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Little Hiccups along the Road

The family has been busy these last few weeks minding The Matriarch who had a fall. You know how these things are. But with a very determined and positive attitude she is well on the way to a complete recovery. But the first few… Continue Reading “Little Hiccups along the Road”


ONE DROP MEADOW. My son the film maker has quit his day job, and following his dream, has begun a series of UTubes about the transformation of his Wellington, New Zealand garden from jungle to paradise. One Drop Meadow.


ALL DAY YESTERDAY and all the day before that the wind blew hard and hot. Like a blow torch. My skin was black with dust and my hay fever was out of control. The storms and rain last night was very welcome. Though Boo… Continue Reading “WIND LIKE A BLOW-TORCH”


Buds on the bushes! And green in the garden. I think spring us here. Have a look!


By the end of Autumn John usually has the glass house planted and producing but this year there have been interruptions to some of the familial rhythms.  So I decided to take the bull by the horns and plant a wild card garden. 

Wild Flower Garden

The wild flowers have begun to get all blowsy and over blown – going to seed  – with traces of last nights makeup and tired feet from dancing.  My plan was to fence it off and put the cows in there but I am… Continue Reading “Wild Flower Garden”


Isn’t everything on the farm about growing. The piglets are growing, the garden is growing (but not fast enough yet), the pasture is growing, the cobwebs in the barn are growing and my team is growing. Ellie – wwoofer number two came yesterday –… Continue Reading “Growing”

Wellington, The Pause

I am in Wellington, New Zealand for a very fast family visit.  Just two and a half  more days then I am flung back into the void. You have been here (Wellington) with me before and there are a lot of family things needing my attention in… Continue Reading “Wellington, The Pause”

Gardening in the rain

Yesterday it rained. I am trying very hard not to make sarcastic comments like ” Rain? Really? You’re kidding.” More rain. Amanda was Kitchen Mama which meant I had hours to spend in the garden and it was raining but I just worked in the… Continue Reading “Gardening in the rain”

black calf in the black night

Last night I decided that I would begin the process to wean Naomi completely from her mother. So instead of letting her back with her mother in the evening I left her in her corner pen with  walls that come up to my chest… Continue Reading “black calf in the black night”