Wild Frost

The frost yesterday began with a heavy mist that hung about for hours. At 11f (-11C) it was frigid. It was my last delivery day for hogs and I was driving blind.

It only got interesting when the sun started pushing through. Though when the sun first came up it was like high beam on the clouds of frozen particles and I could see even less.

The enveloping mist became a cloud of frozen droplets that reflected their captive light straight back at me. Straight back at ‘ya. Or is it ya’. Colloquiums have their own rules.

After a while it did clear, leaving behind this wondrous snow of frost.

I laughed at the cows whose eyelashes were white from the sticky frost layering up on their hairs until I went inside and found that I was the same. The hair that had strayed from under my hat had the same treatment.

Naturally nothing would keep Jude inside on such a magic day.

Aunty Del followed me out into the fields as well.

Two cats and three ducks.

Below is a more typical picture of Jude.

Whenever I get down to his level to take a shot he rushes over in case there is food.

Manu the boar seems to have injured himself in the penis. I won’t get into the finer details. But to understand you need to know that the hog penis is very long and thin – a bit like a corkscrew straw but much longer. It is a delicate thing and easily damaged when erect. The vet says time is the best healer for these problems but if it does not heal his breeding days may be over.

I put Molly in with him yesterday and noticed evidence of a problem later in the day. The vet said they can stay together in the meantime. But this is not good news. I will have to wait and see whether he gets better. Then wait even longer to see if he was able to breed Molly and Poppy.

That is enough of a biology lesson for you today I think.

The good news is that I got 100% on my first essay for the TEFL course.

I hope today is a lovely day for you all.


40 Comments on “Wild Frost

  1. I took the TEFL when I was at school in Greece, so I suppose I’m still qualified to teach English… Can’t remember a damn thing tho 😬😆

  2. 💯 well done! Love the pic with the guard cats watching the ducks. Cows eyelashes were lovely too. You capture such beautiful shots.

  3. This post’s so rich it’s hard to know where to look. Frost? Jude? No — it has to be the two cats and three ducks this morning — what a wonderful photo. And congrats on your 100%!

  4. Happy, happy birthday today, may this be the start of a wonderful successful and prosperous year for you.

    Ouch, poor Manu, Hope he gets it all back together soon. I am totally entranced by your winter wonderland photos. Keep warm. Laura

  5. Question: Can you AI a sow? I know they need to boar to go into heat, but once in heat?
    Is it your birthday? If so Happy birthday to you.
    The one photo with the pups – they look like they are in wonder of the beautiful frost too.
    And Jude, asking the cow – “are you my mother?”

  6. Some of these pictures are beautiful enough for a calendar. Or framing. So lovely. Didn’t see any pics of cow eyelashes but I could imagine it.

  7. Whoa! The frost makes the farmy look like a fairy land! Truly beautiful!!! Big bummer about Manu! Hopefully it will heal quickly and he’ll be good as new soon! Lovely pics today, as always! xo

  8. Beautiful pics of your ice and frost. Thank you! I saw mention of your birthday in the comments. If it is your birthday or nearly your birthday, Many Happy Returns and wishing you a wonderful year! Sorry about Manu. Hope he heals quickly. Are all the little/big pigs gone now? That pic of Jude touching noses with the cow is priceless!!! Congrats on your test score!

  9. Very cold, but beautiful. The term hoar frost came to my mind. Fingers crossed for Manu’s recovery and congrats on your essay!

  10. I love it when everything gets covered in a layer of ice. It’s like the world became part of a fairy tale or something.
    I hate driving in a fog though. I’m glad you got to and from safely in the fog.

    Poor old Manu. I hope he doesn’t try to use it anyway. A lot of men I know would try anyway. Sex is not a thing that makes people (and I assume pigs) think too clearly.

  11. That photo with both dogs looking away from the camera, and that tree so amazingly decorated with frost, that’s the money shot today. Congratulations on test results and birthdays, commiserations on poor Manu’s misfortune, which cannot be comfortable for the poor boy.

  12. Wonderful photography today of your beautiful wintry scene. And I echo the other commenters in wishing you a very Happy Birthday today so near St. Cecelia’s Day & congratulations on your perfect score. And best wishes for Manu to recover completely & soon, poor fellow.

  13. YEA you for the essay!
    While making things more difficult, the farm looks magical – maybe what inspires myths of fairies. Farmers are the lucky ones (and the most tired…maybe the perks even it out a bit?)

  14. Magnificence everywhere! Yes, magic. So apropos for the Universal High Holiday of birthday-time, no? Wishing you a spectacular year ahead in every possible way, no matter what.

  15. As Jim, I say ‘back atcha!’. Ya’ is half of ya’ll, meaning ‘you all’, most usually heard in the Southern States. Thanks for the gorgeous hoarfrost photos! So elegant! The two kitties look like sleepy sphynxi (?) guarding the barn! (What IS the plural of sphinx, anyway? Happy birthday to you, and congratulations on your test! HUGS!

  16. Good work on the essay. How is your brain enjoying having something unconnected to your -quite various- day-to-day to process? After 2 years studying horticulture I can see how people become immersed in studies, while not an expert I am now at least conversational, and will miss it this year as the next level of my course isn’t yet available face-to-face locally but I think an interim year of photography study will be a nice fit.

  17. Gorgeous photos. Jude is just so happy to be alive he is out to squeeze every drop out of every day. Poor Manu. We always knew you would make a good fist of the TEFL course, but congratulations! And many happy returns for the day, and year ahead. xx

  18. when I looked at the title of today’s post – Wild Frost – immediately wondered what TAME frost might look like, and what it would be

  19. A happy and successful year ahead, Celi! Add my congratulations to those of others . . . . and absolutely great about the 100%: but, dearHeart, you are ‘allowed’ to make the occasional mistake you know; at this stage I have learned to ‘grin and bear it’ and say ‘a bit better next time’ 🙂 ! But today’s photos methinks are the most beautiful I have ever seen from you . . . that said I am glad that it is 26C outside here . . .

  20. Beautiful pictures, . I’m sure there are farmers who have to assist their animals achieve a good breeding. Would a vet artificial insemination work? Tincture of time may resolve the problem. Here’s hoping. I love the curiousity Jude is showing. He must be pretty smart. Very sweet picture when you can catch him. Keep warm.

    • More congrats on the perfect 100
      Happy, happy birthday
      Hoar Frost is truly the most magical thing to witness and capture. Such Fantastical photos! Can’t imagine having to drive through one that thick though, glad you made it: )

  21. Far, far in the back left of the photo with dogs and pumpkins there’s another lovely photo of the fence, an old (green?) truck and a frosted tree decorated with birds, perhaps? What is that lovely old vehicle?

    • And sorry, meant to say earlier, personal favourite of all these lovely photos is the first; with all it’s possibilities for what’s just out of sight, around the bend… : )

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