Seven Deadly Sins and the Games we Play

You will have noticed a dearth of good photos in my blogs lately, this is because my camera metaphorically spat the proverbial dummy. I have a new lens on the way but until then the camera is sitting in the corner of my summer study feeling all wan and miserable. It has had no walks and no loving (it was bad!). It weeps not very quietly into its bag when it sees the despised Purse Camera being taken out to play.

So in the absence of pretty photos I am going to attend to my awards. Over the last week, well last couple of weeks actually but whose counting. Oh you are? Oh .. well.. Anyway over this undetermined  period of time  I have been awarded three awards, I think. Well sometimes I forget to write stuff down and yes I know, you are right, I am one of those blondes that give the real blondes a bad name. But I know for sure I have been awarded three from a very enterprising trio of bloggers.

So I  am going to have to rely on my somewhat faulty memory, oh what am I talking about, my ridiculously embarrassing memory to recall who they are.  One day I forgot a whole person can you imagine such a terrible thing.. just completely forgot about him.  SO Thank you my most darling Nia who loves cats as much as they love to pose for her and thank you the thunderous son who surprises me every day with his eclectic witty comments, I just love getting comments – any kind of comment and this fellow has a knack of entertaining the house with his comments!  Plus he has an endlessly surprising blog.  And Thank you so much  Mr All Write  who is  new to my list, not new to his you understand but it took me a while to find him and he is a  great read, really lovely way with words. He also likes his tighty-whiteys to uber white. A sentiment I wholeheartedly approve of.

I have a feeling that there was someone else but I forgot to write  you down.  So thank you TOO.  And thank God and the Academy and my mum (oh no  – wrong speech). Don’t you just love really Bad Jokes! Thank you my fellow bloggers for being the madcap blogging bunch that you are. Love, love, love your comments. And love the writing back . In fact as one of those interesting things you may not want to know about me I get up at 5.30 in the morning specifically to answer my messages. I love commenting on comments that much!

So speaking of tasks! It is more than likely that I am supposed to write seven things about myself, or nominate seven others or nominate five other people and write 16 things about myself or maybe I am supposed to make links to 4 of my favourite blogs and write nothing about myself, or was it six links and my birthdate. or a picture of me as a baby…  my mind is a blank. But I want to play! i just cannot remember the rules! I was never very good with rules anyway!

SO I am going to link a few of piles of my favourite pages and then I will tell you a few deadly sins  or maybe even a few things you did not know about me and then if you are really lucky and promise to be good I will STOP!

YOUR TASK dear reader, anyone can play or not,  is to click on  any Two of these links,  go and leave a cheerful uplifting comment and tell them Celi sent you!! Oh I love this –  this will be fun!

1.Never put your umbrella upside down in your drink! This is dangerous and  much worse for your health than not eating your vegetables.

2.Never eat a whole packet of dried apricots by yourself and expect to be accepted in polite society.

3. Never drive on the wrong side of the road to get the attention of the cops with a car full of drunk friends singing We Are The Champions because you are the sober driver and want to be breathalysed! Stay at home and drink champagne it is better for you.

4. Never wear your contact lenses out to feed the cows when it is -10F (-23.3C) and blowing. They will freeze to your eyeballs! Go back inside and practice your saber throwing it is safer.

5. Never tell anyone that your favourite sing along song when alone in the kitchen is Robert Palmers Simply Irresistible whilst dreaming of lying on a beach!

A clear conscience is usually a sign of a bad memory. Thought you should know.

6. And never tell food blog people that you favourite food is Fried Left Overs, most especially fried mashed potatoes! In fact for breakfast every day I fry the leftovers from the night before. Sometimes it is a weird breakfast especially if we had pasta, but there you are a deals a deal.

7.Oh and one last thing NEVER go and  see a movie when you are in the early stages of labour with your third baby, and want to watch something to distract you. Then choose the one with  Dueling Banjos in it because it sounded like a nice little musical!

