Yesterday was more than just a sunrise

You would think. sunrise-001

And to trudge back up to the house, through that sunrise, after feeding the animals and moving them,  and checking who is eating well and who is making more noise and telling Daisy: not long, Honey, not long , and then in for a beautiful hot cup of creamy coffee watching the dawn, before you rustle back up into gear and sunrise-002

make a special cow breakfast then gently exit back into the brightened morning for the gentle milking. One thing we know is that the sunrise is always different and though it sounds like every day could be the same – it never is.

There was more to yesterday than that sunrise, but the still anchorage of a miraculous red gold sky, even though laced with calls and voices and movement, expectation and endless determination, this dawn resounds, echos and conveys us silently and carefully through the day. Those wisps of sunrise, that colour of rose, like hope.

Good morning.  This morning’s dawn (as yet still under wraps) will show ice on the ground from last night’s freezing rain. They forecast snow as well, but that passed us by.

The cold is back.  Have a lovely day.



Drinking from Puddles and making Sauerkraut with Whey

Puddles are superior drinking water evidently.saurkraut-022

John is a great believer in fermented foods – most especially sauerkraut (he is of German extraction – the extraction being way way back in the mists of time).  saurkraut-015Live foods are incredibly food for the gut and therefore the general well being of the consumer. Pasteurised and ultra pasteurised are nice and safe for a paranoid public but leave out a number of live enzymes that our stomach needs to digest foods. Raw milk, good yoghurt, pickles in organic vinegars, salsa – all these are great to eat and good for the digestion. And John maintains that all natural sauerkraut is the best of them all. He has a special crock, kind of like this one, which is designed to exclude air completely and he makes a batch every month.  It is very sour and very good. saurkraut-004

After cutting it and pounding it into submission, he adds a little saltsaurkraut-002

and the fresh whey left over from the mornings yoghurt making. saurkraut-008

Then packs it tightly into the crock, covers it in the last of the whey and water then leaves it to work for a month. There is a little rim of fluid visible around the lid and this is kept topped up with water during the fermenting period so that no air can reach the cabbage at all. The rest is all fermenting magic. I drained a batch of yoghurt so that I could make labneh, which I mixed with chopped spring onions and olives to have with a cracker and a drink, it being Friday and all. Live food! Good!saurkraut-019

The Daily View.

Good morning. I hope you are all going to have some loveliness today.


Rain.. Yay.. Blink.. Oh.. Was that IT?!!

Even in the depths of winter farmers long for moisture falling on the fields. We received a little shine from the heavens and should be grateful. But I am greedy.  My fields and gardens even in their winter slumber are greedy. I wanted RAIN! Lots of rain. grey-day-010

But we did get a shower or two so I will be grateful for that. Hairy MacLairy has been telling me that this hole in the door had nothing to do with him at all and what am I going on about? We will look at that today Hairy. Our last warm day for a while. grey-day-019


Yesterday was a great day for washing on the line. I think the washing line needs some repairs too!grey-day-009

My herd.


TonTon doing the round up. Everyone is taking a lot of notice of the herding dog. Not.

Good morning.  Queenie was in heat yesterday and has spent the last 24 hours mooing plaintively to the bull across the creek.

Daisy kicked only once during her milking yesterday. The difference in that cow in only three days of treatment is fantastic. Milking later in the day is so much more relaxed. John’s new job is to brush her while I milk. Her tests show improvements in both of the weak quarters. And her behaviour tells me that she is no longer feeling pain. Even though nothing full blown ever really presented itself, I knew there was something not right with this cow. So I can tentatively say that the Mastoblast (the homeopathic remedy) is proving to be an excellent find.

Mama is on a stricter diet for this pregnancy with no sign of the lameness that she is prone to.  Soon I will start to add grain to her diet but only exactly what she requires. No spoiling her this time. Mia is also growing quite wide.  Let’s hope she has no trouble this time.

So today we will finish up the last of the outside chores then hunker down for another spell of deep winter. But, that’s OK.  My  long silk underwear has arrived along with the silk thermal inners for my gloves. So I am ready this time.  Bring it on, Old Man Winter!

Have a lovely day my darlings.





