Maybe, just pictures today?

Storms everywhere. Globally. Locally. In the Sky. In my Heart.

The Pig Garden.

The four took all day to wander across from their spring garden to their summer garden.

There is so much foliage in there we may not see them again for some time. I love my pig gardens. There are masses of butterflies in there already.

And fireflies at night.

Aunty Del says good morning. The ducks say Good Morning. ( I am experimenting with Calzone).

I say Good Morning too.

We are all experiencing some level of anxiety and even depression about the present troubles. Everything affects us all and so it should. So, be kind. Keep your distance. But be kind.

Create systems that are long term. No more hunkering down and waiting. Get busy. Let’s literally design our lives to create safe living spaces and inclusive caring practices that include all our neighborhoods.

I am working with this quote today. To examine my fears and use them as information. I am going to collect each fear like a data point and plot it on a graph. You remember that old Nike saying “fear is your only enemy”. I used to have the poster on my classroom wall.

By the way ‘the book of longings’ is really good.

Well. ‘Nuff Said.

Good morning.


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  1. Yes, lots of examining going on right now that will hopefully bring much needed change to our world and lives. Lovely pictures, and wonderful to hear from you Celi. Sending loving energies out to all in the Fellowship of the Farmy, and all sentient beings.

  2. Such fantastic photos. The light in your corner of the world is amazing. I’ve saved them for artistic inspiration. Take care. Xxx

    • I’ve just finished Retrotopia and found it very interesting and inspiring. Lovely to have found someone else who knows about it.

  3. Your posts are like happy surprises in my inbox, thank you!! Let us all hang in there, this too shall pass

  4. Pictures of the farm and surroundings always make me smile and bring a sense of peace. Thank you C.

  5. Beautiful, big sky, pictures!
    The pigs must think they have gone to Hog Heaven with that Summer Garden! LOL

  6. Yes! Just pictures! Thank you. I have missed Aunty Del. (Need that quote right now, too).

  7. I’m like you, having to create my own peace rather than waiting for it. I am experimenting with faerie gardens, and I’m finding the design, creation, and planting to be relaxing and peaceful. I’m sure a good psychologist would say that I like working in miniature because it gives me control where I had none. Whatever the reason, it works!

  8. And good morning to you, Aunty Del and Ceci! I’ve truly missed her beautiful bovine face and your blog. Just can’t get over what fantastic cloud formations you have there! We’ve been watching programs on homesteading – Ozarks, Alaska, the Cascades – fascinating what imagination, ingenuity, an a little help from your friends can accomplish….reminds me a whole lot of you and your way of thinking and doing, Ceci. Thank you for today’s wonderment!

  9. Your pictures speak a thousand words. People come and go like fireflies, brief bright sparks that bring joy, but Earth abides.

  10. I think we are all experiencing what you are going through on different levels. I hit a wall last week but coming out of it now. A change in routine and scenery helped while still staying safe. There is no light at the end of this tunnel so we need to be our own light. Hang in there with us. Big squishy hugs.

  11. Yes, yes, yes, to the quote. Lovely photos which were so lush compared to our continuing exceptionally dry conditions. xx

  12. If I visited all I would end up doing is watching the weather hoping for a whopper.
    And see the pigs.

  13. Oh so happy to see the cows again. Please refresh my memory with their names. I do remember Auntie Del–and the pigs and dogs’ names better than the cows. I don’t know why! And so proud of myself in recognizing milkweed because I have plenty along the sides of my house. So happy to hear from you, Celi! I’m getting my creature fix by watching the Decorah eagles cam obsessively. The 3 have fledged but they return to the nest and cry for food. We go only to the grocery, the doctor, the pharmacy. Being introverts has been a blessing for us, but now, not so much!
    The sky photos, well, all the photos are so special, so spectacular. Thank you!

  14. A lovely reassuring snapshot of the Farmy and you. For me the contact, even virtual helps, to know that everyone is ok-ish and getting on with life as best we can despite some very understandable anxiety, which I think too is reassuring: it’s absence more of a concern. Resisting, investing in fear just sucks the life out of you. My day-to-day motto comes from Mother Teresa “Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies”.

  15. It is good to hear from you. Things are slowly opening up here. I must confess I didn’t change my life much because of this virus nor have I been afraid of it. Mostly I’m in a constant state of irritation at all the confused mixed messages out there, I refuse to be a sheep. Ah well, when I’m irritated I need to stay busy so chores and maintenance and prettifiying (is that a word?) are the rule of the day. Must say it’s looking nicer around her than it has in years!

    • You are on a roll! I think protecting our others is paramount however all these crazy news releases that are not news at all but so often just subjective reactions and wild guesses is bonkers. And really not helpful. You and I are lucky to have little farms, lots of food and an old fashioned way of life.

  16. You will not be able to face the storms of the world until you still those in your heart . . . don’t wait and learn not to resist and let things move forward . . . and, just sometimes, hunker awhile in the tall grass with your piggies to catch breath and think and plan . . .

  17. The pig garden looks like the place to be. The textures and infinite shades of green are so beautiful. The stormy sky is somehow comforting to me. Strange, that. Off to France in a few days. Looking forward to being in the country. With my own green and storms in a wider sky. I’m inspired by the idea of fears as starting points. I think in my 50s, without being to articulate it, that is sort of what I have been doing too. Just taking them on. Looking at them in the eye. Dealing with them. Be well.

  18. Thank you for posting, your photos always give me some respite. We have had some beautiful weather here on the coast of Maine, which has helped me relax a bit and take the storms of the world more in stride. Love your sky shots! Stay well.

  19. Beautiful pictures! It is a very difficult time right now. So much uncertainty for the future.
    Stay safe!

  20. They have got to be the luckiest pigs in the world! That garden looks fantastic. Do tell us more about the calzones…

  21. That second big stormy sky reminds me of an old painting by a German artist that I saved after her death.
    Farmers everywhere have much in common.
    The textures and varieties of the grasses and plants is lovely.
    Find smiles. They are waiting for you

  22. Good to hear from you again, hope you and yours are all doing OK in this uncertain time.

    I was reading the latest NZ Geographic article and I thought of you when I read their fantastic article on regenerative farming. It sounds exactly like what you are doing with your land. If you haven’t already seen it, I encourage you to check it out I am not connected to the Geographic at all, I just really enjoy their magazine and am glad we still have such a great informative magazine here in NZ when so many seem to be going under.

    • Thank you! I am hoping to buy a little patch of land in NZ to begin another project ( saving like the dickens) let me know if you see anything – you will know exactly what I want!!!

  23. Just saw these pictures ~ beautiful!! Love the wheat fields against the dark sky!! I wish we’d see these clouds around us ~ come over us here and drop some rain ~ we are so so dry. Finally just got .3 ~~ didn’t even sink in ~ I have sprinklers going all around our place all the time all day ~ trying to keep lots of landscaping healthy!! Mean time the moles and ground squirrels are destroying everything and costing me a fortune to try to get rid of them.

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