No images of the farm today, sorry.  I am going to go outside and converse with my old cow Daisy, her pregnancy test is due tomorrow and she is feeling a wee bit apprehensive so I will take the Purse Camera in case anything exciting happens!

Did I tell you that the combine harvesters are out and about. The rumble has begun!. Soon my corn walls will come down. Oh and never say never!

Now go play. Here is a shot I took a few years ago of a rock! He is watching.. 


48 Comments on “Seven Deadly Sins and the Games we Play

  1. Picture or no picture your posts are always the bests. Thanks for the never list, I’ll make sure never to do any of those things.
    Already visited your suggestions 😉

  2. What *they* said.

    And I will add to your list of never-do things my one always-do: be sure to check in with Celi frequently because she ALWAYS has something scintillating to say!

  3. Oh–and Fried Leftovers! YUM! Or, as my Oz co-conspirator in grad school called it, YMCA (Yesterday’s Muck Cooked Again). Almost everything benefits from being fried, in my world, especially if it’s in a heap of fabulous flavorful fat. Might *just* possibly explain my present shape.

  4. ha ha ha YMCA! too good! i am going to pass that on to my daughter she fries everything too.. she will love that.. c

  5. zany zings for me.

    They’ve started cutting the maize here (is that the same as US corn?) and it rained so the roads are deep in mud, as is our car.

    • yes that is right, we call it maize in NZ too, sometimes they call it field corn here, oh no rain and big machines.. icky! is your car stuck in the mud?.. c

  6. Oh, dear Cecilia, you are amazing always with your beautiful writing, I am one of your fans. And without reading your post my day isn’t being completed or end. I enjoy to read your sharings. Your words almost creating such a beautiful images in my mind… First of all your eye of heart is a kind of camera and not only me, so many members find so enjoyable. God Bless you dear Cecilia, but I should add this too, your photographs are amazing too! I can never forget your Daisy and Cat!!!!! By the way, I read your blog and then I tell my husband too… He likes to hear from me your stories. Please, please make all these stories a book! Make them a published one. This is so precious… Thank you, with my love, nia

    • that is a lovely expression nia, the eye of the heart, beautiful.. I love that your husband enjoys what you are reading also!! c

  7. You are amazing, I had so much fun reading this! It was like “who is behind door #1?” So very clever and honestly you don’t even need any pics to keep my attention!!

    • Thank You Jed, I may do that again and next time i shall plan it.. that one was pretty spontaneous.. kind of like the way i cook… c

  8. Why, you clever girl, I didn’t even get to look up the links until now and see how your puzzle played out. All the more enjoyable!

  9. You make me laugh! Thanks for the sneaky link, took me a while but I found it!! And thanks for the info about the corn, so it is for cornflour then?

    • A good proportion of the corn is made into ethanol, then an even bigger proportion is used for feed for chickens and cows on their feedlots, then the great evil high fructose corn syrup, and a tiny potion is made into actual food. And a miniscule amount is exported. I am not a great fan of the corn . c

  10. Great post … and very cleverly done! I’m not familiar with most of these blogs so it will be a real treat taking a look at each. Thanks.

    • Thank you John, really I was just playing with an idea, and we ate your pasta AGAIN last night. So simple and so good! c

  11. Loved this post – still chuckling! Went shopping today with my pal Florence from Florence and Freddie and talked about your blog for most of the journey – were your ears burning? We said lots of nice things!

  12. You know Florence?, she makes the best stuff!. I bet you two make quite a pair! Now that I think about it my ears are feeling a little pinkish! you are so cool to tell me that! c

  13. Heh, this was like reading evening at the improv monolog blog. Great stuff…
    By the way, you didn’t have to search so long for Mr. Write…You could have just settled for me..Mr. Right.. , yeah right! Well, you’re already blessed and happily married anyway. And so is my wife…I think, anyway, bless you and keep the good vibes rolling. Without a camera you may have just opened an area of your mind you haven’t used for a while…but, with photos as clear and interesting as yours, I anxiously await the lens to show up.

  14. a whimsicle and fun read. Your words of wisdom, so funny! 🙂

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