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Welcome to The Library of the Fellowship of the Farmy.


This is where we come to share good books to read. If you have read a book and love it – leave a message for the Fellowship here in the comments.  Just a short message. Not lists of your all time favourites, we have those already, this is just a place to quickly jot down the title and author and genre of a book you really want to share.

Then when we are in need of a recommendation or inspiration we can all pop in and see what The Fellowship is reading. If your latest favourite book is already here – just second it in a reply. Then we will know it is really good!

You can come back in and add books anytime, just make sure they are goodies!

ALSO and  most importantly If you have written a book and want to tell us about it leave a message here too. We would love to know what the writers in The Fellowship have published, and where we can buy the book.

Let’s support each other.

Love c

8 thoughts

  1. Hi there!

    I do have a book out, THE ART OF CRASH LANDING (Harper Paperbacks/HarperCollins) that’s available for purchase wherever you normally buy your books. It’s the story of a young woman (a hot mess) who goes to her late mother’s home town to claim an inheritance, only to end up stirring up trouble and uncovering family secrets. For more info check out my webpage, or goodreads or amazon or wherever you like to read your book reviews. 🙂

    Now for another recommendation. Let’s see…
    How about THE HUNDRED YEAR HOUSE by Rebeca Makkah. It is funny and touching and structured in a very unique way (present, past, then more distant past all taking place in the same house.) It’s so fun to have questions you have from one section answered in the next. I highly recommend it.


  2. I am so late to the game. I learned about the SyFy series “The Magicians” right after Christmas. I watched an episode, and then I realized it is based on a BOOK SERIES! Insert happy Snoopy dance here. So I’m reading the first one. I’m half-way through. It’s an odd story, definitely magical realism. It’s tightly written, and the characters are (mostly) believable. It came out AFTER the Harry Potter series, and it’s about college-age men and women, but it dovetails wonderfully with JK Rowling’s magical universe. Lev Grossman is the author, and as often happens, the book is WAY better than the show, although I did like the show, too!

  3. Just finished a brilliant book, written in 1990, called The Transit of Venus by Shirley Hazzard. About two orphaned Australian girls who make their way to England. Won the National Book Critic’s Circle award. Among the best writing I’ve ever read, and now among my top 5 books ever.

  4. I have just finished listening to “The fish ladder” by Katharine Norbury. It is her memoir of a difficult time in her life and the search for her birth mother. She had an urge to follow rivers back to their source, and in doing so was able to make her way back to herself. She has a beautiful style of writing. It was an audio book read by the author, so that was an added pleasure, as her voice is soft and mellifluous. (It was a Bolinda audio book that I can download through my Library. You may find that your library has a similar service. Yay for public libraries!)

  5. As well as being an avid reader of Celi’s blog, I am a writer (pen name: Alison Brackenbury) reared in the English countryside, I will tentatively mention, ‘Skies’, my new collection of poems. It is inhabited by Britain’s wild birds and animals (and town foxes!). It echoes the traditional games of village playgrounds where ‘The wolf has gone to Derbyshire’. There is my thirty-year old horse, out on the hills,

    ‘And the rain stopped. And the sky spun
    past the hills’ flush of winter corn.
    The mare strode out as though still young…’
    (from ‘Down Unwin’s Track’)

    Finally, on a winter’s night

    ‘The books are laid aside. I see
    new roofs, more weak lamps. Whirled and free
    the stars, my calm dead, walk with me.’
    (from ‘Skies’)

    ‘Skies’ has been praised on national BBC radio, and in national British newspapers. ‘The Observer’ newspaper selected ‘Skies’ as one of its ‘Poetry Books of the Year’. Published in 2016 by Carcanet, it can be bought as an ebook or paperback at

    I also warmly recommend a series of anthologies – for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. They are full of rich and unexpected prose and poetry, gathered by Melissa Harrison, award winning novelist and nature columnist for ‘The Times’ newspaper. Just go to and search for Melissa Harrison Winter to find these four gems! They can be bought singly or together!

    Happy Reading!
    Alison (Brackenbury)

  6. The Mare by Mary Gaitskill. It’s not just a horse book,AT ALL. I raced through it. I have worked with underprivileged kids and this is a realistic portrayal of trying to help.

  7. The Wonder by Emma Donoghue. A young English nurse travels to post-famine Ireland to observe a young village girl who stopped eating after her 11th birthday. In discovering the girls secret she comes to reveal secrets of her own.

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