The Australorps are in the big brooder with random branches, learning to roost. They are still very sweet birds.

The electric fences are up so Tia and Aunty can go to graze in the Dairy Mistress field. Though the paused for a long time in Daisy’s paddock hoping could stay. But there there is no standing hay in Daisy’s Paddock. It was grazed way too low last autumn. This is why I am keeping them off it for a while. I had too much stock last summer.

We had a wild squall yesterday afternoon – it poured so hard and the wind was so strong we could not see out the windows.

The ground is not absorbing water yet -everything is very wet after our sopping winter.

The Quack Den looks perfectly at home in the landscape of the farmy.

I did get in the do a quick clean in Molly’s suite. It smells much better in the barn now.

Today I will send John to town with the trailer to buy a load of pig panels, a lot of T posts and two little gates. I hope to make a new pen around the old stock trailer. Plus a newly designed mobile pig pen in the thistle patches in Pat’s Paddock. The pigs can start grubbing them out. Intensively.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi


Yesterday cleared into a beautiful calm sunny day. And we got everything done from that days list. The asparagus is all mulched, the duck house has two new windows covered in strong screen, I collected all the feeds and we stowed them in the shed out of the coming rain. Read More


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Molly spent the whole day laying about . The mill where I am working is close by so at lunchtime I ducked home and gave her a big dose of Tums. Thank you so much for that offer Heather! It worked! I am sitting in the truck delivering these two big black cows so my writing will be shaky. Read More