Buds on the bushes! And green in the garden. I think spring us here. Have a look!


Do you see Pania in there?






The ducks LOVE their sprouts. I tuck them into their water tray and they stay fresh all day. Because the sprouts are jammed in there they can yank at them and pull pieces out to eat.

The asparagus is popping up too – I will show you tomorrow.

I hope you have a lovely day!

Love celi

WEATHER: Cloudy but getting steadily warmer. Good gardening day!

Monday 04/23 20% / 0 in
Generally cloudy. Slight chance of a rain shower. High near 65F. Winds ENE at 10 to 15 mph.

Monday Night 04/23 30% / 0.01 in
A few showers this evening with overcast skies overnight. Low 49F. Winds NE at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 30%.

6:01 AM 7:41 PM


First Quarter, 56% visible 12:54 PM 2:34 AM



  1. Yay, daffodils and asparagus and fast growing little ducklings, the busy season has started. Laura

  2. Spring is sprung, the grass is riz / I wonder where the birdie is (I know where she is, behind the budding bushes!) 🙂

  3. Love the daffodil! And that you feed the sprouts to the ducklings.

  4. The spring chicks and duck are so cute, as are the spring pigs. Fresh horseradish!?!?!?! My nose is running at the thought! Yum! Are the green tops spicy and eatable? I once had beet greens – and since I look at all the green leaves of root vegetables and wonder about their taste.

    • Beet greens – yummy! Ate them as a kid on the farm, with a little butter and salt and pepper – so delish1 My husband had never had them, which really surprised me since I had thought his Latvian mother would have known about that. But apparently beets weren’t a big deal there – maybe more so now. he was quite pleased with them, so now they never go to waste.
      Chris S in Canada

  5. Yahoooo!!! Finally Spring has reached you!!! About time!!! I have to brag that we ate our first bunch of asparagus from the garden a few days ago!
    So exciting! Also, my John has the ‘sprouts for the pigs and other animals’ project going in the garage! Very exciting too!!!

  6. Oh, I miss our ducks. The lovely thing about ducklings is that unlike chicks, they just gradually evolve into ducks! They change from fluff balls to feathers without us noticing somehow. No straggly, tufty, non-uniform plumage, or legs that seem to be too long for their bodies (a bit like gangly teenagers!) Yes, ducks have certainly mastered the evolution to maturity in a subtle, stylish way. Chicks take note!

  7. Such a relief, isn’t it? I have started bean sprouts and have seeds waiting for alfalfa because of you! I should be able to harvest my beansprouts tomorrow. I’m very excited! I’m “farming” in my kitchen. 👩‍🌾 hehehe. Thank you.

  8. we need more love these days and less judgmental sniping. Have a wonderful week! Spring is here! Yay!

  9. It’s very spring like here too at last. We had a really hot weekend, more like summer than spring. Back to normal temps now. We have a duck nesting in one of our plant containers! I can’t go out my back door at the mo as she is sitting on the eggs all day now. I just hope they all survive after they hatch. I think I will have to do road patrol for them. Duck lollipop lady! 😀

  10. Yes! So glad spring has finally arrived for you. Here in the Bay Area CA, it is also finally warming up (we went from hail and thunder at the beginning of the week to 85 degrees by the weekend. ???). Got my tomatoes and peppers in the ground this weekend, beans planted. Corn is planted, winter squash planted. Almost time to harvest the shallots and get some cucumbers in that bed! Hops twining up their strings and climbing for the skies!
    Also saw our first yellow jacket, a harbinger of a different sort 🙂
    Enjoy your day –
    Cheers, Elizabeth

  11. I love the spring with all the new buds and blossoms!!! A few weeks ago I was so excited to see the 3″ high hostas peeking out ~~ and 2 days later they had absolutely disappeared ~~ those blasted deer eat all my spring flowers around here. Your rhubarb is beautiful!! I need to go out and look at mine ~~ been too sick with serious bronchitis. Darling Duckies!!

  12. The green pollen is doing everyone in around here – including our cars. Kind of outfitted with a green suede look, very in vogue for this time of year! Amazing how people’s outlook on life has changed with warmth, sunshine, and bright flowers!

  13. Thank you so much for the beautiful photo of the ducklings – definitely not the chicks I saw yesterday! Have they started to sound duck-ish, or are they still ‘peeping’?

  14. Hello, c. What in heaven’s name are you feeding your rhubarb? It’s monstrous! Mine is pencil width.

  15. The ducks and the piggies are so adorable. It’s finally spring here too, I walked to the store today, it was 17°C finally! So happy.

  16. Look at that rhubarb! When I checked yesterday, ONE of my rhubarb plants had poked its way out of the ground… and the rest were still under snow. We had the most beautiful day today, though, so I’m sure this snow won’t last much longer. It’s so strange to have it be 70˚F with drifts of snow still spotted around the place!

  17. Oh your rhubarb! I am so jealous. Mine has not even peeked out of the ground yet. 2 little plants in my city back yard. All we’ve had popping up are the crocus (lovely golden sunshine at ground level) the tulips (about 6″) and the day lilies (about 6 ” also). but the weekend of April 14 & 15 we had a rather nasty ice storm here in southwestern Ontario, so the poor things were all shivering and huddling till mid-week when it started to warm up a bit. Hope to see more things coming along in the next couple of weeks, this past weekend was totally wonderful spring weather.

    Can’t wait for the asparagus – I don’t have my own, but the farm stands will have it soon I hope! My dad and I could polish off several pounds at one sitting. Mum got tired of it, but Dad and I never did. I love it raw as well.

    Happy Spring everyone!
    Chris S in Canada

  18. Pania? Who cares? That’s serious rhubarb!
    Rhubarb seems to be making a comeback; or has it always been popular there?

  19. I don’t see Pania. 🙁 It’s like looking for Waldo. I’m glad to see you have signs of spring. We are already getting a bit of summer here in the PNW! 3 days of hot then rain. It’s all sideways but spring is so important to a farmer. I’m glad you have it finally.

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