Sustainable chatter.

This is brilliant. I am sitting here at my old desk in our little old House on the Prairie  writing to you and I have NO IDEA how to make this blogger stuff work.  But I am desperate to just find the voices. . My husband (known from now on as ‘The Silent One’ .. he is that type.. we bought him an IPad for Christmas and never heard from him again)  Anyway he and  I live right out here in the boonies, far away from everything.  Real Middle America.  The Midwest.  The land is flat and home to Industrial Horticulture. They grow Corn and Beans round here. It is barren.  I am from New Zealand and he is an American through and through right down to the home made fruit wood charcoal in his grill.  (In NZ we call this a Barbie, (the grill that is)  no relation to the doll). And the house he grew up in is just around the corner.

Now I  know you are looking at the picture above us (I think as I cannot see my published page yet) and wondering what has gone wrong-  there she is in the prairies surrounded in NO PRAIRIE just corn, and yes it is growing so fast shortly it will be as high as an elephants eye and the header has a picture  of  a forest!!.. Mm. that is because all this is so new to me that i have not worked out how to load my own pictures yet.  So please bear with me or give me some serious advice.  But I LOVE to learn so drop in again.. it will be better every time.

The Fourth of July is a perfect time to start.  Because the independence of the internet is mindblowing. Tomorrow I will begin to introduce you to the cast of characters that make up our tiny farm. We have sheep, cows, chickens and the usual motley assortment of dogs and cats. Oh and guineas. Lest we forget they will remind us. Plus huge vegetable gardens. Lovely meadows laden with clover and grasses.  Flower gardens, piles of flowers. And herbs, herbs, herbs.

I know you are wondering why I am on here. What we want to achieve is a state of self sufficiency in a sustainable manner using organic methods. We do not have air conditioning or central heating (yes we do get to 10 below and more in the winter and  wabder about the 90’s ion the summer).  We grow all our own vegetables and meat. The Silent One is working on solar water heating (without buying a ready made unit from God Knows where) and I am working on a way to heave the water up out of the ground without using electricity.  Pioneers did it!! But nothing is perfect.  My bees swarmed yesterday. More on that tomorrow. And the Japanese Beatles have arrived today.  mm

However.. tomorrow I will begin the introductions and tonight I will work on my layout. O I HAVE been able to load a pic so ignore paragraph two.. it is now obsolete!!

What do you think!?


25 Comments on “Sustainable chatter.

  1. Cecilia, as I saw in your next post, you have posted your pictures. So, there shouldn’t be any problem now. But it is not so complicated. If you need any help just write me an e-mail. What I know, I can help you.

    Your home and your nature view should be amazing. We dream something like that with my husband. Yes, it is so beautiful to live in this city but the traffic and the crowded streets make us tired now. We need to take breathe in the nature, in the country. Maybe in the future.

    I loved your Blog and your sharings, it seems that would be so enjoyable and nice. Good Luck for this. Thank you, Greetings and Love, nia

  2. Cecilia- Wow- Amazing to be able to share a slice of your life… makes so much sense to find a way back to a harmony with nature …The photography is beautiful and inspiring – it’s great that you can share your art through the internet !
    Much love

    • Wonderful to have you onboard, Delicia. Somehow it makes me feel more connected with you all when I can post a day. Share a day. i don’t feel quite so far away. Love c

  3. Congrats on starting your own blog C – you’re “voice” is coming through loud and clear – so just keep on doing what you’re doing!
    I’ve been blogging for a wee while now – so sing out if you need some help!

    Take care

    • Thank you chrissy. I have never had any trouble finding my voice!!.. I will email you as well because I have a few techy questions. Your blog is great. I will follow it through so that i can do the course as well!!


  4. Okay so I have known you for a bit now and decided to head right back to the beginning of recorded Celi history. You did an amazing job for your very first post! It is excellent and I am hooked..oh–yeah I was already hooked!

  5. And to think, here’s where it all started. A post with a missing photo and 7 comments. You’ve come a very long way, Celi. xx

  6. I forgot that I was back here reading in February. 😀 One time when Mr Misky was away on business, I read the entire blog from back to front without stopping. If you haven’t done that, I suggest that you do so you get a feel for entire year. It’s not just fun – it’s very interesting.

    • actually you know what i have never done that.. I probably really should.. what a ninny I am! fancy you reading them all I am flattered. Chris has too! I had better catch up!! c

  7. You made this entry seem terrible, but really it wasn’t!!! It was a good introduction to what you do in day to day life, and the animals and hubby (we call it a BBQ in Canada too by the way lol) and if I had seen this entry a yr ago, I would have subscribed!

  8. Congratulations on your first year in blogging Celi!!!!! I think these first few posts are new to me, as I didn’t discover you until Chrissy H sent your blog my way. And I’m so thankful she did!!! I look forward to going back in time after I read about the present daily!
    Happy American Independence Day!!! xo Di

  9. How interesting. And now that I have been following your blog for about 6 or 7 months I realize that you certainly NEED another project to work on. Making your own cheese and yogurt, cooking amazing dishes and sharing recipes with us, caring for all the animals, the bees, the grounds, and visiting the old folks home, plus writing your blog every single day, leave you with lots of extra time.

    A toast to you on your first anniversary. How did you possibly get all those readers from all over the world in such a short time?

  10. I hadn’t come back this far in my random retrospective. You started as you meant to go on, achieved all that you promised, and more. Even if you bookify other posts, I’d preserve this one in a time capsule to mark the moment… just a suggestion.

  11. I agree with EllaDee about preserving this first post. There’s a confidence and quietude in your voice now…playful and joyous, but calmer. This excitement (in the first ) is like flashing those big blue eyes at the butcher…don’t ya think?

  12. Congratulations on your anniversary Celi! Your blog is awesome. I love how you have opened a window into your life and the farm for us all to be a part of. — Shoshana

  13. I just stumbled upon your blog today in a round-about way; and it is my custom (when afforded the time) to start at the beginning. So I read two of your current (September 2012) blogs, and then came back here to Day 1.

    You had commented on another blog I visited, that you came to the U.S. with 4 suitcases, and could leave with 2. That was so appealing to me that I had to come and see who you are.

    I will continue reading now. I’m so glad you are blogging! Rani

      • Indeed it is! I am still on your blog. Up to the day with the Quiche recipe, which I copied & pasted into a Word document, because I love quiche and want to try your crust – sounds nummy. Off to read some more … Rani

  14. I was searching on bing when I found your site. So much of what you say is true. I got alot from this post, I’m going to add your rss feed to my Google raeedr. Thanks!

  15. Well, I’ve started from issue one. Now I’ll find where I left off and continue reading. Love, Gayle in sunny Sacramento, California

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