Personal Delivery

And still it rains.

And here was I thinking that today I would begin my Christmas shopping and get some boxes in the mail for the family in New Zealand but no: look at this. Below. (Pointed out by one of my Instagram readers yesterday when I posted that I was giving myself an un-apologetic Mental Health Day and I was not going to use it to begin Christmas shopping).

No more postal service to New Zealand? What happened to ‘ the mail must get through’. We have grown up to believe that mail delivery is almost sacrosanct, being able to send a letter or card or package is a given, a civilized thing, a right available to all – even though I have to admit I am useless at mailing packages on time – but I could have! Now I cannot until ‘further notice’ AND right before Christmas.

I am gobsmacked.

Though- another good reason to set up a Personal Delivery.

Not just us.

I need a good journalist to dig into this and find out the real reason why I can’t send a TShirt to my daughter or a goats milk soap to my godmother. Because this is bullshit.

And still it rains. If this were snow we would be buried.

They say cold is coming so these old chooks better hurry up and grow their winter feathers in. Molting birds should stay out of sight until they fully dressed again.

Tima. Still in her diet barn and the corn is still standing in the field – too wet to combine. So she has to stay there. She does not mind so much – she has cows and chooks and ducks to keep her company.

Change is in the air. ( I bet you can imagine what my 24 seconds will look like tomorrow!)

Have a lovely day!


39 Comments on “Personal Delivery

  1. Wow! What an eye opener this morning. I knew our mail system had been corrupted by you know who but had not realized it had gone this far. There is absolutely no excuse for this. It just keeps getting crazier and crazier. Even the weather is so far off the charts, we don’t know what to expect next. I wonder what all the OLD farmers are saying about this. Tima looks quite content in the diet barn with company. It’s going to be a wild ride. Hang on tight.

  2. It is my understanding that there are no commercial flights from the states to these countries because their borders are closed due to Covid. No commercial flights means no usps mail transportation. I am pretty sure you can send through a carrier that has their own planes such as DHL.

    • $239 for a 10 pound package via DHL. And there are planes flying. The borders are open you just have to be prepared for Supervised Quarantine – and every day people are flying in – quarantine is going away very shortly anyway – Q1 – so – yeah – weird-

  3. That is barking mad. I am unaware of any disruption to the mail in Europe and I believe US travel is now allowed. I had to send a laptop to Spain from the UK, last year, when everything was completely locked down – DHL collected at 4.30 pm and delivered at 11.30am the next day!

  4. This is deplorable. Personally I think it’s political. I have mail and some packages I wanted to send to the US. I suppose I’ll hold off.
    Last year I sent an express parcel to the kids in Australia in November.
    There was a massive outbreak at our large facility. No one had an inkling where the parcel was. It did finally arrive at the end of January. I understand and am sympathetic in that scenario but now with things opening up this is unconscionable.
    I’m so sorry this is happening. I appreciate your frustration. Take care.

  5. Perhaps this holiday must be about something other than tangible gifts. Besides the uncertainty of even arriving, it can get expensive to ship items with some of these guaranteed carriers. Tima is looking very svelte indeed. It’s nice to see her beautiful eyes and face reappearing.

  6. I don’t get this at all!! Why should the post be affected? Madness. It’s raining here too, still quite warm though for the time of year. Tima is looking good and Ton Ton looking good too. 😃

  7. I don’t know how you feel about Amazon New Zealand but if you order through them you may be able to get things delivered at much less cost as it’s in country.
    I gave up trying to send things to England when it was going to cost $75.00 to send a calendar.
    My daughter still sends gifts to friends daughters in England but the fees are terrible.

  8. I will check into this and let you know what I find out. Usually this no ship doesn’t last very long.

  9. Everything I could find says it’s because of carrier issues due to covid in New Zealand and Australia. New Zealand and Australia are not allowing priority or first class parcels into the country at this time. I’m guessing once they get there, because covid is so prevalent there now, there aren’t enough ways to get parcels where they need to go. That is the carrier issue. Carrier meaning those that move massive amounts of mail and not your mailman.

    • Thank you Connie! I was hoping you could shed some light on the matter / there are a number of countries on this list / I guess they are all not letting mail in from the States because of carrier issues. Where did all the people go who used to do this stuff? And why now? This is what I wonder. Ah well. Thank you!

  10. Hi Cecelia. I was unaware that there was a problem with posting to New Zealand. We certainly can send things out of New Zealand as I recently sent something to a niece in LA at the time of her mother‘s death. Your farmyard is looking rather like Wellington in the last winter, very wet and constant rain. However things have changed now and the sun is shining most days. I’m glad that Wai is settling down and happy Greetings from far away.

  11. I sense if we did right to begin with we wouldn’t have on/off various covid restrictions.
    Alas, to be fools in a time of fools.

  12. Hmmmm. Whatever happened to “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds”? To say it’s because of cases in the destination country is spurious. Deaths per million in the US: 2,253. Deaths per million in Australia: 67. (Source: Statista) Both Australia and New Zealand have regular international flights, and that includes cargo. I hope you find a way to get gifts to your family this Christmas. Is it only the priority express mail that’s affected? What about regular air mail? By the way, please send us your rain. All my grass is brown and crunchy, and it’s going to be a nasty storm season…

  13. We’ve had a few glitches with mail delivery times here within Australia during the depths of the most recent Sydney covid outbreak… I got a delivery from interstate South Australia in 3 days but a delivery from nearby Taree (of plants) took almost 4 weeks. But I was as surprised as you were to read that comment on your Insta post. It got me hopping to order a few things.
    And the weather… November has always been all seasons but it’s getting more and more ridiculous!

  14. We’ve heard comments a number of times throughout the pandemic, that the events are unfolding and showing us the shortcomings of our various systems, or lack thereof. We hope our governments can recognise the need for reforms, but governments are notorious for waiting until there is a problem/crisis before responding.

  15. If I can help at all? Make a list, check it twice, send it to me, I’ll search and check with you. I can buy from here and send to your people. We’ll get around this somehow…

  16. I don’t think it’s because of internal NZ transport issues, but issues with getting freight into NZ and other countries who have closed their borders. Current transport numbers are only a quarter of what they were before Covid, so trying to get the same volume of parcels through the system is creating massive bottlenecks in the US, as they try to secure enough space on the few flights which arrive in NZ. I do think it’s poor that they have just completely cancelled the service though, and right before Christmas 🤔 You think they could do something, it’s like they can’t be bothered trying any more. Even if they put out a warning that parcels could experience extended delays, at least it would be in the system!

    More information in this article, if you’re interested:

  17. My wife was so paranoid about delivery issues, she mailed all gifts last month and they were just going across the US.
    Closed borders, less employees due to layoffs for not being vaxed…lots of things contributing to postal shutdowns and delays. Although no delivery at all is a bit crazy.

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