Back – Wards. Usually you follow my day, my yesterday, in pictures going forwards but today we are going backwards because that’s just what happened. Read More


I almost wrote the heading I Love Ironing because I do, it is so relaxing, and ironing for the Coop is one of my favorite jobs and on my mind but it has nothing to do with farming and this is a farm blog.

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Always fragile, Jude the rescue piglets health has taken another loop downwards but he is warm, drinking his cereal and milk, barking at Tima through her gate and harassing Ton. Read More

I’M BA – ACK!!

Paraphrasing Here – because it is an “I” not a “They”. And wee Poo-Bum Piglet also known as Jude is not scary. But you Get the picture. Jude is Back.

He’s Ba-ack! Sung in a poltergeisty kind of way. Read More


Have been full on with two very modern misses. These guests were very serious about getting fully involved in farm chores! Read More


Scones are so wintry. With surprise visitors coming down from Chicago on a blustery full of bluster Saturday, sixteen round bales to load into the barn and nothing to eat in the house I made raisin scones. Read More


It would not be hard to make a movie called orange this week. Read More


This morning as I write there are no mooing calves. I am not sure whether to be relieved or grateful or worried that they have all run off. Read More


The Mama cows ( I call them 84 and 73) are happy in the West Barn and the calves ( left on this side) are escaping in all directions ( who knew they could jump barn doors) but otherwise things are fine. No-one got terribly noisy and by now the worst of the weaning is over. Read More


Today we will wean the Angus calves from their cow mothers. Though weaning is not about taking the calves away it is about taking the mothers away. The babies are always left in the familiar family surroundings. The mothers do the moving. Read More


I am writing this with Poo Piglet Whose Name is Jude on my lap and he is such a wriggle!

Today two of Molly’s Eight will be sold to a friend to be grown on his developing homestead. Two fat gilts. And we are not short of fat little piggies to choose from – these pigs are doing exceptionally well. Which is good as they will all be growing through the winter. Read More


Wai Wai has become the bed-maker extraordinaire. In amongst the straw in the sunroom of the barn are a collection of blankets and old jackets for added warmth. Each afternoon Wai digs through and collects these items and drags them to his corner. Somehow he manages to arrange everything so that he can burrow under the big pink blanket and sleep. Read More