Swamped in study. This week’s unit is twice as big as any other. I have completed all the reading and all five of the quiz’s and the peer presentation for this week’s unit of study for my TEFL qualification – next I have two assignments to complete by Sunday. All about grammar – which frankly is full of terminology and rules and not too much fun. But like jazz you can’t break a rule until you know it. I am in Week Six. And so far each of my assignments has achieved a 100% grade.

I have two live lectures today. Tomorrow A meeting with my organic farmer tenant for the West Side. Tomorrow night a group of farm volunteers for the weekend- ( they are bringing their own chef to cook for us all so I am not about to complain).

And that is all, I think? ( how about that for bad grammar!)

Oh, I need to say I am not that clever on the quiz portions of each unit. I average 80% on those.

But I am rolling Flat Out! I am moving fast and methodically and ruthlessly. And flat out!

As usual, last night I laid out a skeleton plan for all the written work to be achieved today, my desk is a picture of organization. John dropped his cap on my desk yesterday and I almost LOST MY MIND! There are so many little pieces of paper, all in order, laid in vertical rows ready to be downloaded onto the screen. A gust of wind would destroy me – let alone a THROWN HAT skidding across the surface of my desk!

Reading Freeman and Freeman. The discussion as to whether words are acquired or learned. Merciful heavens!

All is good on the home front. The animals are all in order following their routines and hunkering down our if the cold wind that blasted us for the last few days. I will be back into the Fellowship Lounge when I have passed the half way mark on my assignment today. And remind me to call the vet for information on pregnancy checks for Del and Molly. At least I can get those scheduled. And there was something else. What was that.


I have started sending myself txts when I need to remember something and am not close to my work/ diary. It works REALLY well. Except when I forget to send the txt. I will check the lists for the phone call just in case I have to even though I have forgotten what I am meant to be remembering anyway. ( more bad grammar!).

We are having a cold snap. Quite, quite cold! But manageable!

I have a tight neck from crouching over a desk!

Much love

Talk soon


25 Comments on “STILL HERE

  1. I belong to the acquired school of thought. How else do you explain a word floating up into your consciousness from the abyss, without purposefully looking for it in your memory files? We all have words we’ve learned, mainly as a necessity of existence, everyday living, work, etc, but those we think with, feel with, express ourselves with – those, I think we acquired. If you had a spare second in the day (which you don’t), I’d recommend doing puzzles to improve your memory. There are some days when it’s the only thing that keeps me on track; I still have noticeable residual chemo-brain issues, but doing a daily puzzle helps. I notice when I’ve missed doing it for a few days. And bravo on those very impressive test results. Clearly, you will be the TEFL teacher of choice 🙂

  2. Well done on the school assignments/and the quizzes too … all that and the 2 or 3 jobs on the farm you seem to be doing already. 🙂

  3. Ooh how well I remember that stiff neck and burning shoulders. Remember to get up and stretch every hour or so while you are stuck behind your desk. I think words are acquired – reading, watching doccies etc. Wonderful grades, well done. Laura

  4. When you get spare time… (hahahaha)…you should watch this TED talk. We watched last night and thought it was very interesting. It is on how some people learn new languages.

  5. Breathe. Do it again. I’m trying to help you from here. I can feel the pressure. You will be the most wonderful teacher out there. Language is a funny thing. I was raised bilingual and had a hard time with both. Then you add in dialects and that throws in another wrench. When we moved to the deep south, I couldn’t understand a word they said for such a long time. I almost failed the grade in the two months I went to school there because I could not understand how they spoke English. I’m sure that’s something you really understand. I’m sure your John will NEVER put his hat there again. 😉 Ok, remember the vet appointment and BREATHE! Hugs, m

  6. Well done on the grades, extra well done on the organisation…. in the corner with John for throwing his hat tsk tsk. How long is the course?

  7. I also find writing things I think of in the Notes on my phone helps.
    You are going so well with the course – good for you.
    I would love to see a photo of all the bits of paper laid out methodically on your desk ready for action – hold the hat though !

  8. Your desk should be off limits to anyone but yourself! You have so much going on just now, I am very happy that you will have weekend help and with a chef! Bliss not to have to think of meals. Stay warm. It is very windy and cold in CT as well

  9. Poor animals are likely to get snapped at if they suggest you indulge in some extra-mural activities or some extra mural activities instead of some extramural activities!

  10. And on top of the traditional thoughts about language acquisition, we now have to address the real fact the AI/Google/home devices are beginning to change speech/vocabulary by being quick to provide us with suggested responses for quick us or when driving and you can’t text, so push a button for a preprogrammed response…yes we can provide those automatic responses, but are we now choosing to use what is provided rather than formulating an original response? Experts are beginning to question.

    Ah, Alice, down the rabbit hole?

    Hang in there, C.!

  11. Ah yes, I have been sailing smoothly with study workload then suddenly.. aaarghhh… swamped, and everything else goes by the by while I bail. Thankfully, I and I imagine you- work efficiently under deadline pressure. I think, acquire… after many years together, I am often amused to hear my particular vocabulary and phrasing out of the G.O.’s mouth… and perhaps, mine from his. And I know I somehow learned to swear like a sailor courtesy of a particularly sweary work colleague.

  12. Thats a hell of a schedule there. I hope its sustainable!
    Are your texts free? On my plan only some are, after that they cost so, I email myself with the reminder message as the subject and any cut and paste details in the body, no charge that way.
    As to words being learned or aquired, thats fascinating, surely once learned they ARE aquired and vice versa? I think I will read some of that. Semantics fascinate me.

    • Yes, I totally agree! We are learning words and their usage from the time our capability for hearing is formed… How to spell them, well that’s definitely another story; )

  13. Absolutely thrilled to read of your progress in the studies . . . I can see a busy, tired but fulfilled person re-emerging from a somewhat longish hiatus . . . . enjoy the challenges which do not have to have a 100% perfect response . . . Have a useful weekend . . . stimulating in its own way . . . and I also thi8nk our verbiage is ‘acquired’ . . . 🙂 !

  14. I totally get that feeling of organization that is almost so fragile it must protected from wind and hats.
    I occasionally leave my desk at work in a specific set up so that I can sit down and get started immediately. I am always foiled by people throwing things on top of it that they want me to see, or digging through it to find something or one time, someone SAT ON IT and left such a mess. I have considered by buying that orange hazard tape to keep people from touching of my organized stuff.

  15. Wow, you’re an absolute marvel C!! But don’t forget to stop for stretches to neutralise all of that scrunching up of shoulders & neck from pouring over books and peering at assorted screens; )

  16. Thank you for pulling everyone/everything together on such short notice.
    I appreciate you getting this to me so quickly so I have time to review it.

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