White Rabbit

No, I have not bought a white rabbit. But I’m Late. I’m Late.

For my very important daily dawn date with you.

I am late for two reasons. This morning I had to sit on my hands and let John go out and do the whole mornings chores without me hovering. The milking, the feeding, everything. He will do the weekends while I am away and wanted to do it all alone in case he missed something. He was fine.

I still hovered, but at the window, resisting the impulse to throw it open and call out into the dark: Don’t forget this or Don’t forget that.  It was distracting. I could not settle. But I had to stay out of the way.

The second reason: As you know, yesterday we drove up to the Big City. On the way back we were caught in horrendous traffic jams. Perfect driving weather but people still crashing into each other.  So we did not get home until way after dark and no photos were taken yesterday.  Thank goodness for the well trained Surrogate Milkers who did the afternoon chores perfectly.

So it appears that everyone is on course to take over. I can be replaced. This is good. I think transparency is paramount where animals are concerned. Everyone should be able to do everyone else’s job. Now I can stop worrying! yeah right….

Good morning. I did have time to file my Nanowrimo draft yesterday and get the applause and the badge. The 25th was the first day available to verify your word count.  My novel is shrinking now as I begin to rewrite the work, taking out all the extraneous material first. It is linear and one dimensional, but works. There is lots to do, which is kind of exciting too.

I am fairly sure just about any of you could have done this.

I am keeping my badge small. But there you are – everyone is a winner! I like that. Everyone likes to be a winner.

I might do a walkabout on the farmy today with Camera House, so we all get up to date again.

Have a lovely day.


67 Comments on “White Rabbit

  1. I was just worrying about you not having checked in, miss c! Post-holiday traffic was indeed very silly last night. So glad that you will be leaving all the farmy in capable hands, but NO, you can NEVER be replaced. I hope we get a few pictures and reports from NZ when you are there, though I’m sure you will be quite busy.

    • Morning sweetie, i have every intention of keeping my usual daily routine of posts, though it will have morphed into a travel and food blog! That will be fun! c

  2. I am so happy for you that you reached your word count. I don’t think I could have done it, and yet it’s something I’d like to do, so I am living vicariously and feeling sort of in awe of your achievement. It went by quickly didn’t it? Seems like you just started, and now, there you are editing. Amazing and wonderful and GO CELI!!!

    • It is amazing and if nothing else it has taught me that 50, 000 words is really not that many.. very doable.. morning charlotte.. c

  3. Yay! You are a winner for sure. I am fairly certain I could *not* do it, but one of these years I’ll try. It must be hard to think of leaving the Farmy behind, but it is good to know, I’m sure, that it will be in such capable and caring hands.

    • Yes it is hard but i have had to face up to the fact that i AM a worrywart! so time to settle down and trust people.. Bet you could do it, You could do a kids book to read to yours when they are older.. c

  4. You are a winner every day in our eyes, Miss C! I”m sure that the farmy will get by fine without you, but they will all miss you nonetheless. You will not be replaced, your space is just being held open for you while you are away.

    • I think in a way it is a good feeling to know that one can be replaced, that things will work without me, which means that the farmy is well managed no matter who takes over my cog in the wheel.. c

  5. We all knew you were capable of breezing through the challenge, well done… as for the sitting on your hands and leaving it to others… not easy, we all think we’re in-disposable… lol

    • Handing over is hard for sure, but there you are, if i am to get away i need to be able to take my hands out of the pot.. c

  6. Don’t you worry C, everybody is going to worship the ground you walk on when you get back from our vacation – doing what you do 7 days a week is not an easy task – think they will all be slightly pooped.
    You are more than a winner C – kudos on your wonderful writing accomplishment.
    Have a beautiful week ahead.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  7. Your badge is so colorful! I think I’m as worried as you are about all the critters. They are going to miss you for sure, but I guess it’s good for the soul to know others are willing and able to step in at least for a little while.

