Save your fivers

All my working life I have put coins in jars and fivers in a drawer.  Every five dollar note that I touch is saved and I have jars of coins sitting in the corner waiting to be cashed in.  And they are all cashed in when I begin to take my annual leave. And leave I do.

All  my working life I have had a plan to travel ahead of me. I am a restless soul. And I fret unless there is a ticket to Somewhere in my travel bag. Or when the children were smaller: a car ready to be packed full of kids and food and the dog and a plan and off we would go. It does not have to be exotic but it is not a question of IF I travel it is a question of WHEN. This is something I know about myself.

It is like always having another book to read. If I am getting close to the end of a book and have not got the next one aleady lined up and in sight, my reading self gets very nervous.

It is the same with travel. I cannot settle to the now, unless I know where I am going next, even if it is planned months and sometimes years ahead. I need to see an open door in front of me.  To fight this need in me would be to invite madness and a life of simmering misery. Not only would I be unhappy but I would make everyone else unhappy too. I know this about myself, and those who know me know this about me too so I go without many things so I can travel. This year my children are shouting me a night of accomodation each on my travel, somewhere amazing and as yet unrevealed. They know this about me too.

My trips are not expensive. After all, I earn very little cash in my present  job as a farmer and using chickens to pay for plane tickets is frowned upon!  So I have to be clever in my planning. There are always cheap flights to somewhere. Always cheap places to stay. And LOTS to see!

Each trip is planned in detail – this is Part One of the therapy of travel.  The planning keeps me company during the long quiet hours. I found a stupidly cheap ticket to London early in the summer this year so step one for me was to borrow the money from the credit card to buy that and then pay it off.  ($560 return – Chicago to London to Chicago- crazy cheap!)

Then saving some more for food and a place to stay (always with a kitchen).    Food and accomodation are always saved into different envelopes (all those fivers and coins).   I take my time but I am always saving. (And yes, I am still sitting in that old chair!)

The farm is also planned and organised so everyone will be in a winter holding pattern so it can be managed easily by Jake and John (John does not work in the winters and has absolutely no desire at all to travel anywhere).

Here is my travel list for this winter. Christmas Day in Canada (using points), London (and an exciting, yet to be revealed destination, from there) will be in February  and early in the spring- California. Each trip is quite short – I cannot leave the farm for long.

I am happily in the planning stages now!

Travel is my secret life I suppose!  This is how I deal with my itchy feet and months and months never leaving the farm.  I am still saving my fivers for food on my Europe trip.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi





65 Comments on “Save your fivers

  1. Funny. I keep an Australian “Fiver” note in my wallet. Mostly to show people that amazing plastic money.

  2. I am also married to a non-traveler. I wonder how he lives without all the new and exciting places; he wonders what the allure is about seeing this and that. It can be awkward.

  3. how exciting, you’re visiting my city (London) … have you got your accommodation here sorted?

    • Not really – i am an airbnb girl! – and am focusing on london this week. I lived in London for a time and have old friends and very good friends who are readers there.. c

  4. Way to go my dear friend. My mom says she is feeling the travel bug as well and is planning something for late next year. Why so far away – like you we have to save money. Of course, I’m all for mom saving for a trip as long as it doesn’t cut into my Cheerios. Snorts with piggy laughter. Can’t wait to hear about your adventures. XOXO – Bacon

  5. I love this strategy of setting aside 5s. I’m going to start doing that too. It will grow fast. So happy your restless soul has a plan. Oink.

  6. Ooo! Exciting stuff C. I believe you are also going to meet daring Tanya in the UK. How very exciting! Meet and I also collect coins. 😀 Our currency however in comparison to you is pathetic! to buy one USD I currently need ZAR14.10 and even worse for one GBP I currently need ZAR 17.52! Scary!
    Have a wonderful day.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  7. You never fail to amaze and impress me. You are just SOMETHING ELSE. I’m like you – I NEED to travel. I have about $5,000 right now in Canada from my husband’s small social security… which is about $90.00 a month. And, just like you, I let it accumulate. After my house is sold, I’m hoping to spend that saved money (now worth about 30% less the our dollar !!) in Canada. Maybe I can do that cross-Canada rail trip my husband had wanted to do… but, sadly, he didn’t live long enough to do it. Have a fabulous Turkey Day my friend!

  8. How exciting! You will need to plan a trip to South Africa soon. That way you can have great weather as well. Unfortunately most of the Dordogne shuts down for winter so not much to see and do here but you can come and rest up and eat and drink with us whenever you want.

  9. We are so lucky these days that we can get in an airplane and go all over the world, I imagine our forefathers having to travel by horse and wagon and never return to their native home. As I am getting older I am becoming restless when I can’t visit my German family and friends.

  10. Well, I seem to recall that sometime ago you did mention your European destination and just last night I was wondering if we would get to come along with you on this trip, and if you’d be visiting Franco’s family. But London is a great start to that trip and, in fact, my favourite of world cities I’ve been to so far — always so much to see and do, and the art galleries are FREE ! Mind you, everything else is horrendously expensive but — oh, well. And, like The Daily Cure, I think your fiver strategy is marvelous and one I too will employ, thank you! Hope your planning days are lovely too! ~ Mame 🙂

  11. I tried traveling with the last husband. Never with the first. Then last husband whined so much that I left him home from then on. The dog was a perfect traveling companion. I drove us all over the country and she never gave me a moments problem. Can’t travel much anymore but I’d sure like to and you have a wonderful plan on how to do it should the ability arise. Done my fair share but I still want to see so many things. I’m with you there. Then world and it’s people fascinate me. Have fun with the plans. I remember the feeling of making them.

