The good news is that the ice in the blue insulated water trough that froze solid last week melted enough for us to be able to hook out the faulty water heater and jam a new one in.

Within the day the pigs end of the livestock waterer was mostly melted and with the temperatures rising to 52f / 11C (a rise of almost 80 degrees within five days) I hope the cows end will be free of ice by this afternoon.

With the weather being warm for the next three or four day we should have truly shaken free from this polar vortex episode.

As long as another cell of arctic air does not loosen from the polar vortex this winter then that will have been the worst of it. Though we still have a good five or six weeks of winter left – Polar air should stay at the pole.

Is there an actual pole? As a child I always imagined the North Pole and the South Pole as being actual poles – sticking up out of the ice. Like power poles but old and ruined and weather beaten. Maybe some ancient carvings of a mammoth polar bear or two .

Melting means water covered ice before the slushy stage. This is a tricky stage. By this morning we should be all slush or melted or evaporated. Much safer.

Happy Jude.

I hope you have a good day.


25 Comments on “MELTING

  1. I see another arctic front will make a pass through later in the week. Hopefully, you’ll have good melt and some good sun and breeze to help dry things up.

  2. Jude always looks like a porcine ballet dancer, just needs a tutu!
    So glad things are warming up a bit for now, you certainly deserve a respite.

  3. Seems as if you have a few disgruntled cows there… missing their favorite hay feeder. Think that lid will ever open again?

  4. We reached the mid 50’s yesterday and our entire winter wonderland melted in less than a day! It was pretty but I’m not sorry it’s gone! Now you need your wellies to slosh through the mud I bet 😉

  5. The ducks must be loving the wall to wall pond. It still looks like you might find a polar bear in those fields. Be careful out there. Jude is a big fat happy toddler indeed. Laura

  6. I love your vision of a greyed and weatherbeaten totem at each pole, perhaps carved with polar bears for the Arctic and an orca for the Antarctic (a penguin seems a bit anticlimactic if you’ve come all that way to see it….)

  7. Happy Jude, happy ducks!: )
    Will you be able to reopen the hay dispenser boot now too?
    We are also getting part of that weather system and there is SO much water gathered and hard, blue ice out there right now…

  8. I thought the poles were poles too! That’s so funny. Isn’t the color of the light amazing…that pinkish glow that comes with cold. It is harsh there, to be sure, but oh so beautiful.

  9. Hey this picture of the Royal Ducks and Jude is just grand one!!! Poor cows ~ where did my hay feeder go to!!! It’s a big mess here with all this melting ~ need hip high fishing boots on!!!

  10. I wish you had one of those step-on, on the floor scales that veterinarians have so you could weigh Jude and WaiWai and Tima and Tane not to mention Boo and TonTon.

  11. BRRRRR! It still looks mighty awfully cold to me, but I have California-thin blood and no heavy roustabout clothing. – My poor cows …NO BOOT? OH MOO! Jude sure is enjoying the adventure of life, isn’t he? What a trooper!! Next, he’ll be joining the Cub Scouts! Girl Scouts? Did you discern what gender our Jude is? Happy thaw!

  12. Speaking of ‘thaw’, my girls always wanted to “unthaw” something from the freezer. To them, it was the same thing as defrost. It took awhile for them to understand that ‘to unthaw’ meant ‘to freeze’!.

  13. Well, after the vile cold and being snowbound today, the ice is almost all gone, the hill clear and we got out grocery shopping. We were wondering if that was going to be possible this time last week. Smoky is happy the snow and ice is gone and he did the faster outdoor bathroom visits I’ve ever seen a dog do. Not bad for an old fella of 16 years and 4 months.

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