Yesterday John picked up the snow plough on the way home from the airport and ploughed his way up the lane. A dramatic return. And now I can get my car out again! Read More


The relief of warm air is palpable. I can touch, maybe even palpate, this relief. This morning is 7f ( -13C) as I awake. Above Fahrenheit’s less that scientific Zero. But measurement is all an invention to some degree or other. After we run out of fingers that is. Read More


I almost cried this morning when I woke – checked the temperature and found that it was only -17f ( -27c) – the forecast was calling for -26f and after struggling through yesterday I was in despair. Read More


Last night as the wind blew hard and the temperatures dropped so fast my face ached, I got all the chores finished. Finally got in the house. Finally peeled off the layers of messed up miserable ramshackle outdoor homeless person clothing. Finally got my iced up gloves off and started thawing out my hands. Finally found the gorilla tape to fix my torn ski farm trousers. Finally got out my bowl of fruit salad and yoghurts wishing I had a good brandy to drizzle it with. And the neighbor calls – he is in a pickle- his truck is stuck in the snow- can I come and pull him out! Read More


I am just so grateful that this drift down into deep freeze is only for a couple of days. Some people choose to live in temperatures like this. Not me though. I am not set up for it. Read More


And now it is blowing – hard. I can hear it but cannot see it yet. The wind is what will make today unpleasant. Read More


Twenty Two pheasants stretched out across the field. Digging in the snow for dropped soya beans.

You might have to click on the image and zoom in a bit. They are there. They are really just little dots but I wanted you to see them all spread out across the huge field.

I have seen more pheasants in the field this year than ever before – searching for leavings.

When I awoke yesterday morning the temperature was MINUS EIGHTEEN. With sun. This morning is much better we are at minus six.

How funny, how fast it is, that minus six sounds better. But it is better.

The major casualty had been this insulated drinking trough across the way. It has a heater in there but something has failed. By yesterday morning it was totally iced up- a block of ice. No water for the cows and hogs across the way.

So now I am carrying water for them as well. Plus the cows, pigs, chickens etc on the home side as the outside faucet does not run in this kind of cold.

Someone asked my yesterday how much water that was now. Well, I fill 50 gallon buckets ( two thirds of the way up otherwise I cannot life as many in a row) in batches of Six. I fill them from the kitchen sink – nothing is running outside. I run two batches of six here then two batches across the way – three times a day.

Usually it is only this side.

Monday is above freezing so on Monday I hope to be able to fill everything up with the hoses.

Then we drop down to the real cold.

Of course it would be the week that Our John is in California helping out his brother.

Otherwise things are pretty good out here in the cold – so far. I am ready for it and have systems prepared for any eventuality that I have encountered previously. Loading up the truck with buckets of warm water then carrying them through the snow is a bit of a bore.

I have put the full weather forecast in today so you can see that we only get the very bad cold for about 48 hours. As usual the radio ( I have no television so I don’t know what they are saying) has gone into overdrive hype. But so far I see no weather that is as bad as 2014 here.

It will be worse further north I think.

I hope you have sun today.

Sun makes everything better in these grey regions.

Love c


Look at Sheila in her bed. How on earth Poppy fits in there too I have no idea. Read More


After almost two inches of rain, and no evaporation, no rain soaking into the frozen ground, we have slowly descended back into the bad cold. See this? All ice. Not polished like a skating rink but just as slidey. Like throwing buckets of water onto a frozen pond. Read More


Yesterday morning breezed in at -5F, (-21C I think- I need to check). Damn cold. All the animals including Piglet deep in his straw house did very well. And today we go up to 38F apparently with RAIN. Read More