  8. Congratulations! So great to hear you crossed the finish line for Nanowrimo, Celi! I am still working on the first draft but enjoying it when I can find a few moments, after kids are asleep. The stats page says I’ll be done by January 16th at this rate 😉

    And fabulous that your team is on board to help on the farmy while you are away. So exciting!

    • That is exactly how to do it. Even if it is a line or two every evening. I am so proud of you, writing with little kids is quite a task, but one day you can read them the story you wrote, how exciting will that be! c

  9. Well done Celi! I didn’t make it but did learn a few good things about myself. I know it must be hard to stand back and let others do ..not because they might screw it up but because you are a DOER. But think how confident you will be that all will be well whilst you travel the world!

    • You are right Chris, after the Surrogate Milkers too over last night and john this morning I am feeling much more confident.. They have all trained hard too so they DO know what they are doing. They will be a good team.. Writing is a good learning tool isn’t it.. c

  10. Hilarious that you had to stop yourself from shouting directions out the window for Our John!!! No doubt though that he is very capable of handling the farmy while you are away. And no doubt as well that he will miss you madly!!! Sooooo glad the book is coming along nicely!!! xo

    • He keeps saying he will miss me, ah well, that is not a bad thing either sometimes!! morning diane, hope all is well.. c

  11. Congrats on your accomplishments……in words and deeds !! You might be the bestest
    most organized woman I know. I am almost packed..how many more sleeps ? I am really
    getting excited….!! Maybe you could Skype with the farmy animals..can you see Daisy, she’d
    have to cross her eyes to look at the screen !!


    • Daisy on skype would be frightening!! We have SEVEN sleeps now until we hit california for a few days then off across the ocean. I need to do some packing too, it is more a heap at the moment.. c

  12. Huge congrats to you on the word count and on biting your tongue, sitting on your hands. I know how hard it it to do 😉 But they will appreciate you sooooo much by the tme you get back!

  13. Oh, Celi, that must have almost killed you to just wait inside the house while John did the chores! But it IS comforting to know that others can do the job as well – you never know if you come down with a horrible flu and you need help.
    Congratulations on the novel submission!

    • exactly, I truly believe everyone should be able to do each others work though how I would be at fencing or fixing the generator i do not know!! c

  14. And there it is…the book, the chores, and the animals are ready for the big take-off. Are you? Time to pack and settle yourself…time to get ready to haul us all with you!

    And to just let you know…I’m sure everyone will miss you terribly!


    ¸.•*¨*•♪♫♫♪Merry Christmas to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

  15. What a wonderful accomplishment. Congratulations Celi. It’s a pop a bottle of bubbly occasion! I am so proud of you. V.

  16. Congrats on finishing your first draft. Now the editing! Good luck with that process and yes – everyone in that writing contest would be a winner xx

  17. Applause to you for getting your badge and completing your first draft. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, and know you’re looking forward to your well deserved vacation in December!

  18. Hi C!
    I’m sure John will do just fine… the troop is going to miss you, but they’ll be fine too.
    Congrats on the badge, I already knew you’re a winner 😉
    Have a nice day!

  19. Oh, think: won’t it feel just great when that plane door closes and you are up, up and away on the first stage . . . only responsibility to enjoy every moment . . . just a few more sleeps 🙂 !

  20. You were not too late for that spectacular sky. What restraint you have to exercise to hand over your beloved animals to the care of others. But as you say, it will be good for all concerned. The word sustainable comes to mind.

  21. It is so hard to let go and relinquish the responsibility of something (and someones) you have put your heart and soul into sustaining… congratulations on your submission!

  22. Oh Oh…I do relate to the difficulty in staying away after handing over the reins. Silly, silly…my overdeveloped sense of responsibility has been my forever challenge. Once I know the person can handle it, bliss!

    Congratulations on reaching your writing goal. It was a good way to begin training the surrogates!

    If I don’t have a chance to say it later, have a tremendous trip, Celi.

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