Now there’s a deep subject. Weather Gods let us get one cut of hay in, then last night it rained onto the second cut while watering in the oats and corn.

The last of the dry hay ready for me to load into the barn – John’s son helped me throw it up into the barn. John’s hand is not usable yet. It will be a while before he can lift stuff. Though he has forbidden me from discussing his injury. It is hard for me to describe my day without him looking unhelpful and it is not on purpose. He can drive the tractor though. But Mums the word.

My new toy. This has taken my hay making up a notch – I am able to judge the moisture level of a bale in moments. John gave it to me for my birthday last year.

Tomorrow I will talk my co-worker into planting some sweet corn in behind the pigs when I move them, which might send the weather either way.

Mind you we did get quite a bit of rain last night! So it might be a few days before I get a tractor down into the field.

Today I have Airbnb guests who want to watch the milking then help out on the farm so I have taken the morning off work. Though it is such a cold blustery day I am not sure how pleasant an experience it will be.

With all the different wheats and grinds available to me I am experimenting with Godzilla my sourdough starter. It is interesting how she responds to the different flours. Like me she loves the Calumet. And rye of course.


Bran is a by-product of the flour making process and the cheapest item on the retail list. I put it in my muesli. I think I might start giving bags of it away when I have a partially filled box. It would be better than packing materials right? But what else can you cook with bran? I see it more as an additive as opposed to a main ingredient.

I wonder if we can market bran and make it popular!

Ok. Time for me to get organized so when my guests appear I am ahead of the game. I love it when the Airbnb people love the farm.

Talk soon.


27 Comments on “WELL…

  1. Morning,
    Feed the bran to the pigs; they do real well on rye also. Do a big batch of sourdough starter, like a mash for them 🙂

    • Yes! I have a 500 pound tote of bran in the shed I am slowly feeding to them. Sourdough starter goes in the scraps. I must email you too – I need you to choose the flour I can send to you to play with. I made a box up but it was so costly I had to rethink my sample plan for you. Do you have a favorite?

  2. Bran is good added to rusks, makes them slightly more healthy. Sorry to hear John has hurt his hand. What is not to love on the farmy for guests. The hard slog will remain your secret no doubt. Laura

  3. I am a big fan of bran muffins, even if I have to drop it into a grinder to make it finer before I use it. Okay, now I want bran muffins.

  4. Bran muffins can be delicious. I was never fond of bran cereal, though I heard a thousand times how good it was for me. I hope John’s hand heals quickly & is not too painful. He must hate being sidelined. You all have both had bad hand luck, which seems doubly hard to bear on a farm. How handy that John’s son is on hand to lend a hand. (Sorry.)

  5. I had a bran muffin recipe that was so easy that I can’t find. Apple sauce, honey and maybe oil I think were the only ingredients. You mix it up and keep the uncooked mixture refrigerated and bake off as you want a muffin. It would last in the fridge over a week. Hubs will not eat bran anything, so I gave up making it.

  6. I sometimes add bran to my bread dough the same way you might stir in seeds. I also use it in my home made granola. You can add it to lots of other random things too–mix it in with your morning yogurt, that sort of thing. You might even be able to add a few tablespoons to your spaghetti sauces. I do this with rolled oats. I throw a handful or two in to the pot as it simmers. It thickens it up, adds nutritional value, and you can’t tell it is there. You might be able to do the same with bran.

  7. I love my bran muffin.. and I add bran to cakes and other things for extra fiber.. but I use the most bran for growing my meal worms.. its their favorite medium and all the meal worm growers are always on the look out for really good bran to raise them in.. (so that is a extra market that most would not think of) but now I am off to learn about how to use it in composting.. not that I have a cheap sourse of it here but still..

  8. I’m surprised you haven’t had to deal with guests refusing to leave.

  9. Bran anything I love! I’ll have to try the rolled oats in spaghetti sauce, too. Ceci, I know the clouds are ominous-looking, but lordy, what a gorgeous photo! Have fun with you guests! – Sunny

  10. Just have to say it….”Well that’s a deep subject for such a shallow mind”, said the blind well digger as he picked up his hammer and saw! (old joke from the 40’s-50’s, courtesy of my dad)

    • My Dad said it this way, “I see,” said the blind man as he picked up his hammer & saw. He also said, “I saw a man from Arkansas, sawing with a crosscut saw. He said his saw could out-saw any saw he ever saw in Arkansas.” A long ago teacher of mine awas the one to say “That’s a deep subject.” if we ever said “Well…” to stall for time. She also said, “Don’t roll your eyes & look to heaven. There’s no help coming from there.” Oh, our elders were “cases” way back then.

  11. I wouldn’t be surprised if you had some guests who refused to leave.

  12. That is beautiful looking hay on your wagon. Here in Eastern Ontario we are also having too much rain. Good luck. Hope we all have better weather soon.

  13. Some top bread bakeries toast it and add it as an “inclusion,” as if it were seeds, like classroomandkitchen mentioned. When toasted it adds a lovely nutty flavor and appealing visual texture in a lighter loaf (e.g. if you’re using a lightly sifted flour). Since it adds extra nutritional goodness without affecting the structure or color of the crumb, it can be a nice way to seduce folks who might be scared of whole grain breads.

  14. Your new toy looks very useful. Shame about the continued gatos y peros – we had similar here on Tuesday and decided to have a nice indoor lunch at El Hogar Galicia. Oli wanted nicotine with coffee, so we went to see our friends in the Catalan separatist bar afterwards, but they were closed, due to coffee machine repairs. As we neared home, a Russian friend called us in to her bar and we drank cava until the small hours of the following day …a very serious comfort lunch was needed yesterday with a lot of tranquility.

  15. One load of hay is probably one load more than lots of people, but I seriously hope you’ll get another dry spell very soon. Love your hay gadget, most professional. Like the difference between any old kitchen knife and a proper sharp, cared-for knife… I hope your Air bnb visitors are also interested in a spot of heavy lifting!

  16. Have to vote for bran muffins. (Could it be used as some sort of biodegradable packing materials for delicate produce? Eggs? Hmmm – seems like someone might find it useful)
    You first sentence brought a chuckle – That “well – deep subject “was such a popular joke at one time!

  17. Have bran? Like to use it in any baking for an extra nutty boost of flavour. Pancakes, muffins, meatloaf, pastry… you name it, the possibilities are endless; )

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