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Get back to bed, she said

You are too young to fly! And Miss C lifted the little bird, for the fourth time that day, off the floor and placed it back into it’s pretend bread basket nest. Little bird glared at Miss C and waited for her to leave… Continue Reading “Get back to bed, she said”

I am Three Rivers

I started writing this a while ago but the idea would not blossom. So, like one of my favorite authors, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, I put the idea in the bottom drawer to ferment a while. It makes sense to me now. I am Three… Continue Reading “I am Three Rivers”

Sunday Morning in December

My first Sunday off in a few weeks. The dwindling days of December 2021 are plodding off the calendar. 2022 is going to be the year of decisive action. No more making do. Here is my 24 seconds. With all this rain and generally… Continue Reading “Sunday Morning in December”


The hogs down the back are getting big.


Yesterday cleared into a beautiful calm sunny day. And we got everything done from that days list. The asparagus is all mulched, the duck house has two new windows covered in strong screen, I collected all the feeds and we stowed them in the… Continue Reading “NERVE”


At last!! Time moves slowly in an Illinois March and this March was extra slow.


Last night as the wind blew hard and the temperatures dropped so fast my face ached, I got all the chores finished. Finally got in the house. Finally peeled off the layers of messed up miserable ramshackle outdoor homeless person clothing. Finally got my… Continue Reading “LAST NIGHT”


I want to put two ll’s in leveller. (There are going to be problems when I get to SPELLING in my English course). Anyway, Our John thinks we got over Six inches yesterday. Nice light fluffy snow.


As you and I browse through these sunny bucolic farmyard photos from yesterday snow clouds are gathering to the east today. They are forecasting a few inches coming in tonight, but we will see. Snow is moody and prone to changing its mind.


We have windy wet weather today. Still in the Hawkes Bay winter, I come from Hawkes Bay in New Zealand and our Illinois weather is so much like home that I am wondering how they cope with this infernal mud!