Introductions and reflections have no shadows: Weekend Blog Reading

Here you are now.  Your weekend reading. A few sites for you to visit.  As usual I have a few that some of us know well, and also a few new ones who have popped up in my comments this week.  Have fun snooping about.

Everybody Likes Sandwiches Jeanette aka Kickpleat has been writing this blog for years.  The fact that she is a designer shines in her images, her food uses loads of vegetables and good proteins and sometimes is more a suggestion than a recipe (which as you know is right up my alley) but with that little twist to her work that will keep us interested. Lovely food and photographs.

movita beaucoup. Movita is new to my pages. She teaches ballet AND dances through her kitchen throwing lovely ingredients into bowls. I think she is primarily a baker and though I am not into cakes and things, I KNOW that many of YOU are.  So if you want a moist chocolate oozy yummy cake.. go there today.. 

Taste Food . Lynda at Taste Food has pages that I return to again and again, I have successfully cooked a number of her dishes and her recipes are precise, balanced and eminently cookable. The result I get looks just like her picture – now you know how hard that is to do! I have introduced my father to her  French Onion Soup and Third Son and his wife frequently make the Tart Tartine  (the pear one but with apples too). We are actually regulars  at Taste Food.  This one is for you Connie!

Pease Pudding. Now here we have an English Girl who is now a New Zealand Girl who surfs and cooks. Although a trained chef she is just as happy mooching about her own kitchen (probably in her bare sandy feet) making gorgeous feeds for us. She has a light almost effervescent touch with food. She brings an international influence to Kiwi tucker and Oh My I can smell the scent of the beach in her work.. Wonderful. 

Saffron and Honey Ksenia is a lovely and generous food blogger. She travels and as far as I can make out has an international background. She will often bring us food from all over the world. Ksenia is not about the pictures or fancy pancy -she is about taste.  Really good taste. She has a team of fellow foodies that she works with and often she will let us choose an ingredient for the month and then she is away, leading us through a complex and perfectly balanced myriad of menus using this ingredient. Her combinations show an educated imagination and a genuine care for our health.

Just a Smidgeon.  Barbara’s work is quite simply beautiful. Her images are always so peaceful and full of such (.. what is the word.) Thought, care, passion, amazing attention to detail. She builds her images.  The results are feminine, rich and startling.  A poet, a cellist and a very good cook.  I think she must live in a beautiful house. A house I would like to visit. 

This morning is dawning clear, it is 6.16 am, I am ready to post this to you and already the sky has that predawn blue with those washes of the most poignant of pinks, awaiting the sun.  Thank you so much for all your kind thoughts and words for the Old Codger. He came through his surgery OK and will soon commence his long recovery.  I am working on registering TonTon as a therapy dog so that we can visit  together. Though there will have to be some work done. Not the least of which is  teaching him to wear a harness. He has never even had a collar on his neck, let alone a leash.   Ever.  But this is a requirement. Can you imagine the horrified look on that dogs face when I leash him.

Yesterday evening a hawk chased the pigeons into the barn and proceeded to dive bomb them from his lofty perch. (With Our John cheering him on I might add). The cats went into a high state of agitation and the guineas decided to sleep outside on the fence (after a protracted screeching protest.)  They hate hawks with a passion. The image of him (above) is terrible because I had to use a flash to catch the moving target so far up  in the rafters.  But hopefully we can identify him.

Of course the chickens with their bird brains took no notice of the drama at all and stood about introducing themselves to their own reflections in a puddle.

Today is poopy scooping day in the barn! A job I do not actively dislike as every shovel full goes into the compost pile and I love compost!  All gardeners love compost!

Good morning!





64 Comments on “Introductions and reflections have no shadows: Weekend Blog Reading

  1. Very glad he came through the surgery okay. That’s always a testing time for the elderly. And I’m sure that your TonTon will be a champ at his new job. I love “dogs with jobs”. 🙂

  2. A great post, as usual. I particularly loved the vainglorious chooks. The sooner you get Tonton ‘halter-trained’ the better. What would you do if you had to take him to the vet?

  3. I say ‘get in’ and he walks (quaking) at my heel into the vets.. He carries one of their leashes in his mouth as per instructions, but he is trained to walk next to me. So even harnessed he will be following instructions. morning Viv. c

    • morning c. I once had a spaniel like that – no need for a lead. – the canine love of my life. But he had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the vets!

      • oh no poor fella! they just hate that smell, weirdly Ton will walk in through the front door but prefers to exit through the back door.. (first door he sees on his way out!)

    • I went out to start mucking out and the hawk is still in there, and he flies at the windows in fright when I am there, so we have opened the really big doors in the hope that he will fly out.. c

  4. I think your hawk is a Cooper’s Hawk. Possibly a Sharp-shinned Hawk. They are similar and hard to say definitely. Hope this helps. 🙂

    • That does help Bob, Thank you for dropping in, I can narrow it down from there, he is still in the barn, even with the big doors open, surely it is unusual to have a hawk set up housekeeping in a barn!! c

  5. It’s good to have an update on how everyone is doing! And I think TonTon will be make a great therapy dog – I know you will be a patient teacher with him.

