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Tane, the miracle boar

You will remember that for almost a year now Tane has not been able to walk very well. During last winter he slowed down so badly, that I was asked on a number of occasions whether it would not be kinder to put him… Continue Reading “Tane, the miracle boar”

Silence made Simple

Silence made Simple by Sheila. I hope you have a lovely day. celi  

What cold looks like

By the time I got in last night from feeding and bedding down all the creatures it was 16 degrees (-8C) . With wind. They were forecasting an overnight temperature of 7F (-13C)  but I have not checked to see what it went down to yet.… Continue Reading “What cold looks like”

Do you ever feel …

… like you are living the same thing each year?  Over and over again. The same progression. I almost called this post Blowing Snow. I must have called twenty posts Blowing Snow in the last four or so years that we have been writing… Continue Reading “Do you ever feel …”

Porcine Excitement

Poppy (the Hereford sow) has been re-located to the house of sinful pleasures also known as the West Barn. She leapt into the trailer without any enticement and the red truck towed her chariot around the corner.   If there had been a sunroof she would… Continue Reading “Porcine Excitement”

How I travel

Oh how I wish I had more time to tell you about how I  pack a bag, I have traveled so much in my life that I have a weird science when packing, (though everyone has a different method) and this time I have 75 beanie babies, a… Continue Reading “How I travel”

Guess which one is Little Boy Blue

The Matriarch and Our John were very right to feel dubious about taking me along on their outing to the Bantam Swap Market at the Fairgrounds. Because right there in a cage in the middle of market madness was Little Boy Blue. I knew… Continue Reading “Guess which one is Little Boy Blue”