A Big Shiny Truck

Four doors, 4 wheel drive,  8 foot deck ( that was the hardest to find) and no stupid computer mod cons. My crew calls it The Boat.

Shiny too. There was a lot of driving, the journey to the city, finding the truck, bringing it back home to be inspected then after the evening milking driving it all the way back to  the dealers to sign all the papers and then driving it home.

And when I got home at 8.30 pm, there was my dinner waiting for me. Everyone was already in bed. But there was my dinner with my name on it and a smiley face, sitting alone on the bench in the clean and darkened kitchen with a napkin and a fork next to it  and I was very touched at this little kindness.

I went out and locked up the chickens, shut the piglets doors (these nights are getting quite chilly) tucked Sheila in, then poured myself an apple cider and sat down to have with my solitary dinner.

I am now a co- owner, with The Matriarch, of a big shiny second hand truck (actually fourth hand) that is so big I need a running board to clamber up into it and none of the men at the dealers quite believed that I was the farmer and it was to be my truck until they saw that there was no man in attendance when we returned to buy it. So I ate my dinner and  drank my cider and then my legs told me they were very tired and I went to bed.

I did not take Camera House truck shopping.  But it was not a photographic journey.

I hope you have a good day



40 Comments on “A Big Shiny Truck

  1. The Boat sounds like a proper grown up truck, no unnecessary frills or half measures. I hope we’ll get a photographic introduction tomorrow – it would be too much to hope you’d be leaning out of the window with a grin on your face, and Boo and Ton on the tray…

  2. Woo hoo, may you have many many safe and productive miles together. The boat 🙂 Laura

  3. I can’t wait to see your new truck ,I am happy for you, I hope it makes some of the chores easier and you have some fun trips in it too.☺

  4. Yahoo!!! You got it!!! So wonderful!!! It will be fabulous to have on the farmy, that’s for sure!!! 🙂

  5. Take those corners on the wide side! We call our’s The Pontoon or The Land Yacht. Hope you ran a CarFax search.

  6. You must feel pleased and a great sense of accomplishment. You deserve a giant happy face with your meal every day.

  7. So it was a lucky truck/boat. 🙂 Better that you came home tired with the truck than coming home tired without one. You have a good crew and I’m happy you had a successful journey. You have a lot of training to do in letting the rest of the men in the world know that a woman can do anything a man can do and sometime, better.

  8. The Boat and an act of kindness on a long, long day. Thunderstorms and rain up here this morning – good day for weeding once the lighting stops striking. 🙂

  9. Anxious to see the Boat. Yeah maybe it should be called The Arc –since no doubt critters galore will be aboard often! Much luck, miss C

  10. VERY nice! And I am impressed, a running board even! heh heh… good stuff. I’m trying to imagine, in my mind’s eye, the actual overall size of this vehicle and she sounds like a beast! I’m thinking she must be at least 16 feet in length! Ha! Hope you don’t have to parallel park when you go into the feed store in town The vision of little tiny you taking over the control of The Boat is inspiring, to say the least. I hope she provides years of great service for you.
    And having everyone in bed by 8:30? It’s perfect for you, to be able to find peaceful quietude after such a day but, man, that’s early to bed. Hope you have a great day too! ~ Mame 🙂

  11. Of course. Every farm needs a boat. Boo and Ton probably think it is just for them!

  12. Although we haven’t seen her, The Matriarch sounds like a very generous mother-in-law, too, which is a blessing.

    • She holds the reins of the farmland so has posession of the families farm cheque book so we are grateful that she was happy to buy a truck for the farms and park it here for me. It is a blessing.

  13. I am so pleased that you have your new truck. As Esther said let’s have a parade . Much love, Your Gayle

  14. Oh what the hell does a city gal know to say? – SO glad if the ‘Boat’ will be another of the ‘farmy cast’ and of real usefulness to you 🙂 !! From one who has never ever even been near a truck ‘kudos’ !!!!

  15. Boat as in The Queen Mary? I love the idea of you alone in your enormous boat, lady farmer, lads not quite believing it. Yes, that is exactly as it should be. And I also love the lady farmer tucking her wee animals into bed for the night, having her cider, and sighing a sigh of contentment after a long leg aching day. You are my hero.

  16. The Boat brings back fond memories. Of course, most cars fit that description when I was growing up. A niece got my dad’s yellow(!) car, and her friend’s dubbed it the Banana Boat.

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