Our Cottage Industries

Big Business is taking up too much space in the market place. I know I would much rather buy from local craftsmen who I can meet and do business with. So I am hoping that on this page we can begin to find and support the shop keepers our little corner of the store.    To invigorate our own economy we need to spend our money within that economy. And to keep the Fellowship alive and healthy we need to support each others endeavours. Help keep each other afloat.

So tell us about your small business. Or a small locally owned business you recommend. Let’s begin networking. Let’s work together as a team. Like a little internet village.

Leave a link here to your shop or website. Let the Fellowship of the Farmy know where you are and what you are offering and how to find you on the internet.

The comments section on this page will become a list of locations to shop. Our own small network.

Lots of love,


47 Comments on “Our Cottage Industries

  1. Hi, I am rather inconveniently located in Milan, Italy but what I do gets sent digitally to my clients wherever they may be. What I do is both big/global and small/cottage. I have done advertising and design for years. Everything from little logos to biggish TV campaigns/spots. If you need help with some small design project — a logo, a small-size web ad, a reco for a blog header — perhaps we could work something out. This is all new to me, but it sounds really fun. http://charlotte-moore.net

  2. Georgia Gardenlady – Hillside Gardens, NE Georgia, Permaculture demonstration garden and internship program with classes in all aspects of organic permaculture gardening, soil enhancement, herbs, vegetables, food forest, companion ‘guilds’, self-reliant living. We’re also Mothers School of Self-Reliance which includes the classes and internship program. We also offer Kombucha Tea kits for DIY health, organically grown herbs in small quantities, teas and home remedies. Soon to publish some books on hillside gardening, 1700’s medicine, the immune system and growing an herb garden. Certified Permaculture Designer. Artist, researcher, author, speaker. Blogsite: thegardenladyofga.wordpress.com FB Page: Georgia Dirks Celia – thank you for this opportunity, you are a genius and a very sweet being.

    • Hi Georgia ! I just followed your blog. I’m a terrible gardener but very interested in permaculture and growing some of our food, so hoping to learn some stuff from you🌷

  3. Diann Dirks, fiber artist. Hats, scarves, felted hot pads (for camp fire cooking), drop spindles made by my friend Chilton Ng wood turner, drop spindle classes, knitting, crocheting and weaving and sewing classes upon request, NE Georgia at Hillside Gardens. FB Georgia Dirks Blog: thegardenladyofga.wordpress.com

  4. I’m a Minnesotan who makes statement necklaces harkening back to the age of over-the-top glamour—Miriam Haskell, Stanley Hagler, etc. I use many vintage beads and components, and make only about 25 one-of-a-kind pieces a year as a hobby. They’re ornate, complex, and often, glittery, wearable artworks. Take a peek at my Etsy shop:

    (Thanks Celi, for creating this page.)

  5. grace Forrest, 70 years on this Planet, living with a large dog, small cat, 17 Goats, lizards, crows, insects and plant people in rural New Mexico where i create hand stitched cloth collages from recycled textiles often dyed with local plant materials. Small blog shop helps with Goat feed. Blog daily, whatever the day brings. windthread.typepad.com

  6. I’m Robin and live in California. My farm is Meridian Jacobs (raising Jacob sheep on Meridian Rd.) I also teach weaving and spinning classes and weave for sale (including custom blankets from YOUR yarn). I sell Jacob fiber, yarn, lambskins and horn buttons from the farm and my website. I also have grassfed lambs available in the summer and fall. I started a Farm Club in which members work together helping me on the farm, learning about sheep, and developing a strong community of fiber/sheep lovers and friends. It’s all on my website:
    I also have a blog and so does my Border Collie, Rusty, who has a different perspective of what happens on the farm. They are:
    https://meridianjacobs.wordpress.com and https://meridianrusty.wordpress.com

    Thanks, Celi, for giving us this opportunity to share.

  7. I am an avid crocheter. I make baby blankets, fingerless mitts, hats, scarves, shawls, stuffed critters (even an octopus!). I also make quilts for babies. I live in the central Texas area (USA). At the moment, I have a day job, but will be retiring in June. Small project requests are welcome until then, i.e. Nothing king sized..ha. Contact: cathollerquilts@gmail.com We have cats, two, hence the cat holler. I have visited the farmy and it is just like the pictures, hard work, good food, and well loved animals.

  8. I bake gluten free goodies for local coffee shops, and make larger cakes for birthdays and teas. I’m based in northern Queensland, Australia. I don’t think I’d be able to send my products too far and wide due to perishability and transportation restrictions, but I’m happy to share recipes if anyone needs to make something gluten free for an event. Oh, and I make quilts, mostly given to friends and family, but I do take commissions if you want something special.

