We have windy wet weather today. Still in the Hawkes Bay winter, I come from Hawkes Bay in New Zealand and our Illinois weather is so much like home that I am wondering how they cope with this infernal mud!

This (below) is not a sweet picture of Wai and Piglet. In seconds Wai will turn his great big head, kind of mark where Jude is with his nose, then back up three paces lower his head and launchhimself in, ramming the piglet. He never connects – Jude knows all his tricks and just dances squealing out of reach of the half blind grumpy potbelly.

Which just makes WaiWai madder!

Now that John built this lovely door into the west side of the rat house it has opened up ( s’scuse the pun) lots of opportunities.

If I can swing it – I would like to move the blues brothers car ( and the other one ) and raise the ducks in there. If this plan works I will then sow barley or oats into the field on the other side of the door and the ducks can graze in there all day and sleep in the Rat- house at night. It’s a good idea. But hinges on John moving those cars. So we will see.

It is a good plan though.

This year I am going to focus on wasted space on the farm. Wasted as opposed to wild. Wild spaces are not wasted.

WaiWai hiding in a bush. Hoping that I cannot see that he is where he should not be.

I hope you have a good plan for your day?

Love celi

28 Comments on “HIDING IN A BUSH

  1. There is so much scope there for a planner, a mover & a shaker. I remember the old lyric about the Irresistible Force meeting the Immoveable Object…Something’s gotta give, something’s gotta give, something’s gotta give….kookookoochoo!

  2. Wai is very optimistic with his choice of hiding. Hopefully, Jude will wear him down gently and they will become friends…

  3. I hope the mud dries up for you. Your boots must get heavy! I’m going to putter away in my little knitting shop. : )

  4. Hmm I would think the high return ducks should be favoured. Wai will be in for a surprise one of these days when Jude is suddenly much taller than him. Laura

  5. Oh, what a little BRAT is that Only Piglet, and picking on poor WaiWai on top of it all:/. Everyone else looks just as bemused at his antics as I…

  6. Hummm? The mud diet is one I haven’t tried yet. Today sounds like a good day to start. We had high winds take over a little tree that I must rescue today. Lot’s and lots of rain to boot. I’m wishing you great luck on the car moving. Getting men to do what you need is often harder than walking around with 10 pounds of mud on the boots. 😉 Keep us posted. 😉

  7. Ain’t that the truth.
    Went on a nature walk Sunday led by a forest ranger and came home with mud caked on the gyms. Major cleaning to do.
    Love those rascals all.

  8. Oh! I love your two-headed, four legged cow! We’ve had a lucky escape from seriously bad weather; Cyclone Penny has mostly petered out and we are getting whipped by wind and rain in her tail, so there’s some mud in my future too… Still pretty warm here, though, up to 85°F during the day…

  9. Love your ditty about Wai Wai hiding in the bushes, “hoping you cannot see where he should not be”!!……………. Lost another chook to a varmint last night. House was locked, ‘lectric fence turned on, and STILL it got in! Not sure what it was, but strong enough to bend the wires and fencing out of the way! Stay happy this Monday week, OK?

  10. Beautiful ‘greeter’ piggy! Is that Molly? Love the 8-legged, 2-headed black cow, too!

  11. Does Wai ever have a swing at Ton, he gets quite close…or is Wai ok with him because he’s not a pesky young ‘un?

  12. it’s so nice to see how everyone is progressing…Jude keeps on growing, Wai has his grumpy moments, Ton keeps an eye on everyone and the cows keep on munching! Good luck with moving the cars!

  13. I would almost welcome mud right now. We had steady rain almost all day since early this morning. That on top of the last 5 or 6 inch snowfall has created a whole lot of ice. Had to spread almost a whole trash can worth of wood ashes in the horse yard just to be able to move safely out there – for myself and the horses. Almost 50* here today, dropping temps tomorrow and a high of maybe 20* on Wednesday. Some screwy weather for sure. I can almost hear naughty Jude – ‘nah, nah, you can’t get me’.

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