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A little Sunday Story

It has rained and rained. Now it is snowing! Honestly it feels more like New Zealand than Illinois right at the moment. The cows are locked up off the sodden fields and have no patience when they see one of the ‘good’ bales come… Continue Reading “A little Sunday Story”

On the road again. Soon.

As you might know by now, a couple of days after I wrote my open Dear Jacinda letter to the Prime Minister of New Zealand, the travel discussion went to chambers. And lo and behold the dates, for New Zealand citizens to be allowed… Continue Reading “On the road again. Soon.”


When I went to bed last night it was 4F (minus 15 celcius) – now, I know for you people up in the mountains to the north this is not too cold but for me here on the plains of Illinois this is bloody… Continue Reading “ALTERNATING UNIVERSES”


I know it is backwards but think about it.


Last night as the wind blew hard and the temperatures dropped so fast my face ached, I got all the chores finished. Finally got in the house. Finally peeled off the layers of messed up miserable ramshackle outdoor homeless person clothing. Finally got my… Continue Reading “LAST NIGHT”


I am just so grateful that this drift down into deep freeze is only for a couple of days. Some people choose to live in temperatures like this. Not me though. I am not set up for it.


After almost two inches of rain, and no evaporation, no rain soaking into the frozen ground, we have slowly descended back into the bad cold. See this? All ice. Not polished like a skating rink but just as slidey. Like throwing buckets of water… Continue Reading “THE ICEMAN”


Last night the moon and the deep white snow joined in to create a glow that seemed to come from the Earth herself. I wish you could have seen it. It appeared to lift from under the snow like deep shuttered light from below.… Continue Reading “YOU SHOULD SEE THE NIGHT”


I do look forward to posting every day again but I am over half way through my course so not long now. Another month I think.


Tia is half Holstein, the most common dairy cow on Earth, and Half Angus the favorite beef cow of America. Like my favorite sparrows she is terribly common. But the nicest heifer on the property. And wide!