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I was out last night with my camera taking shots of fields of wheat stalks.

Poppy and her babies have the inside of the barn to mess about in now. Really this is an attempt to quieten these wild little savages!

They need to get familiar with people. I can’t let them out into the fields until they are calm around me. Or they will bolt right through the electric fences. I have never had such a wild group. It’s working. But to really tame them ( and because I am absent all day) I need to become their only source of food but as this is Poppy’s last litter I am in no hurry to wean them.

TonTon always sits under his cow at milking time. She is such a good girl – Aunty Del.

And such a loyal TonTon. One of the most important things to look for if you are buying a cow is sturdy legs. They are such big heavy animals – and on their feet all day. They need good strong legs and ankles. Aunty has lovely ankles!

Not that I am buying any more cows.

This shot is in the organic corn fields. I walked right through them and did not come out itchy and rashy. I only just realized that this morning. So I guess it is the chemicals on GM corn that caused the allergic reactions. Makes sense I suppose but I had never had the opportunity to do a trial on my skin. Imagine EATING that. Dried Corn and Wheat is not washed you know.

I am so happy to be contributing good clean food to people’s diets.

Last night’s sunset. After a perfect solitary wander about the countryside with my camera. Another fine clear day coming today too.

I will turn another field of hay this morning then John and Son should be able to bale it this evening.

This field will be immediately top sown in alfalfa. My goal is for John and his son to have enough ground in hay that they can sell some next year. Already this year small bales are stupid expensive. And I like hay because the ground stays covered which is great for both the land and the air. And if all else fails we can graze it.

Ok! Time to start a busy weekend!

Have a great day!



Merciful heavens how did that happen.

Things will be quiet at the mill these next few days with Jill the Miller away on vacation.

The skies are so clear and beautiful – no filters or additions necessary!


Tiny meat pies for dinner- with deliciously crispy galette style pastry made with Des Plaines our pastry flour . I have to admit to not having tried this before. So I put it on sale so I would be forced to bake with it. And it really is good.

Here is my promo photo just for fun.

In a few months we get our new packaging – I had nothing to do with its design but I can’t wait!

Perfect animal.

Tima’s new quarters. She is right next to the three little pigs with visits through the gate from WaiWai so she has company but is adapting with bad grace to her diet. She is very quiet though so maybe it is contentment.

Only greens and fruit scraps for her for a while. One piece of toast and One boiled egg a day. She will be fine. I know human old ladies who live on that.

I will train her to walk to the letter box and back with me once a day – in the evening. That will help balance her weight. She was never slim so we just want to get back to nicely chubby.

Ok! I am writing between chores – bread making – pastry making – and out the door to work.

Talk soon. And thank you for the summer baking ideas! The other day!

Gotta run!