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On the road again. Soon.

As you might know by now, a couple of days after I wrote my open Dear Jacinda letter to the Prime Minister of New Zealand, the travel discussion went to chambers. And lo and behold the dates, for New Zealand citizens to be allowed… Continue Reading “On the road again. Soon.”

In Transit

Good morning the Fellowship of the Farmy. I am in California for the holidays. I apologize for not being available lately. I had a number of issues (wrong word), things (even wronger), unavoidable challenges? to deal with and my head space got crowded as… Continue Reading “In Transit”


I have had these photos in the can for a few days now and what with one thing and another have not got this blog post out to you. Wellington has so much water around it. We have had an unusually calm few days… Continue Reading “WELLINGTON”


But fjord was not in the English dictionary yet! We decided to take a boat into the sounds as our one and only touristy experience on this trip. It is a two hour drive in from Te Anau to Milford Sound. Mirror Lakes. A… Continue Reading “MILFORD SOUND WHICH IS REALLY A FJORD”


Just pictures. Unedited. This walk way is a good long pathway well used by cyclists and walkers. This whole walk is through the bird sanctuary area. Today we take the long drive into the fjord and have a look see. Later in the afternoon… Continue Reading “TE ANAU LAKE WALK”

Te Anau

We have not got into town yet. People letting people stay for nothing in their backyards. If you are part of a NZ camper van association or something like that you have access to a list of other campers and landowners who will rent… Continue Reading “Te Anau”


We left Canmore yesterday. and came to rest for the night further down the South Island of New Zealand in a one horse town called Grafton. We are officially in Southland, New Zealand now. This has always been a staging stop or rest stop… Continue Reading “GARSTON, SOUTHLAND”


One of the reasons I came across this side of the world was to witness my daughter graduating from the Victory Police Academy in Melbourne. SO, today I left Wellington at 6am and with the help of my favourite airline – Air New Zealand… Continue Reading “MELBOURNE AT LAST”


How to explain the breadth of my feelings about being home within breathing distance of my own family would be impossible. There are over 170,000 words in the English language but none of them will fully explain the drift down into softness that comes… Continue Reading “TO EXPLAIN”


Pigs are reported to enjoy each other’s company but these two,Molly and Sheila, are not getting on at all even preferring to sleep in separate quarters.