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The How

The How is In the Plan. Read on! And comment! For a plan we must have an objective. ūüĆüMy objective is to create a resource for people who want to develop a home that aligns with their concerns for the welfare of the planet… Continue Reading “The How”


The wheat has been harvested and my fields have lost their romance. The wheat has gone. It was here – so beautiful and now harvested and collected and gone to be tested for all manner of things before the women at the Mill turn… Continue Reading “Endings”


Yesterday Valerie and¬†I moved the four hogs into the big Pig Pasture. Relocating pigs really is like herding cats. But eventually all four were in the field. It is high and thick with vegetation. They will not need much grain at all in here… Continue Reading “LIKE HERDING CATS”


IT rained last night so no cutting hay today.  I have the fear. I think I am losing my nerve for hay. But every few days there is a chance of rain and if it is over 40% the risk is too high.


WELL, Almost everyone.


HAVE you seen that postcard with the enormous sumo-wrestler.¬† He stands with his feet wide apart to support his girth and the small child holding up his belly? (It is not a very happy image but it has been on stands for years you… Continue Reading “SUMO PIG”


When I was a Mum of little babies I used to moan my arse off about having no sleep. Baby got me up TWICE or even God Help Us FOUR times in the night. I would cry. Poppy¬† the¬†sow feeds her piglets every hour… Continue Reading “PORCINE SLEEP DEPRIVATION”


Yesterday, when my new¬†second-hand shelves arrived in three random boxes ready for me to put the shelves together without directions and with pieces missing, I thought¬†how this would be a fun game to play on a Reality TV show.¬† The player is handed a… Continue Reading “REALITY”


The animals and I are all so sick of waiting for the grass to grow! Time to take things in hand and grow our own forage inside (in my shower actually).   I should call this how to feed a farm from your shower!


WEANING is one of the most poignant days on the farm. The babies are healthy and growing up, they are old enough to live on their own without their mother, things are going according to plan,¬† but OH the MISERY¬† – there is no… Continue Reading “BAWLING”