Jude approaches everyone on the farm with the fearless inquisitiveness of the very young. I just let him wander about for the meantime. Let him explore.

Another sunless day yesterday drifting down past drizzle into snow territory again.

My English teaching course starts today and I anticipate my first week of study with great excitement. The papers should be in my email inbox by noon today. The course explores HOW to teach English as a second language not the actual English. It is an exciting new venture.

Boo is a bit confused here – looking to me asking ” Is this ok?”.

“Yes, BooBoo. Baby can lick the bucket. He gets to eat as much as he can.”

Below is one of dawn’s images from yesterday. That tiny sliver of flippant colour below all that brooding dark cloud.

I hope you have a lovely day.



36 Comments on “ARE YOU MY MOTHER?

  1. I hope you find it enormously satisfying and good fun. I also hope you find the energy to do your studies after the chores are done!

  2. Even if Jude doesn’t have a mother, he has two very attentive nannies! Enjoy your course, it’s always exciting to set off on a new adventure.

  3. LOVE the pic of Jude with his nose up to the cow! And “Are you my mother/” is the perfect caption! Love the pic of his little piggy self inside the bucket, with Boo watching! Precious! Good luck with the course to teach English – I am interested in it now myself, and look forward to your insights on the course!!

  4. Jude is giving Wilbur the pig in E.B. White’s “Charlotte’s Web” a run for his money. He is darling darling darling. I half expect him too to carry on conversations with literate spiders. I have also been thinking about taking an ESL course. I have a dear friend here who is “retired” from her advertising career, and at 70 her work as an ESL teacher has gone soaring into the stratosphere. It’s an excellent back-pocket strategy! Look forward to hearing how it goes. (p.s. She makes quite a big of “dosh” doing it as well.)

    • I want to learn more about what your friend is doing. Does she work online? Or teaching in a classroom. How exciting. I would say send me a message but for the moment I have no idea where my phone actually is!!

  5. P.S. Is the idea of a curly pig’s tail a myth? Or do they start curling later in life. Jude’s little tail is as straight as a stick.

  6. Picture of darling jude: Giant, Giant, why are you so tall? Well, Sir, well, Sir, why are you so small? I volunteered in our community college English as a Second Language program & it was so rewarding for me to work with students from so many nations, Vietnam, Ukraine, Mexico, Guatemala, Turkey, Irak. It would also be delightful to teach ESL to bright-eyed children who’d learn so very quickly. (And a few bonus NZ terms?) You will be a wonderful teacher, Celi, if you can possibly find the spare time.

  7. Are you my mother is one of my favorite children’s book. I don’t know how many times I have read it to children. Good luck with your course, a friend of mine has been in an ESL teacher for decades and still substitutes.

  8. Celi, you will be a natural at teaching ESL!!! With your experience as a teacher, your background in drama, and all the work with your WOOFERS from other countries you will sail through the classes!!! I taught ESL in the US for 5 years, adults and children, and also in Southeast Asia for 12, and loved it!!!
    I know you will too!!! And what an opportunity to help others, and also provide opportunities for you too! So excited about it!!! 🙂

  9. Jude and the dogs are hilarious! Such serious looks on their faces ! Your English course should be fascinating….we’re in the process of moving and once settled I think I’d like to volunteer for that also. Something new to learn and be helpful at the same time! Cheers!

  10. A ‘FLIPPANT’ WISP OF COLOR – LOVE IT AND THE TERM! Me too, with all of the other comments about Jude looking up at the cow. Priceless! Happy adventuring, Ce!

  11. Oh, methinks Jude knows how to find his ‘forever friends’ . . . Boo and Ton are volunteering now . . . . so, so thrilled to see you heading back to teaching: – one person who will begin her tasks with basic understandings . . .

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