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Can a Monarch Change the Law?

There is milk weed in the fields and milkweed down by the ditch that was a creek and milkweed in the kitchens garden even milkweed growing with the asparagus. But until 2017 many regions of Illinois had outlawed this plant. The poor monarch butterflies… Continue Reading “Can a Monarch Change the Law?”

How to Revive dried out Potted Plants.

This is probably one of the most important plant revival hacks to know. If you, like me, just cannot resist rescuing dried out herb or vegetable plants from the supermarket. I found a few the other day that were in pots so dry it… Continue Reading “How to Revive dried out Potted Plants.”

Bath-time for Ducks and Chooks

The Barn Yard Ducks don’t actually need a pond full of water as long as they have deep bowls of water but they LOVE it most when they can have a proper bath in a pond. Ducks preen after a bath. The main function… Continue Reading “Bath-time for Ducks and Chooks”

Scenes while Mowing

Our old mower is so loud and so old and so wonky that it is a wrestling match to get mowing done. But I cleaned up the pathways between the asparagus beds. (There is a little asparagus coming up but still not much –… Continue Reading “Scenes while Mowing”

Do you talk to yourself?

I do. I talk to myself all day. Mainly because I am by myself all day. I think talking to yourself is perfectly healthy. Here are some of the things I say to myself “OK”, “Right”, “That’s not heavy”, “Are you crazy?”. “Coffee time.”… Continue Reading “Do you talk to yourself?”

Cranberry Shortbread

So easy to make and quite delicious. The secret is in the pause. The tang of the cranberries with the sweetness of the shortbread is a perfect marriage. And (of course) eating dried fruit with my cookie makes me feel that surely I am… Continue Reading “Cranberry Shortbread”

Apple Trees produce Leaves Before Blossom

Apple trees, unlike some other fruit trees, produce their leaves before the blossoms. So we can cautiously count three to four weeks from the first unfurling leaf to the first blossoms. The leaves on our apple trees are just unfurling which means the blossoms… Continue Reading “Apple Trees produce Leaves Before Blossom”

The Kitchen’s Gardens are Many.

The Kitchen’s Garden is really FIVE gardens. But first the trees are blooming. The Spring Garden I was working in the Spring Garden yesterday. This has the raised anti-duck beds (which may or may not work). They have full sun for most of the… Continue Reading “The Kitchen’s Gardens are Many.”

How to Grow Salad Greens In A Pot

I love to grow salad greens in one big pot. It is so easy. And anyone with a deck or a patio (or a sunny window in the winter) can do this. I sow all the salad greens that I love to eat, into… Continue Reading “How to Grow Salad Greens In A Pot”

How to make Willow Water Rooting Hormone

A hard wood or semi hard wood cutting needs help to grow good strong roots, usually from a rooting hormone. You can make a natural and very effective rooting hormone at home. With willow cuttings. When I was a very young Mum. In New… Continue Reading “How to make Willow Water Rooting Hormone”