The lovely tiredness that comes from good hard work

I am not used to working so hard anymore, my body has gone into winter mode but this brief respite from the cold  must not be wasted. So I shoveled the proverbial almost all day yesterday. A new pile of compost was started. And the others were turned over.  And any areas that might have had hay mixed in with the straw were wheel-barrowed straight out to the fields. One day I will get a manure spreader but they are OH so expensive.melted-004

The barn was overdue for a good clean up and tidy. In fact as a rule I do more house work in my barn than I do in my house. In old fashioned language instead of being described as a housekeeper I would be described as a barn keeper. Which has nothing to do with an inn keeper though I would not mind being one of those either. Anything but a house keeper actually.  A gate keeper is not an arduous job. I could do that one. But I digress.  A barn keeper I am. melted-008

I found a little time in the late afternoon to walk out the dogs and the kinks in my back.melted-009

And see what we could see. Um. Nothing. Nothing to see here yesterday except some pretty impressive shadows. melted-003

The Daily View. There was green grass under all that snow. Who knew.

Good morning. It seems that this warm interlude will last another two days, though the rain and snow that was promised are being slowly taken out of the forecast.

Today I shall finish pruning the grapes in between clearing out that one last big pen and freshening the chook house.  We are getting two eggs a day now, and one a day from the barn birds. All the animals are in the sacrifice fields, stomping about enjoying the warm.

Daisy still has access to her corner of the barn and had a lovely day watching me work. She takes her Mastoblast homeopathic medicine very well. I just cut a capsicum in quarters and pour the fluid in as though it were a spoon. She opens her mouth and eats the lot, spoon and all. This will keep her healthy while she transitions to once a day milking and hopefully bolster the two weak quarters.

Oh and when I was in the barn last night I heard a peacock call out. That loud Neil Neil sound. I have not heard a peep out of them since early last summer so that is an                 interesting change. Kupa’s tail is so long now that when he shifted position on a fence, as I walked past,  he managed to brush my face with his tail feathers.  They are not soft.

Have a lovely day.


A Tiny Thaw that Melted the Daily View

Get down off that wardrobe Thing One and go outside, it is a lovely day. the-thaw-006

Did Miss c make you go outside too?the-thaw-008

I am just watching The View melt.the-thaw-010

Did I miss something?the-thaw-014

No, we are watching The Thaw Tui. You can join us.the-thaw-038

Is it thaw time? 

No. It is just a thawy day.feet

But the chooks don’t mind, they are still hard at work preparing the corridor paddock to be sown with new grass seed in the spring. I spread the contents of Queenie’s sunroom stall out there for them to flick about.


Yesterday it stayed above freezing all day. This meant I could catch up on lots of farm chores. It is hard to spread manure when it is frozen solid, so yesterday and today are perfect days for this.    The new compost heaps will be started today too.

Daisy begins her Once A Day milking today. From now on (if all goes well) she will be milked at 9.30 each morning. Her tests (using the California Mastitis Kit) came through OK though I will take more tests throughout this transition and then once a week after that. As you know a cow’s udder has four separate quarters, a sample of milk from each of these quarters is tested. This is very simple to do and now that we have the kit we will know if she needs attention. The consensus is that she has been fighting a sub-clinical infection. There were the remaining traces of this in two of her quarters. Though no other indications at all. But her natural health has fought it.  So we will watch  closely. If the somatic cell  levels increase we will go back to twice a day. But I do think that with a more laid back milking schedule,  less demands on her body plus a twice daily dose of the homeopathic remedy she will recover tip top health and a better attitude. It is all about balance and we need to help Daisy recover her balance.

I won’t go away and leave a milking cow again.

You all have a lovely day.



Chooks are very strict Babysitters

This is a scene I happen upon quite often lately. The chooks put the kittens down for their afternoon nap then slowly surround them.  Babysitting. These two sister chickens are always the closest to the kittens. You may remember them from the spring when they were job sharing one small chick, who they eventually lost.abwalkies-002

Now they have taken over the duties of babysitting the kittens. If I had zoomed out further you would have seen more chooks and all the peacocks, who often make up the outer circle  but they all moved off when I appeared. abwalkies-004

But these two who would not leave their babysitting posts for all the tea in china. This little scene is usually in a sunny corner, I am not sure why the babies were put to bed in the calfs pen yesterday afternoon. Bobby was outside.

Now look below – do you see what I see?


