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A Hammer and a Nail

I took my hammer and nails and worked on fences most of the day. Hello Minty. There will be a lot of people in and out of the farm and the house while I am away and the last thing I need is a… Continue Reading “A Hammer and a Nail”


The old people (and my neighbours who are not old at all) say that for “For every fog in August, there will be a snowfall in the winter.” Though this saying does not rhyme so I am not sure I trust it. and “If a… Continue Reading “Misty”


Yesterday, Mama our old sheep, stood three times,  for an hour each time, inside her sling. I am getting good at getting her in and up all by myself. She is standing bearing weight on her front legs now, and moves her back legs about.… Continue Reading “Yesterday”


There is a little devil in me that hates for me to succeed. I have lived with this little devil all my life.  This devil in my brain is a saboteur. Time and time again I get so close to wonder, so close to… Continue Reading “Sabotage”

Fighting Roosters

Yes I know that technically they are called cock fights but  I think that is rude! These two have been fighting for days because they keeping calling time out and taking breaks.  But oh my they look like they have been in the wars.  Poppy… Continue Reading “Fighting Roosters”

The Best Of May

It is the last day of May. Yesterday Nanette  reminded me that I asked her to remind me and so she has reminded me that the last day of the month is here, so that I could do a Best of the Month Post. I have… Continue Reading “The Best Of May”

How I write the Farmy Blog

No pictures today! It was ‘one of those days’ yesterday and Our darling Barb at Just a Smidgen. has passed the baton to me to discuss writing so I am only writing today. Barb is a poet, photographer and designer of no small renown so I find… Continue Reading “How I write the Farmy Blog”

A letter for my sister

My mother died when I was a young Mum, very young actually, I was in my early 20’s with four children already. Then a baby girl later, who never met her Nan.  But we all know that. What we forget is that Mum was the… Continue Reading “A letter for my sister”

Puzzles and Patterns

As we slowly slide up and down the temperature scale, wandering through another wintery season of inclement weather reminiscent of the 70’s when I lived here last.  I am struck by how much easier life is when you allow the inevitable flux of patterns… Continue Reading “Puzzles and Patterns”

Kupa is not better but not worse

No-one can understand how this big peacock  is still alive. Every breath is so hard won and everything I read tells me that a bird cannot survive such a  massive bacterial  attack for very long and that he should be responding to these antibiotics very quickly… Continue Reading “Kupa is not better but not worse”