  9. While I make a lot of stuff I’m afraid turning it into a business might take the fun out of it – haha. However if you’re in the east central Wisconsin Jenni Curtin at swissfraufarmproductsllc.com makes the most wonderful goat milk soap and Clete & Karen Kirschbaum at http://www.kfamilyfarm.com/ have the most delicious grass fed beef, pork and chicken.

  10. I am an artist who loves to draw feathers, shells, trees and all sorts of other natural things that take my fancy. I work with different materials ~ pen, pencil, coloured pencils and watercolour. My works are mostly originals on paper of either A5 or A4 size, so I can send them anywhere. I think I am going to start to create some small artist books with drawings of trees or shells or succulents or seedpods. What would you think about those? I sell my work on Etsy at AnneLawsonArt https://www.etsy.com/shop/annelawsonart
    Thanks Celi xx

  11. Nice group here so far! Nina Ruit of Ruit Farm North, blog at http://ruitfarm.wordpress.com, webpage is being rebuilt, but it’s at http://ruitfarm.com
    I used to raise Coopworth and Coopworth/Border Leicester sheep and still have much beautiful roving for spinners and yarn for knitters and weavers, mostly natural browns, greys and whites for sale. I concentrate on my dairy goats now, and am building a Golden Guernsey herd, hoping to sell some breeding stock in the future. I am not legal to sell cheese and milk, although I make quite a bit of it! But I make goat milk soaps and love selling those, as I make too many for us to use, even in a year. I weave, spin, felt and quilt as well, but mostly that is for myself or friends and family. I am not up to doing any serious selling on that front yet, and perhaps not at all, but you never know where things will go! Thanks for putting together this page, Celi!

    • Hi Miss T, I am going through our people here on The Cottage Industries Page before I migrate the blog to a more robust website. How is it going over there? Are you still selling prints? c

  12. Hi I’m Tracy. I’m an artisan. I make jewelry, scarves, hats, shawls, headbands, art and digital art. I’m a native Californian and I live in the rural desert. I’m new to selling online so I’m learning as I go. Happy to be here. Feel free to visit my site, follow, comment and share my blog. https://tracyleibmann.wordpress.com

    • Hi there Tracy! I am going through our people here on The Cottage Industries Page before I migrate the blog to a more robust website. How is it going over there? Are you still selling online? Just making sure your details are correct before I pack this page up for transport! c

  13. Hi guys, I’m Veronica. I’m an artist. I muck about with absolutely everything, every form of art, (wait, I don’t know how to do glass blowing yet), but mainly I paint on really old ephemera. The more useful the paper has been, like well used maps and music sheets, the better I like it. I almost never paint on new white paper.
    I live in two countries, Canada and the UK, and am back and forth a lot.

    I also write a blog at http://veronicaroth.com.
    Love new friends on FB: https://www.facebook.com/veronicaroth13 (just throw me a request)
    Am silly on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/commonmagic/
    and neglect an Etsy store. Yeah, won’t even post that link…lol

    Right, off to meet everyone. 😀

    • Hi Veronica! I am going through our people here on The Cottage Industries Page before I migrate the blog to a more robust website. How is it going over there? Are your links still active? Just making sure your details are correct before I pack this page up for transport! You are coming with me! c

  14. Hi, I’m an artist based in Melbourne, Australia, but I lived most of my life in the rural South Gippsland region of the state of Victoria. While I’ve been drawing / painting for years, I have only recently settled upon it as the thing I want to take seriously. My portfolio is still very much a work in progress but I have had some early success that is very encouraging. My favourite things to draw are animals -cutesy animals, realistic animals, extinct and prehistoric animals. I grew up rural and animals have been my constant companions through life. 🙂

    Currently my drawings, photos and prints are available on a variety of products at flokot.redbubble.com and they ship all over the world. You can find me on Instagram at @fionakat.art and on WordPress I have two blogs: FionaKat.WordPress.Com and StreamsDesolations.Wordpress.Com.

    • Hi Fiona! I am going through our people here on The Cottage Industries Page before I migrate the blog to a more robust website. How is it going over there? Are you still selling online? Just making sure your details are correct before I pack this page up for transport! I go out to Melbourne quite often now – we need to talk about your art!

