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What happened?

I am sitting here in the early morning, listening to the dawn (though it is not quite dawn) chorus of the chickens in their hen house. They do this every morning. Noisy calesthenics. They screech and bob and call out for up to a… Continue Reading “What happened?”


If I were writing a script I would have people talking in the feed store about the Extreme weather that was coming in last night.  The man at the gas station making a comment.  I would have the lead come home and unload her… Continue Reading “Advection”

Where do you write?

Tima begged to come in from the field yesterday so last night she had the barn corridors to sleep in. It rained all day yesterday.  And was cold and blowey. (Is that a word?)  And by dinner time she had had quite enough of… Continue Reading “Where do you write?”

Little Gatherings

Melbourne turned on a lovely day for us yesterday. My cousin arrived then we journeyed into the city in Melbourne and had a lovely lunch with a few members of The Fellowship, (Kate, Ella Dee and Ardyz, – delightful ladies – thank you so much for inviting me to… Continue Reading “Little Gatherings”

The List of Books to Read 2015

From the Fellowship of the Farmy.  The readers of the kitchensgarden.com.  This is a long list. A wonderful list. Good books we have read so far this year. Because some of you may want to print it out I have included no photographs.  This will… Continue Reading “The List of Books to Read 2015”

Did you Find Your Voice?

I learnt an awful lot at the Press Publish Conference in Portland on the weekend. I am going to share as much as I can with you over the next week.  As usual these things will weave themselves in and out of the fabric… Continue Reading “Did you Find Your Voice?”

My Little Sister

Yesterday  when we were out driving in the country I ate something that made me ill. Very ill actually.  By lunchtime I was heaving and by the end of it even a small sip of water came straight back up.  But it didn’t last… Continue Reading “My Little Sister”

September in pictures

September heaved with tears.  And change. Good and dreadful. But it is an important month to commemorate.  A vale of tears  – a valley – a journey we took together. So, here are my favourite pictures from September. Somehow these got completely out of order,… Continue Reading “September in pictures”

Letters For My Baby Girl

The Second Fellowship Book. Letters for my Baby Girl. “Yes my darling girl. That is you.” Our last and first book Letters for my little Sister  was written by a  group of women from The Fellowship who created  an extraordinarily honest and powerful anthology of discussions… Continue Reading “Letters For My Baby Girl”

A Hammer and a Nail

I took my hammer and nails and worked on fences most of the day. Hello Minty. There will be a lot of people in and out of the farm and the house while I am away and the last thing I need is a… Continue Reading “A Hammer and a Nail”