And cold. This morning it is clear and cold. I am not going to start chores too early because all the animals will be staying still and curled up in their warm straw sleeping in.

Today I will separate Molly and her piglets. I have left it as long as I can but today will be the day. Once she is gone I can reconfigure their pen into a much better sleeping area.

The wind yesterday was shocking – cold, wild and whipping strong. My lips are chapped and my face scoured. I even shut the North doors of the barn. It was a shock to the system.

This morning though the air is silent. Frozen into submission.

Our John said he read somewhere that this winter will be warmer but I fear this trend towards extremes. I think it will be everything. And huge fluctuations in temperature are hard on the animals. We had a mild summer though, out here on the plains. And of course the weather is anyone’s guess. But I fear the coming winter season.

We don’t have enough firewood or enough straw. I need to turn my attention to these things.

But today will be sunny. And tomorrow Piglet will be three weeks old which means I can drop his 2am feed. And we will both sleep through the night – that will be nice.

It is so hard to get a good photo of Piglet. He is watching for me all the time.

I hope you have a lovely day.


WEATHER: Cold and clear.


33 Comments on “CLEAR SKIES

  1. Sleeping in ? Well it is Sunday..doesn’t everyone have a sleep in on a Sunday….But you are right ..suddenly winter is here.One week it is fine weather but come October it changes in the case of a day or two. So , yes I can understand the need to stay in the warmth of a bed just that little bit longer…( it would actually do you good to get longer rest) Seems to me that its a hard life being a farmer is always on the go, never time to stop, always thinking months ahead, always having to plan your next move. and having the stock in to deal with the next move.. Also the type of weather is important cannot always be warm and sunny..the frost must come to break the soil ready for the next lot of planting…but its that same frost and cold that keeps us wanting to stay in bed… It matters not that pictures of PooPiglet are obscured by blankets, babies need to keep warm we get a PooPiglet – Peeping. Loved the chook looking out to see who was awake..I bet she went back to the roost….Lots of Love BG

  2. Firewood and straw… two very important things for a hard winter. The NOAA forecast for North America for 2018/2019 is a 70% probability of a warmer than average, El Niño-type winter. But as we all know, a forecast is just a prediction, not a guarantee. So much better to be prepared for the worst and not to need it.

  3. Already nearly too cold for me! Follow the cats and find a warm patch out of the wind. Laura

  4. I love the photo of the red chicken head on the grey wood. Nice composition.

  5. No doubt Precious Piglet is watching for you every moment….you are its Mama, that’s for sure! 🙂
    And very nice the 2:00 am feedings can be stopped!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. That will be nice to be able to drop the 2 am feed, at three weeks so much quicker than a human baby!

  7. You may have difficulty photographic piglet, but that photo of him looking out from his personal laundry pile is priceless. You can tell that it is cold…the light is cold. The crisp shift in colors is telling. We must all take this new mad world one day at a time, preparing ourselves for any eventuality the best we can. Bracing.

  8. The weather has been so odd here that no one is making any predictions. Even the dogs and horses are not developing a distinctive coat to say if winter will be cold and dry or rainy and warm. It gets cool at night, but they are just averagely fluffy.

  9. I keep watching for the white tuffs of earmuffs on the squirrels.
    Beautiful shots all!

  10. This is a somewhat delicate question but where does little Poo Bum Piglet go potty? Do you have a litter box for him? 🙂 That photo of him in his laundry basket bed is over the top cuteness. I’d say that was a calendar photo for October…especially with the red checked flannel! He is just adores!

  11. Piglets little face in his basket is adorable. I worry about him going out the barn. Will he be too cold with no one to snuggle up to? I wish he hadn’t been born just as it got cold.

  12. i’m with you Celi, I worry about our summer, and extremes. Already we’ve had over 300mls of rain, and a flood warning, our spring is usually dry and hot, I thought i had until March/April to be prepared, both mentally and with the house and yard in order. the photos of Piglet are perfect, it’s him loving on you.

  13. Oh and I accidently clicked on ‘something’….and now know how to *like* comments…:)

  14. Love the photo of PooPiglet. The comment by Patrecia (with an E), “PooPiglet – Peeping”, is the perfect caption for the photo and I think it would make a fantastic Christmas/holiday card.

  15. That is one spoiled and cute piglet smiling from the covers! I can just see this huge pig following you everywhere…*smiles*

  16. Piglet almost looks like a puppy peeking from his warm nest. Smoky was not pleased with the cold and wind, he’s had his 15th birthday (October 4), but won’t wear a sweater, so the necessary trips outside are brief. He is a good boy and doesn’t insist on marking every odd blade of grass and he poohs in the pooper scoop most of the time. He was very happy to come in and go back to his favorite corner against the baseboard heat.

  17. Glad Piglet is doing well. It’s still sunny and mild here in the north of England but they are saying the cold will reach us by the weekend with snow on high ground. Winter is definitely on its way!

  18. Now that’s a cute pig in a blanket. This time of year showcases the textures in photos doesn’t it. Enjoy the sun! (We’re having about 1-2 days of sun and the rest drizzle, but the temps are much cooler. Neighborhood dogs are thrilled and recharged with energy after all the heat. Like you, I think this winter will have a little of everything..)

  19. JT read the winter will be much harder, snowier and colder. Hope your John is right! Love the pic of the rooster. Piglet is adorable.

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