    And thanks so much for the shout-out and your kind words! I really appreciate it!

  6. Photos and new blogs to check out are making me smile this morning! Good morning, Cecilia, and so glad your friend made it through his surgery okay. ~Betsy

  7. Your delicious dispatches with all the blog links in them lead me down a maze that could blow my whole morning! And then I come back to your blog and spend time with it…and well, I’m supposed to be finishing my own blog post so I can hit the publish button! And I can hear my hungry children’s feet on the floor upstairs, but the bed is so warm and cozy….and it’s Saturday…

    • Oh O, Hungry pitter patter of tiny feet, and you are like me getting up early to write.. it is a great time to work isn’t it! Morning Christine.. c

  8. I’m catching up, so I had missed the story of the fall (though I have now read it) – I hope the surgery goes well so he can come home ASAP.

  9. Thank you so much for your generosity Celi! Love checking out your recommendations for weekend reading! 2 of them I follow already, and the others I’m anxious to visit. Good morning, and good weekend, to you!

  10. So glad that your Old Codger has come through O.K. It’s easy in hindsight to see things which went wrong but with all the will in the world, accidents still happen. You’re a good neighbour and I’m sure that Old Codger knows that. I’m also sure that Ton Ton will enjoy his future job – as well as providing some wonderful photos with the harness!

    • There certainly would be some lovely photo opportunities if he were able to get in and visit.. i have some calls to make on Monday! c

  11. Good news – the hardy soul will probably come through his recovery surprisingly well. Oh, poor Ton Ton – I don’t envy you having to see the sad face that will likely ensue. Once he catches on, he’ll be up to the task…herding all the hospital staff.

      • Was on a meditation “retreat”. Rain poured onto the metal roof, cushions & gentle people surrounded my space and wholesome snacks stifled munchies. I had my eyes closed when the sun graced us with a 15 minute teaser! It’s grey again and I’ve just lit my fire. However, it’s about 42 degrees F. so it’s damp rather than cold.

  12. Thanks Celia for talking about my blog and introducing me to a few more! I certainly do cook in bare sandy feet, as long as hubby doesn’t catch me ;0) I sometimes think I am more Kiwi than he is. Happy poopy scoopy day

  13. Looks like we’ve got a beautiful day on our hands — and both of us have poop to scoop. I don’t know much about farms & farming but I’d be willing to bet that mucking your barn is far worse than scooping my dog run. Call it a hunch. Good news about the Old Guy and thanks for compiling the reading list. Off I go …

  14. I need longer weekends! Whew… and mmmmm! What a lovely “menu” of good reads! Hope the mucking wasn’t too mucky, and yes, we do love our compost!

  15. Oh, c, I’ve decided I need to wake up an hour or so earlier so I don’t miss any of your posts, I’ve gone to make sure I’ve “met” all of your bloggers you’ve introduced us to here… and then I read of an accident that I missed in your last post! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind shout-out… I hope you know you are always welcome in my home… (with my son back home and his belongings strewn around it may not be as lovely as you had imagined…) I’m off to see what happened… my goodness, it’s never a dull moment here at thekitchensgarden!! I hope everyone’s ok, and give TonTon a treat for me, what a good boy wearing a collar and leash!! xoxo Smidge

  16. My, my–an eventful day indeed for your flock. 🙂 I adore your description of the chickens’ response to the to-doings! And I love hawks, even if they might be a tad of a threat to the crew. Unlikely to be successful with so many watchful eyes on him, this one.

    Meanwhile, more good blogs to go exploring. Thanks! I couldn’t imagine a better description of Smidge’s. Spot-on perfect. Of course. 🙂

  17. I notice several blogs I read there like Just a smidgen and pease pudding. Thanks for sharing the others as well, its nice to know other new blogs.

  18. Hi Celi! Could it be a Red Tailed, or Harris’s Hawk? They are both such beautiful birds. I know what you mean about poop scooping! We scoop up the pig manure, as we have no cow at present. We are thinking of getting one though, for milking. Hope she won’t be as naughty as Daisy!!! We are also hoping our two doe rabbits are preggie. Rabbit manure is the absolute best for the compost and garden!!! xo

    • rabbit manure.. oh really! I have a neighbour with about 200 rabbits, who knows why, maybe that is how she gets such a lovely garden!! are you going to eat your rabbits? And yes the pig needs cleaning out daily, I can’t wait to get mine.. c

      • You must see if you can take some of the rabbit manure off her hands!!! Honestly, it is said to be the absolute best for gardens!!! And yes, we will eat the male rabbits as they get big and ready for the pot. The females we’ll let have more bunnies to feed the compost pile.
        We have our pigs in a big pasture, so we clean up the poop almost weekly….okay, sometimes every two weeks. It’s not my favorite job on the farm! 🙂

  19. I’m good with lists! I’ve had house guests this weekend so I’m a little late to my weekend reading, but I will check out the suggesting readings at another point this week. Love the pictures, as always! Debra

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