Plant the trees and they will come

The kitchens garden is all about planting and growing. Trees, bushes, all of it. Wild fairy gardens. No Mow Lawns. Wilding fields. We are 17 years in and already this little property has become a kingdom of movement and sounds and rustlings in and… Continue Reading “Plant the trees and they will come”

Home Again … Jiggedy …

Lots of pictures today. Because. There is nothing quite like stumbling off a cramped shared-air airplane and straight back out onto the Midwest farm with its wide open spaces and air as sharp and clean as a whistle. And so much green growth. Everything… Continue Reading “Home Again … Jiggedy …”

Check out the determination of this bumblebee.

Do you remember the small patch of wild flowers under the trees on the South side of the house. With the flowering weeds. Though weeds are only plants in the wrong place! It is now heaving with bees and even the odd butterfly has… Continue Reading “Check out the determination of this bumblebee.”