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One of the reasons I came across this side of the world was to witness my daughter graduating from the Victory Police Academy in Melbourne. SO, today I left Wellington at 6am and with the help of my favourite airline – Air New Zealand… Continue Reading “MELBOURNE AT LAST”

Melbourne: Hosier Lane

Graffiti is a complicated art form. It begins as Tagging.  Tagging is the street mark of a defiant kid with a spray can. Her sign.  In its truest form it is a personal shout out against the dark, it is furious and subversive, often sadly hateful, linear,… Continue Reading “Melbourne: Hosier Lane”

Melbourne: Trees and Trams

(For some reason this morning none of my photographs would load for the early post. Thankfully, and for no apparent reason, later on the problem fixed itself – apologies to earlier readers who missed out on these few pictures.) In New Zealand this would be called… Continue Reading “Melbourne: Trees and Trams”

Little Gatherings

Melbourne turned on a lovely day for us yesterday. My cousin arrived then we journeyed into the city in Melbourne and had a lovely lunch with a few members of The Fellowship, (Kate, Ella Dee and Ardyz, – delightful ladies – thank you so much for inviting me to… Continue Reading “Little Gatherings”

Australia: Melbourne. Again.

Yesterday after a somewhat harrowing journey with the added interest of a flight that took off over two hours late,  I finally arrived back in Melbourne. After greetings, a few of us walked to a grand little pub called Lincoln for a beautiful small plate dinner… Continue Reading “Australia: Melbourne. Again.”

Wellington, The Pause

I am in Wellington, New Zealand for a very fast family visit.  Just two and a half  more days then I am flung back into the void. You have been here (Wellington) with me before and there are a lot of family things needing my attention in… Continue Reading “Wellington, The Pause”

bus, train, tram, lunch

Yesterday Fede and I climbed on a bus in Apollo Bay and it carried us to Geelong.  It was a windy road along a series of beautiful beaches.  But a windy road in a bus. Enough said. Then we ran, laughing with relief at being… Continue Reading “bus, train, tram, lunch”

in, out, off, on, gone

I reached California last night, safely encased in my travel bubble, booked into my cupboard sized relatively economically priced hotel room, pulled off all my winter gear, went back to the lobby and bought fruit, water and toothpaste, (always with the toothpaste) then lay… Continue Reading “in, out, off, on, gone”