Molly the pregnant sow was feeling poorly all yesterday. Sleeping. Hard to rouse and not eating. Read More


Yesterday afternoon I was down the back spreading the compost on the asparagus beds. One down. Five to go. Some of the compost is still frozen solid. Anyway after I had finished my goal for this job, which was one bay, I wandered back up to the house. It was not until bedtime ( after- dinner chores) that I realized I had not called Jude back. Read More


Still no sign of another mink. But nature abhors a vacuum ( which is why I won’t let anyone bother my good band of coyotes). I have never had any trouble with the pack of coyotes whose territory includes my farm. If they were shot we might have a killer coyote move in. And now that Boo and I have rid the henhouse of that big killer mink we have to wait and see who will take over his territory. Read More


For the ducks – it will fit quite a number of ducks actually. The Matriarch and I found it yesterday and did the deal right on the spot. There is no kicking around when we get determined. John will make a few modifications once it arrives next week . Then at last our ducks are safe. Read More


I was about my handmaiden duties for The Matriarch yesterday (I was called the handmaiden way before the TV series) and for an hour I found myself sitting on a very comfy couch in a sun drenched waiting room. I had nothing at all to do so I went to sleep. Read More


Yes. Miserably the night before last the ducks were attacked. When I went out for chores I found two dead and three injured. All head injuries. The night before last. Classic mink. I hate the bastard mink. I know to lose a few ducks is nothing in comparison to world events but this is a farm journal blog. It was a blow. Read More


There are a whole lot of time scales mooted that tell us how long it will take you to establish a habit. To retrain the brain. To exchange a bad habit for a good one. Or introduce a new useful system into your daily routine. Twenty-one days. One thousand times. Three months. Read More


I am clearing the winter bedding out of the barn reminding myself that putting huge round bales of corn stalks into the pens as bedding was all very well until it is time to haul if all back out, thawed and smelly, a forkful at a time. Read More


Hats and sunglasses against a cool sun. Read More


While I was away in New Zealand several small groups of chickens decided not to go to bed in the chook house each night, choosing instead to set up shop in various other buildings on the farm. My garage for instance. So for the last few nights I have gloved up and gone out into the dark to catch them and return them to the chook-house where they belong. Read More