my own hay, with my own crew, and the co- workers own gear.

So after Wednesday’s rain we will cut again.

This was the developing hay field of quite light grass and it still took days to dry. Next we get into the heavy stuff. But there is a good deal of satisfaction in bringing the hay in on our own dollar.

I have guests all this week back to back so the pressure is on. But my mantra is foot down and keep adjusting my speed up. Short term pressure is fine. And yesterday by 8 am I had milked the cow, fed the pigs, raked 2 acres of hay, stripped the Airbnb and was only 30 minutes late for work arriving at 8am.

So this morning I am allowed to move a little slower!

Wish I could get into the garden though. The vegetable garden has no plants in it yet. They are all grown on John’s plant table waiting for me.

Time to put the foot down now.


26 Comments on “GOT IT IN

  1. Yes, quite agree you are amazing…I wish I had half of your energy. The picture of the ducks is a beaut, as they are a lovely flock?..good luck with your hay x

  2. Great photo of those ducks and they are exquisite looking ducks too! Where’d that pond come from?

  3. Sounds like you had done a full days work on the farmy before starting your off farm job!. Great news about the hay. Will your co-worker assist with vegetable planting? Laura

  4. The photo took me back to when I used to help a friend who was a dairy farmer hay. The1945 Farm-All behind a 1948 tractor. My friend advised me to never buy used equipment from a dairy farmer. Then, a month later offered to sell me a truck. Great memories of very hard work!

  5. Good news about the hay. I think we have your rain now 💦

  6. What a nice sight!
    (Celi, I think the Pompom team of ducklings might be a crested breed? There’s no way that head feathering on instagram is indicative of a Khaki Campbell. Maybe you got a whole flock of Crested instead?)

      • The best way to sex ducks are to look at their bills and the beans on their bills. Females get freckles or speckles on their bills around laying age and their beans will tend to blend in with their beaks, drakes bills will stay mainly solid and their beans will be very distinct. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!

  7. Sounds like you need a full time hired hand. Happy you got your hay in

  8. You do enough work for 2 (or frankly, 3) people. I wish I could send you some of my own energy cause you could certainly use it … and I’m wasting it sitting on my butt today in front of the computer screen.

  9. OK, ladies! I give – what on earth is a ‘bill bean’? How many for each duckbill? And, since I have many of them, freckles on the bill (nose) are fun, if you can take the teasing! We are a family of red hair and freckles. So glad you got the first part of your hay in, Ceci. I love the silhouette photo of the tractor, baler, and two operators! Hugs from afar! Sunny

  10. Sometimes, you just have to be a leadfoot, and this is one of those times. Just so you can keep that engine at full revs. Great news about the first hay crop, lots of fingers crossed for the next, for a chance to get the food plants in, for more girls than boys amongst the ducklings, for…. Well, you more than most of us make your own luck through sheer hard work. More lead to your pedal foot, Miss C.

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