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Black and White

I am still in my black and white period. Though I do feel a brightening. I think subject matter has a lot to do with the success of monochrome images. With colour it is a much simpler equation. With black and white it is… Continue Reading “Black and White”


When I went to bed last night it was 4F (minus 15 celcius) – now, I know for you people up in the mountains to the north this is not too cold but for me here on the plains of Illinois this is bloody… Continue Reading “ALTERNATING UNIVERSES”


I almost cried this morning when I woke – checked the temperature and found that it was only -17f ( -27c) – the forecast was calling for -26f and after struggling through yesterday I was in despair.


After almost two inches of rain, and no evaporation, no rain soaking into the frozen ground, we have slowly descended back into the bad cold. See this? All ice. Not polished like a skating rink but just as slidey. Like throwing buckets of water… Continue Reading “THE ICEMAN”


I was out kicking cowpats yesterday afternoon – as you do.  As you would – if you had seasoned cowpats to kick. But they need to be properly seasoned.  If you kick them when they are too wet they stick to your gumboots. if… Continue Reading “KICKING THE COWPATS”


PIglets in a second but first I was watching the blowing snow through the green of the glasshouse as I watered the plants being grown for summer consumption. It is an interesting lesson in the juxtaposition of seasons.  Spring piglets in the barn. Snow… Continue Reading “PIGLET PICTURES AS WINTER DESCENDS”


Taking a step back from mothering the mothers and their babies is hard for me. But the new babies had a good day yesterday. The barn is closed up and quiet. Womb-like except for the lack of warmth. Poppy’s Seven have learnt to drink and… Continue Reading “DOING ALL I CAN”


Yesterday, when my new second-hand shelves arrived in three random boxes ready for me to put the shelves together without directions and with pieces missing, I thought how this would be a fun game to play on a Reality TV show.  The player is handed a… Continue Reading “REALITY”


I try so hard to allow myself to feel the contentment of what is in my moment. To lie in the damp sunlight and chew my cud.  To wander from patch to patch lazily searching out green. Instead, I endlessly worry about things that have… Continue Reading “TWO BY TWO”


Yes, with two very good cameras at my disposal sometimes I just take pictures with my phone.