  15. Hi guys, I’m a novelist and writing coach. I also lead workshops in my home city of Portland, Oregon, and in France every September. I work one-on-one with people who want to get their writing mojo in gear and also advise on publishing, both traditional and indie. I’ve done every kind of writing known to man over the course of my life and can likely help you with whatever you need. I blog regularly about writing topics at charlotterainsdixon.com. You can learn more about my workshops at letsgowrite.com.

  16. Hi all, I’m Nancy – a garden designer and avid gardener in Asheville NC. I woke up with an idea in the middle of the night (literally) for a new kind of plant label. It’s a smart plant tag combined with an easy-to-use online garden record-keeping system. My husband Dennis, super geek, developed the software application and as of November ’16 we’re off to the races. It’s probably most interesting to avid gardeners with a bent toward documenting their garden. I like to say it’s a new platform for doing what gardeners have always done: label plants, make notes, take pictures. Check us out at https://www.muddybootsplantags.com/
    I also love to draw and I offer Garden Portraits drawn from photographs. https://www.muddybootsplantags.com/portraits/
    What a nice way to learn about other peoples’ creativity!

    • Hi Nancy, I am going through our people here on The Cottage Industries Page before I migrate the blog to a more robust website. How is it going over there? Are you still working in the gardening industry and selling those plant tags? Just making sure your details are correct before I pack this page up for transport! Because I hope to take it with me to the next rendition!

  17. I call myself a farmer/jewelry artist. I live in Rowley Massachusetts, which is about a 1/2 hour north of Boston near the coast. My family and I run a small farm (www.mehaffeyfarm.com) where we raise vegetables and eggs. We sell our veggies in our farm share program to 30-40 families, and also to a couple of restaurants and one very large corporate cafeteria. Last year we started getting into growing microgreens. This year we plan to really expand this venture. Did you know that they are 40 times more nutritious than their full grown counterparts? And so delicious! As a jewelry artist, I sell my work at a local gallery called Riverwalk Art Gallery in Amesbury MA, where I also teach metalsmithing classes. I also teach in my home, where I have a small studio. My students gather at my kitchen table which is COVERED with tools! I have a whole group of lovely people who come here every week during the winter to learn. We have so much fun! You can see some of my work here: http://www.maggienowdesign.com, and here: http://www.facebook.com/MaggieNow Design, and of me and my farm and family and jewelry on Instagram: @mmehaff. Every year for the past three or four years (how many years is it now C?) I make “Journey Bangles,” for Cecilia and her daughter. Thanks for your support Cecilia!

  18. A Virginian by birth and continued residence, I raised my children in the suburbs of a large sprawling city, gardening without spraying but unable to call it organic due to neighbor’s spraying trees and using lawn services. My kids called me a hippy as I shopped with reusable canvas bags, wore Birkenstocks pretty much year round, cooked from scratch, and disdained all the chemicals that were being foisted on us by shopping at the two “hippy” stores whenever possible. Upon retirement, my husband and I bought a 30 acre farm and built a log home on it. I began making my own soap, balms, and salves from organic fair trade ethically obtained materials and uncertified, but organically grown herbs and flowers from my gardens. About the same time, I began knitting again, which led to drop spindle spinning, then one spinning wheel, and a second, re-enacting at a 17th century plantation home in our region, in costume, spinning. I was making too much product for my family and families in law to use up, so Cabin Crafted was created. An online shop found on square up and etsy, https://squareup.com/store/cabin-crafted/ (most complete stock) and https://www.etsy.com/shop/CabinCrafted?ref=hdr_shop_menu. I have a public Cabin Crafted Facebook page and write a blog about my farm and crafting adventures here http://cabincrafted.fangorn.space/. I can do custom soap (a 3 lb, about 9 bar mold), balm, and salve scents, just message me through one of the sites. Stop by and visit. Thank you for supporting us Cecilia.

    • Oh, Fran Lovely to meet you. I am in awe of the wonderful and exciting things you do. I produce nothing except words and a friendly ear for friends, family, and others. Judith

  19. Greetings! I am a longtime member of the Fellowship of the Farmy and have been one of the lucky few to have met our dear C. in person. Not at the Farmy unfortunately but in real life. 🙂 I don’t have anything quite as artistic and creative as everyone else here but I do have a lovely, organic, perennial flower border that I make seasonal bouquets from that I sell (give away), locally! It is by no means a business, as it’s just me and my garden but something I truly love to do. So if you are ever in Gig Harbor, Washington state…drop by. My e-mail is christinalfrutiger@comcast.net

    Think Spring!

