The plants are valiantly growing in a very weed overgrown bed.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Back to work for me.


WEATHER: Still cloudy and mild. Very humid though. There is a bit of rain around so the cows are still off the ‘good’ pastures to encourage growth for the autumn.

Sunday 09/02 20% / 0 in
Partly cloudy. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. High 88F. Winds SSW at 10 to 15 mph.

Sunday Night 09/02 50% / 0.26 in
Scattered thunderstorms. Low 71F. Winds S at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 50%.

6:20 AM 7:23 PM


Waning Gibbous, 56% visible 11:42 PM 1:24 PM





22 Comments on “LOAD

  1. Two duck eggs…thats 100% improvement..are they a good size..or maybe like my chicken eggs..like plaster of paris… What will you make with them? Pigs and piglets all fine…that is good to know… Just a wee problem with the corn stuff ..but have no worries you will sort it out just like you always do Love BG

  2. Hello you! Your chilies are LOVELY!! I’m not very confident cooking with different kinds of chillies. I need some lessons, I think. x

  3. I am not much into chili’s, but those look gorgeous. Are they very hot? Laura

  4. I grow my chilis in the sunniest of spots. They grow fast and strong. Well adapted. Tasty in almost everything. Surprising how much I’ve grown to like them. We never had them when I was a kid. Mom didn’t grow them.

  5. Hey, Ceci! We’re going to Panama in November. One of the excursions is a tasting/cooking class of native foods. Any type of spices you’d like me to pick up for you? I love, love, LOVE hot peppers and have had some real stingers over the years! Hub just c ame to tell me breakfast was ready – what a sweetie! Later…………

  6. You have it looking beautiful. I think farm stays are a fabulous way to reconnect people with the land. Once upon a time many could go to visit family farms but not so much these days, sadly. Those verandah shots get me… makes me want to book in for a few nights. If only.

    • Yes. I call the pigs that are being grown for the chefs – plonkers. Mainly because I like how the word sounds. It is actually an English word for a boring maybe slightly drunken fellow – you know the bore at the party. “Bit of a plonker”. Not terribly bright. Goes on and on. Not dangerous.
      There is another English word I like for the younger version of this fellow – if he has a bit of a violent twist- a pub brawler. Loud. A bit stupid. We would call him an OIK. I am not sure of the spelling. But I love the word. Oik. It rolls around the mouth. And quite meanly too .

  7. Your piggies are healthy and boisterous, and I think your name for them is spot on! As a former English person, I’d agree about ‘plonker’ and have used it many times myself (but more in the context of a total idiot) and ‘oik’ is a definitely a loud, uncouth brawler, so I think it fits the Six rather well… I’m not surprised the chooks like your chilis, they’re full of vitamin C, and I believe that chickens don’t have taste receptors for the capsaicin so they wouldn’t feel the burn.

  8. The difficulty of finding good GM free feed is very disturbing. I could say “What is the world coming to?” but I won’t. Thank the gods you and others are out there fighting the good fight.

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