Yesterday my friend and I picked old sweetcorn from a friends field. Read More

Well I was woken on my sleep in morning to pouring rain and thunder and lightening the inability to sleep past 5am. I opened the thunder door ( the the basement ) for the terrified dogs and went back to bed. Read More


It has been days since I popped into the lounge. I am a co-worker down and full time farming and full time milling is making my brain melt. Read More


Last night as I was working on the dark getting the last of the night chores finished I walked past Tane – he swung his big head up and round opening up a perfect long gash in my jeans.

See his tusks? They are sharp and filthy. There is a bit of blood but not too much. Poor old Tane did not mean it. No stitches needed – not that I would go near the doctor again here – the one stitch and antibiotics after that bite from Molly cost $480. Denied by insurance.

This little fellow was in my bedroom last night.

The restaurant where I collect the scraps – I was a little late getting there last night.

It is raining again this morning. Now, we are due to till the cover crop in and plant the organic wheat. The cover crop looks great.

I am weary. I have another fast change this morning in the Airbnb then the next guest stays for three weeks. That will make a nice change.

Have a great day.


Weather: High of 66f. Low tonight of 56f. Rain on and off all day.


In this picture Sheila is saying: come on a take that picture already – I want my bucket of vegetables! Read More


It’s 5.30 and pitch black. How will I get everything done in the tiny patch of daylight light before I need to go to work.

I can bake bread in the dark though. Yesterday I decided not to have any dough on the go. Usually there is dough rising on the bench or at least in the autolyse stage in the purple fridge. But I chose to have nothing on the go. Give myself a break. But I was curiously melancholy. Read More


This morning. The birds and the crickets make a morning chorus for the dawn. Dense with sound. When I see a dawn like this bright magenta through the fog, I hope my guests are awake to see it. Read More


The hogs down the back are getting big. Read More


I overslept a bit but these photos are for you. Read More


Everyone loved the bread! My oven kept turning itself off in the last few bakes which made for some tough crusts. Read More