When I can think of a header that is not ‘more rain’. I will let you know. Another deluge yesterday evening. Read More


Don’t read too much into my headings. They are often ( usually) cryptic and probably ( always) without thought. Yesterday’s ‘throw in the towel’ heading was part of my discussion about the endless RAIN! Read More


Again with the daily rain. And these are not gentle summer rains. These are full on furious thunder and lightening storms with torrential downpours of inches at a time. Read More


Yesterday morning a cow and her calf broken out of a neighbors field walked across the road and broke INTO my field. John’s son reported a disturbance over there and when I arrived I was bemused to find I had an extra cow dozing under the trees.

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I don’t even know how many bales yet but definitely over two hundred. There is a counter on the baler but I forgot to look. John’s friends helped and lucky too because only a hour or so after the bales were in and the men were fed the skies opened up and it poured and then poured again. And that storm came in fast. I did not even know it was on its way. Read More

Poppy is being very relaxed. Which is par for the course at the beginning of the piglet time .

Seven little piglets who have shown no interest in their creep at all this time. Hopefully soon.

The babies are always feeding and Poppy is just hot and really tired. Plus her nipples hurt! I let water run onto her concrete pad after hosing her udder down so she can cool off.

A monster in the duck pond. Wai hung out in the pond almost all day yesterday. We are in the nineties for a few days yet and all the pigs seek puddles everywhere.

Boo watches over Tane while he has his milk – glaring at any chickens that dare get too close. Turn when Tane is done and moves off Boo licks the bowl. It is all very polite. The gallon of cows milk is doing wonders for his arthritis. Sheila gets some too and seems better. She had a wee bout where she was finding it difficult to walk. Raw cows milk in large quantities is magic.

Baby Bull got thrown out of his bed by a flock of chickens. These little black Australorps sleep with the big chickens but when they are out cruising they still stick together in a flock. I find it fascinating.

Well we have brought in two loads of hay already. My co-worker has been doing all the heavy lifting even calling in a few of his friends to help him stack. Such a relief for me I was able to peel off and do the chores. Looks like they will finish up today.

The hay is really dry now so I told them we will go ahead and start early. A little dew in the bales won’t hurt. So I had better get that cow milked and the pigs fed and get to it.

I hope you have a good day. We are hot and productive!


Oops – chance of rain in increasing – gotta run!


And hay on the ground! Read More


At least that’s what this picture looks like! Read More


And I think our haymaking window just closed. Just this minute the skies opened, the thunder roared and two inches of rain fell out of the sky in one wall of water. Read More


Of both my worlds. A little of both my worlds. Don’t we all live with our feet in more than one camp – that is life right? Read More