While I am milking Tane sticks his furry nose under the door and talks to me. Like an animated head suspended from a string. Milk. Milk. Milk. He chants. Read More


I have run all kinds of scenarios through my head this season – trying to come up with a solution for the tweeny ducklings so they could have shelter and a run.

It was not going to work putting them in with the big ducks – even in their own enclosure. The big ducks took one look at the changes to their house and refused to go in.

So I pushed the chicken tractor up against one of the chickens summer shade houses and cut a hole through the back.

Now the ducklings are on higher ground ( if anything here could be called higher) and have they enough shelter so they can all get out of the rain. (And the sun if it ever gets a chance to shine. This should hold them for a few weeks yet.

I awoke this morning to the feel of hard and heavy rain on my face. I had the windows by the bed wide open and did not get them closed in time. The skies just turned the hoses on and fireman-sprayed everything hard. So now the bed is stripped and the carpet covered in towels. I put my ever-present wet’n dry oil skin raincoat over my nightie, put on my gumboots and rushed out through the downpour to let the cows into the barn. I know that they would be fine but I hate milking sopping wet cows. Cows don’t shake to speak of. And that poor wee calf.

At least an inch of warm wet heavy rain fell in the ten minutes it took me to finish my mission. Everything is sloshing wet again. What a mess. We had a whole day without rain yesterday too.

But at least we are not being hounded by tornadoes. We have had quite a few tornado watches and only a couple of warnings but no actual tornadoes.

Everyone is working on drought resistant crops. What about when we can’t get a tractor on the field. Aerial crops maybe. My garden has not even really begun. Everything in there so far is waterlogged, washed away or pale from over watering or not even planted. I have finished picking asparagus- the weeds are quite simply beating me out. I can’t keep up with the weeding. Now that it is warm they are growing as fast as the asparagus.

Thank goodness I have a job now. Depending on the farm for food this year would have been a disaster.

The average rainfall for this area for the month of May is 4 inches. We have had over twenty and it is still raining. I am not even going to discuss the flooded basement- the sump pump run every few minutes but the water keeps seeping in.

Time to go out and milk the sodden sodding cow.



At least we don’t have a feed lot type operation. Many cattle farmers around here have big open cover buildings and cows standing on concrete, fed hay and grain. Read More


WaiWai spends quite some time in fly season trying to get underneath his rags. I cover him with the last of his bed if I am around. Since he was burnt his skin is paper thin and he is is always happy when totally covered up. He grunts in a satisfied fashion and settles down into calm sleep when he has his covers on. Read More


Once again – huge punishing storms in the night. So much rain again. But (and I have written this sentence three times as it sounds so naievely optimistic). I think the weather might be settling soon. The last few days we have had longer periods of dry in the daytime – it IS warming up at last. I have a feeling. Read More


Pizza for dinner. The base made with the experimental Pizza flour that we ran through our new screens at Janie’s Mill this week.

John does all the cooking and I do all the chores! Sounds like a deal to me. Though after a days work three hours of farm work wears me right out. Read More


Literally every calf ends up sleeping in the boot of the cow car. Read More


I have been waiting for the weather to settle down before putting Molly’s Eight out into the field – apparently it is not going to settle. So out they went yesterday. Read More


And I forgot!

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When we were kids and living on Westshore beach in New Zealand we were often late to school. Especially when we had to wait for the littlies who we had to escort to school. Read More