  12. Hubby has thrown his change on a dresser or the bathroom counter. As such, I’ve always thrown the change into a jar and eventually we cash it in. I’ve never saved $5 though and love the idea. For a matter-of-fact, I have a $5 in my wallet now, so there is no time like the present to begin saving.

    Like you, I love to travel and feel like I’ll break out in hives if I don’t have a trip at least in the planning stages. In February, we will be embarking on another cruise. I require that every cruise be to a destination we’ve never been, so this time we’ll see Honduras and Belize. It’s like the trailer to a movie for me. I get a little taste and if that taste is really good, we can plan a longer visit at a later date.

    I’m fortunate in that my husband and our girls like to travel as well, especially my girls. It makes it so much easier to pack up and take off knowing they like to see new places too.

    I look forward to following along on your travels.

  13. My grandmother did a similar thing. Her income was just above what the state considered the poverty line. But she managed to travel the world on that. She also lived very heavily on her garden and made her own bread. She made her own clothes. Upholstered or refinished curbside finds to decorate her house, wove her own rag rugs. And she knew how squeeze a dollar out of a nickel. And off she went.
    Her life taught me that everyone must choose a thing that gives them joy and make it a priority. She loved to travel. So she structured her life around it. And never did the life around the travel have less joy. She loved the garden and the making of things. That was also part of the joy. Only now, as an adult, can I recognize how much satisfaction she must have gotten from looking around her home and realizing that nearly all the things in it were a result of her direct labor.

  14. [D] Very similar here, but unlike you I’m only now are circumstances beginning to allow me to travel and then to plan and look forward to the next time. That said, first trip is booked and part-planned. In early January I’ll be travelling with Becky, our oldest daughter, to Lanzarote for a fortnight – but not for the beaches. (Apparently it’s common for island-dwellers to prefer their travels to be to other islands!) J will be keeping things ticking along here – it’s our quiet time too. Intrigued as to where you will be going to in February! [BTW, you saved a really tatty £5 note! Let’s hope you find a nice Scottish note for next time!]

  15. Love your plans for the holidays and this coming year! We live in the high Northern California mountains.
    You are most welcome to come stay with us as we have oodles of room! Happy Thanksgiving!

  16. Ohh London my town, it’s looking very pretty at the mo with the Christmas lights up. When was the last time you were here? A lot has changed south of the river. Be fun to meet up, but I’m sure all your days are fully booked! 😊

  17. I’m like you in both the travelling and reading. And getting to scratch my travel itch in January when I’m off to Rajasthan, Gujarat and Darjeeling! And I save my fivers and gold coins too, plus any odd amount left of my pension before the next pay arrives I transfer to my travel account……those few dollars add up.

  18. My hubby does save his Euro fivers, and I bag up the change when the jars get full. With the rough times we had early on this year, I took it all to the bank. Sooo embarrassing! I hate to be the person who makes a ban teller’s day miserable, or hold up a queue. But it got us a safe car. I give a lift to a coworker, and he gives me €15 a week which goes right into hiding. It bought me my bass guitar and amplifier! Hubby’s health has meant no travelling this year, had to use our work holiday days for other things. And then Spot got sick, and died, and I had to get another Bengal. It just wasn’t debatable. So, those fivers and the taxi cash and the coins have helped us through a rough patch.

    Wow. I wrote enough to be a blog post on its own! Maybe I’ll steal your idea 🙂

    • Just pretend you are a waitress cashing in her tips – this is what I do! And yes – a little every day hidden away really does work. Steal the idea! no worries! c

  19. I ‘know’ that you are real – but in my daily wanderings you are surely a magical creature. Thanks for sharing who you are.

  20. I used to travel a lot when I lived in London – my family is scattered around Europe. Then I emigrated, and now I can’t travel very far by air any more as my back won’t let me sit in a plane for longer than 2 or 3 hours. So I have to enjoy other people’s long distance adventures vicariously :-). We don’t use cash much any more; the advent of PayWave means I scarcely ever have more than a few bucks in my wallet, since almost everything can be paid for electronically. I’m going to have a rootle in my foreign curency purses to see if there’s anything that might be useful for you…

    • I must admit to the same financial pattern as Kate. Actually I expected Australia to be ‘cashless’ in the late ’90s and it has yet to be . . . Very rarely would I have more than $40 in my wallet in coin as PayPal, cards and at the extreme, cheque book, are there all the time at seconds of usage. Believe in making it simple 🙂 !!

  21. My day job pays my bills, but I hate it. If I didn’t have a trip planned, I couldn’t stay at it. I know people say to find a job you love, but it’s not always possible, believe me I’ve tried! and nearly starved for a few years trying to do something I loved, but didn’t bring in any money. So I plan trips away from work. Like you, the planning itself is therapeutic. Even if it’s just a day trip away somewhere is enough. We are fortunate here in NZ that we have 4 paid weeks holiday a year, and they accumulate. If you save up enough you can go away on a pretty decent length holiday, and the boss keeps paying while you are away!

  22. Our fiver is a coin, and to travel overseas would require us to save our R200 notes in a very large drawer 🙂 Conversely this means that South Africa is a ridiculously cheap travel destination for you 🙂 Laura

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  24. Yea adventures await. (and planning is part of the fun. I understand London is more of a bargain now. Kitchens do let you be master of your own purse) Enjoy catching up with old haunts and people you’ve missed

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