Internet gone bye bye

Good morning darlings, though I know it is After Noon but I always say good morning to you!

I am in a cafe in Pontiac, the little town on route 66, waiting for the train that is carrying Kim, one of our Fellows who is coming to stay on the farm for a week.  It is hot and I am loving it. I am drinking iced coffee and eating a little cake just for a treat and missing you.

The internet at the farm has thrown a wobbly  –

hurled all its toys out of its cot – spat the dummy!

The vein is cut.

Now, I know how you worry.

So this is just a quick note to say Not to Worry. All will be well.

The little man in the big truck is coming in the next few days to fix my internet all up and then I will be back with Bells On.

But until then ‘Back to work, you Lot.!’

Love your friend on the farmy,





27 Comments on “Internet gone bye bye

  1. Enjoy your visitor. I have no doubt it will be great! I look forward to seeing the new coop. Good luck with the internet. Amazing how we’ve all become so reliant on something that we’ve only had for such a short time (relatively speaking).

  2. I hadn’t noticed the time… it’s is late, for you enjoying your refreshments in Pontiac but early for me 5.30am sipping coffee pre-dawn. Enjoy your week with Kim as company and helper… what a lovely thought.

  3. No working here, darling. I’m on a small island called Bornholm off the coast of Sweden. Eating smoked fish, strawberries, lots of real food, and enjoying sunlight until 10:30pm. Life is good. Back next week with gusto. Love to you and all. xx

  4. I hope it gives a little bit more time for the extra work you have that goes with the season 🙂

  5. It’s Mercury Retrograde–time for all kinds of fun tech glitches! My routher went out this weekend so I sympathize. Thanks for letting us know you are okay and enjoy your visitor. I’m coming for a retreat one of these days, I swear it!

  6. Thank you for letting us know. I WAS beginning to worry, as you are usually so punctual I could set my watch by you. I had a lovely day in Durham today, and am now a) v tired and b) struggling to shut my case ready for a very early start for home tomorrow. I hope all is otherwise well at the Farmy.

  7. Enjoy your blog-break! I wondered, when there was no Celi last night, but here you are with my morning coffee… I mailed the fly thingy to you yesterday, I hope it works for you.

  8. It sounds like it’s going around! I got up the other morning and our UPS was in full screech. I thought the router and the modem had fried as well, but after awhile we got things back, although not without some colorful language!

  9. I always worry when I don’t see you first thing, with you living in the path of thunderstorms and heavy winds. I am one of those worry warts that always thinks the worst…..and happily, I am mostly wrong. How wonderful you are getting a visit and some help on the farmy. No internet to slow you down….just enjoy life like in the olden days….lol

  10. [laughter] You refuse to take time off – well, Greater Powers are forcing such upon you 🙂 ! Enjoy your visitor and get a lot of satisfying stuff done at the same time !!

  11. Guess I picked a good day to drop in, eh Celi? 😉
    Hurry back, and I will visit older posts while I wait.

  12. I think the Muse is in league with the internet gremlins, giving you more space for your writing project! (Of course my astrologer friends would say that this is typical of Mercury Retrograde. This morning my internet was down for 20 minutes, something that has never happened before.

  13. There I was thinking you were skinning a mink before breakfast 🙂 Laura

  14. Good to know your ok. I’m not working either, in Portugal eating lots of fish and drinking some lovely wines! Hic! joking ha ha ! Hope you all have a fab time together xx

  15. Oh dear. Sorry to hear of your internet woes. I do hope the issues are resolved quickly. Meanwhile, I’m pleased to hear the weather is warm and summer has finally arrived xx

  16. I love all your little sayings to describe the broken computer! Hope you get it fixed in a jiffy by the little man in the big truck. 🙂

  17. Yes I wondered what happened this a.m. too. Glad you are okay and having a guest. An extra pair of hands is always good!

  18. Whenever our internet connection disappears my husband ( the tech guru ) unplugs the router and turns it on and off. Sometimes it works. Good luck.

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