Yes. Someone broke the sheep’s door. Maybe Mia and Mama are getting too fat to fit through the door anymore, or maybe they all decided to try and go through at the same time with Hairy being a bit rammy. Old barn doors that are frozen to the ground break easily. This goes on the repairs list. And when it thaws a bit more today I shall dig out the door and push it along to make the gap wider. abwalkies-016

We  went for a walk yesterday. abwalkies-021My friends and I, though Daisy is in a crazy mood lately 



chasing everyone and larking about. Once we got out in the field she was more interested in finding a little grass to pull up.


Li’l Puss rides on my shoulder most of the time that I am in the barn ( he uses his claws if you try to shift him off before he is ready), and follows along behind when I am out and about. He has been seen jumping onto the backs of cows. Queenie does not seem to mind but Daisy always startles and looks back in that totally dislocated way that cows can and says Get Off.  But L’il Puss will only get off if he is close enough to a fence for a dignified dismount. I will get a shot of this one day soon.


The Daily View.

Good morning. Today will be another warmish day so we will spend time outside doing repairs and mucking out pens while it is comfortable to work out there.  John is still off work (he does not work in the winter)  so this is the time of year to get ahead on the heavy chores if we can get outside.

Daisy, who went through a period of good behaviour, has started jumping and kicking again during the second half of her milking, I will test her again for mastitis, then as soon as her homeopathic remedies arrive (today hopefully) I shall begin to transition her to once a day milking (OAD).  This will take the pressure off everyone (though The Bobby will need to be weaned from milk if her production drops too far) and I will move her milking time to late morning when it is warmer.  The plan is that I can milk her once a day through to the spring when I will get her pregnant again. So let’s hope that plan works out. Once a day milking is much easier on the cow and the humans. My research tells me that I can expect anything from a 10% to a 30% drop in milk. Though the fat content will be higher and the cow will put on some weight. I will be vigilant as far as health goes as the risk of mastitis over that transition period is much higher.  But it is time. I have pushed her far enough.

You all have a lovely day. We will.


Onion Jam and Carrot Cake

I spent some time with my mother’s recipe book yesterday, onions-ana-cake-020

which looks suspicously like my own.


I thought I might try her custard recipe,  (eggs you see!) but I understand now why she always ended up making it from the Edmonds Instant Custard packet. I cannot work out her recipe for Elaine’s custard either. onions-ana-cake-016

I decided to make carrot cake instead from Deb’s recipe book. I have been after this recipe for years and Deb had to go back to an old friends to finally find it for us.  And her daughter kindly copied it from Debs recipe book while I was visiting. onions-ana-cake-034

So I shall share this with you.

Louisa’s Carrot Cake

  • 2 cups flour
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 small tin crushed pineapple
  • 2 small cups sugar
  • 1 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 cup grapeseed oil (or sunflower)
  • 2 cups grated carrots
  • 1/4 cup chopped walnuts
  • 1 scant tsp salt
  • 2 teaspoons cinnamon

Mix everything together.  (typical NZ method) Bake at 180 (350F) for 40 – 60 minutes.

Cream Cheese Icing (Frosting) 

  • 125g cream cheese (1/2 small carton)
  • 60g butter (1/2 US stick)
  • 2tsp grated orange rind
  • 1/2 cup icing sugar

I have to admit that the icing is my favourite part of this cake. Store in the fridge.

Earlier I had made some Home-made fresh cheese and on the wood stove was onion jam. Chopped onions caramelised with red wine, balsamic, brandy and  1 heaped teaspoon of brown sugar.

So we had a very tasty afternoon.


There now. Thats enough cooking for one day. onions-ana-cake-024

The Daily View. onions-ana-cake-022

Good morning.  We are still below freezing -yes I have put sand on the steps and my long silk drawers should be arriving this week.   It is 14F (-10C) this morning but there is a rumour that the weather will warm up this coming week, just a little would be nice, though so far this winter has been mild and we can’t complain really.

I keep meaning to say that I still visit the Old Codger twice a week and he sends his love. He is doing very well.

Have a lovely day.



Move along, Move along, Nothing to see Here.

I decided not to post a page this morning. Then after the milking and after I had started a new cheese, my daughter called from hot, hot Melbourne and said ..


I am waiting. I have been checking and checking. Where is todays post? I want to read it before I go out.

