Hot day on the prairie.

So TonTon and I went for a walk with the camera today and here are  a few of the shots.

Only Thing Two will eat with a chicken. Thing One is appalled and has gone back to bed.
That is Thing One reclining in the back there. A Laid Back Cat . They should be out in the barn chasing mice. But Oh no.. Too hot
This is Queenie. Our baby Hereford and future mother of the beef herd. She loves the camera. !Daisy cooling her feet in the duck's paddling pool. She has no respect that cow.
Mia my most favorite lamb. Though she goes a little heavy on the mascara!
Mama the senior sheep (she had quads this spring) and a smattering of her chook flock.

There now. A few of my Motley Crew. As you can see it was a very quiet day on the wee farm. Bees are all present and accounted for. Phew.  Vegetables are growing and the animals are just hanging out like  sleepy girls in the long grass.   c

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