    I have also tried some of Gosia Winko’s soap…see above (Eddy Winko) and it is sooo nice! Good size bars, creamy, lovely scent, etc. So, you don’t have to travel all the way to Poland…unless you want to…they have a very nice website and ship!

  20. My name is Arwen and I’ve been a member of the fellowship since about 2010. Miss C your blog has made me smile, cry, feel comforted, reassured and inspired. Thank you!

    In fact, you have inspired me so much that last week I created my own blog called Tiny Garden (following our attempt to turn our tiny backyard into an edible garden). We aren’t selling anything yet, maybe one day, but would love it if you’d like to join us on our journey.

    PS. I too have met Miss C, I want to say in about 2012, here in NZ, she asked me which of her cast of characters was my favourite and I answered, you are. I think I flushed red from head to toe! But it was and still is my truth, it’s you Miss C who is my favourite, your strength, intelligence, wisdom, kindness, always being there through every type of extreme weather/farming eventuality! (there through thick and thin)…I’m grateful for you, thank you for sharing with us.


    • Hi Arwen. Lucky you I am hoping to meet up with Miss C when she comes home for Christmas. I am now off to look at your blog. Hopefully, you will attract as much attention as Miss C does. BTW I am in Wellington. Where are you?

    • Hello again /Arwen. I have been over to your blog. I love the story of your sister swinging in the Land Rover but can appreciate your mother’s concern. However, I note that the last post was in September. I hope all is well. Also, I am unable to add a comment. is that intentional?

    • Arwen! It is Cecilia from TKG. Are you still around? You are one of the few people I have met in real life and hoping you and your daughter are still rocking on in Wellington!

  21. I’m thecrazysheeplady. My husband (Saint Tim) and I have a small farm in north central Kentucky. We have a small(ish) hand spinners flock of various breeds of sheep for various types of wool. We sell raw fleeces, ready to spin roving, occasionally some yarn. I make felted sheep and wool wreaths and some other gift-y items. I paint a farm based Christmas card (featured on KET’s Kentucky Life) each year and we sell those as well as other note cards, farm calendars, note pads… My husband has a printing shop in Lexington, Kentucky. I teach spinning and a little knitting. I love to help people get started with fiber crafts and also sheep keeping. We have an almost complete cast of characters (no pigs or cows :-/) of sheep, sheep dogs, horses, cats and chickens. Everyone here has a good story and we enjoy sharing them. Our website is http://www.myfavoritesheep.com

    • Hello You! I am packing up this page to move it with me to the new website. I thought I would pop in and see if you are still selling all your wool and farm related items. I see you on insta all the time so I might reach out there too!

  22. Hi,

    I love this collection! I will add a couple that I love…

    Soft Leather Shoes makes wonderful soft soled shoes for babies and toddlers. I get them for both my kids from here and have been delighted by her work!

    I discovered Heaven Scent Gardens while vacationing a few years ago in Door County, Wisconsin. Their bug spray is fabulous and they used to make a great hand cleaner that could get anything off that I don’t see on the website right now (I’m hoping that that is just temporary…).

    I have a small educational resource store on Teachers Pay Teachers. It has lesson plans, units, literature guides, activities, and so much more. The resources are great for middle school and high school classroom use and many would be great for home schooling or home enrichment. I hope you check them out!


  23. Hi, all! I’m recently (downsized) retired in rural East Texas. I found this blog while returning to my love of writing a bit. I’m so glad I did! I’m exploring some options for cottaging… and I’m leaning toward conducting home wellness services. I have a small Avon business online that helps me earn a little along the way… and I hope to add a few other well selected offerings to my little market. It’s a work in progress. If interested, my blog can be found at http://Lillmi.com . The FB market is called Lillmi’s Marketplace. I can’t wait to visit all your links today!

  24. Hi!
    I’ve been a member of the Farmy for a long time, even stayed there twice. And yes, I’ve met Sheila!
    Having been a crafty person all my life, my Mom taught me to sew, my sister knitting and am a self taught beader. At one time I was knitting necklaces and bracelets with beads, a “two-fer”. Because of age I’ve had to give up knitting (bad hands) and have returned to sewing. To indulge my fabric addiction I’ve started a home business, Aunt Paaat’s Sewing Room on Etsy. For the moment I’m sewing and selling Aprons, Placemats and Bowl Cozies. Please check it out!

  25. Hi all. I am honestly blown away by all the clever things you do. I produce words, initially for my children and then my grandchildren when they were small. Now I produce words for anyone who will listen or read and offer an ear for friends, family, and others who have a problem or just want to talk. Over my long life, I have met many people and am always interested to learn about their activities.

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