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Mopping Up the Details

It might take a while to get you all up to date! Let’s hope I can stay the course a bit longer this time. Though we will be drifting into bread baking a bit more often – this being a huge focus in my… Continue Reading “Mopping Up the Details”

the full moon night

After the dinner is done and the dishes  are done and the writing is done. I  stand in front of the fire and put all my cold weather gear back on, my clown suit, the jacket, the hats, the scarf, the gloves, pick up… Continue Reading “the full moon night”

Pig Mama

Every two hours I make like a Pig Mama and wake up my charges (The rescue piglets) and escort them to the Darlek for a quick drink. They never drink for long. They are still very weak – too weak really – but we… Continue Reading “Pig Mama”

A Dalek to the rescue

The New Little piglets are still alive.  They are drinking and wobbling about. They are not being given back to their mother. When Tahiti calmed down I went in and removed seven piglets bodies and parts of bodies.  I tell you this so you… Continue Reading “A Dalek to the rescue”

A Day Off Pigs

Finally, yesterday, the heat broke and we had a lovely ordinary busy day. The pigs and piglets napped in the sun.  We made sweetcorn relish, and bread and croqueta.  And Summer Sauce (basically I chuck everything we picked on that day into the slow cooker… Continue Reading “A Day Off Pigs”

Fast and Steady

Stop me if I have told this story before but it has been on my mind to tell you. Boo and I were at the Farmers feed store the other day and RACING. (TonTon stayed home as he had a baby to mind).  Boo… Continue Reading “Fast and Steady”

Aunty Del is Pumping

Aunty Del is such a good house cow that I have decided to keep her as long as I am able. She seems to have hit her stride and now she is pumping along. She swans into the milking shed without hesitation, milks eating her… Continue Reading “Aunty Del is Pumping”

Here’s a problem!

Three and a half months ago there was a big bad storm that blew in the big door at the West Barn. When I got to the barn the following morning Manu (Hereford Boar) was in with Molly and Tahiti(Hereford gilts) .  Do you… Continue Reading “Here’s a problem!”

New Fields

Across the Way at the West Barn the crew and I have finally finished the new fences. Every end is tied off and the electricity is on. I let these two in to test the waters then came back to check on them a… Continue Reading “New Fields”

Milk Fed Bottoms

The Three Little Pigs are growing at a cracking rate.  They get a lot of milk and they love it. Look at their fat little bottoms with those curly tails. Molly and Tahiti on the other hand are on a very lean diet just… Continue Reading “Milk Fed Bottoms”