What time is it, I said.


Midnight. Oh. Well, there is nothing to see. I took a few shots yesterday, I said, but they are all so deadly dull.

We want to see the dull too, she said. five-003

And how will all your people really know what it is like if you hide the dull from them? Chimed in Our John.

You are not supposed to be listening to other peoples phone calls.  I said.  He went back to his paper.

I thought men could not hear a thing when they were reading the paper, my daughter whispered in my ear.

Hmm, I said. five-002

So here you are. But you do see what I mean. five-001

The only change I have today is that it is windy as well.

My daughter told me a story about some people in Aussie who, to escape the bush fires, evacuated themselves down to a beach. There they discovered that they were sharing their beach with a large number of kangaroos who had also designated the shore as a meeting point in case of fire.

Have a lovely day.  And welcome back to work New Zealand.  I am off to check and see if the cheese has set.


Look at my beautiful Shush Sisters

Though they spend most of their time in their sheltered winter quarters, if the weather is nice, The Shush Sisters still come out each day for a walk. Sheila has dressed up for her outing and put a bow tie on her tail!! friday-007

No,  it is TonTon behind her.  Though Ton appears to be wearing a brown top hat so this shot just gets worse and worse. friday-002

Both Charlotte and Sheila are growing up into very nice looking piggies.  For those of you who are new, these are Hereford Pigs  Charlotte has the white face and sticky uppy ears. Sheila has brown smudges on her droopy ears.  Charlotte is in more shots than Sheila because Sheila is almost always walking right at my heel like a well trained dog. I need to call the swine herd and make an appointment for Charlotte with the Boar. Not a very delicate thought is it.(?)  Does a rhetorical question have a question mark?friday-004

Minty is also difficult to get a shot of as she is almost always standing on the other side of me, at her own heel. friday-013

And what have we here. (?) A chook escaping back INto the chook house. Which of you chickens was playing with a ball inside, even though we have talked about this before and who broke a window? I will have to fix that tomorrow.  Two more eggs today! Joy. friday-017

The Daily View.

Good morning everyone. Today is shopping day so The Matriarch and I will take her big jeep into town and fill it with  supplies for the next few weeks.  We always start at the feed store and finish at the grocery store. The list is long.  Not my favourite way to spend a day as you know but it is not as cold this morning and most of the ice has melted off the roads, so it is a good idea to just get it over and done with.

Have a lovely day. And if you are in Aussie I hope you find somewhere cool for the next week or so. The temperatures there sound scorching.





A Little Dr Seuss Spot – Of Sun and the Origins of an Egg

Someone laid an egg yesterday. a-thursday-005

Was it you? Maybe not. a-thursday-009

Certainly was not you and I know it was not me. a-thursday-020

And we know for sure that Queenie, waiting patiently under leaden skies for a little sun, did not lay an egg. a-thursday-038

Out of the gray a roving spotlight of sun shot through and we all forgot about the egg.


Instead we stood very still in our tiny spots of sun  – our sun spots. a-thursday-028

And breathed warm thoughts. And when the sun winked back under the clouds again.a-thursday-042

I took the precious egg inside, walking very carefully up my frozen steps and put it in a tiny bowl then stored it in the fridge. Maybe tomorrow we will get another egg, then I will make … you know I am sitting here wondering what I will make. A cake? An omelette with fresh cheese? A fried egg on toast? Custard and meringues. I think I need to wait until I have three eggs.  I have not had an egg in ages. I am not sure I can wait!!

Now, who laid that egg?

Have a lovely day.


PS To while away the winter we will revisit our year ago posts again.  On this day a year ago: the drink with the unpronounceable name. Oh I remember this!

PSS And many thanks to Mary at Brissiemaz who nominated me for the Reality Award. Thank you so much for thinking of me.

Also The Brave Cook awarded me for the Blog of the Year award.  Thank you so much Lukasz.

I must apologise to all the people who have given me awards over the last while as (what with writing a book in the afternoons) I quite simply do not have the time to give awards my best. And I do feel as though I am letting people down. So one of my blog resolutions for 2013 is to thank people immediately on my pages, then add them to my blogroll as an extra thank you, because I really do appreciate the thought and those award posts take a lot of care and time to make.  I am sorry I am unable to participate fully.